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Grand Baie Beach, Mauritius Overview

Mauritius, the paradise of white sandy stretches and turquoise ocean views, offers you numerous choices of breathtaking beaches to choose from to spend your holiday in the best way you can imagine. Relaxing under the warm sunlight, complemented by the cool breeze of the ocean and letting the tropical freshness of nature sink into your soul - that's what it feels like in being in the beaches of Mauritius.

Grand Baie Beach, Mauritius

Among the long list of fascinating beaches, there's one that we cannot afford to forget - Grand Baie Beach. A widely popular tourist attraction in the northern town of Mauritius - Grand Baie, this beach is known to people in many ways - the party beach, Mauritius? shortest beach or the pearl of the north.

However, these are just different references and isn't always true as a fact. For example, it's not the shortest beach but is one of the shortest beaches in Mauritius. The actual reason for its popularity is believed to be its favourable size; neither too long nor extremely small. Also, the quality of water is also something worth admiring.

Grand Baie Beach, Mauritius

But would you believe if we say that neither of these stereotypical beachy characteristics contributes to why this place is so famous? Of course, you can go swimming and explore the landmass; but that's not exclusively why people visit this beach.

You can find numerous tour operators and tourist shops in the area along with accommodation facilities of all standards. During the peak season, Grand Baie witnesses a massive footfall and for apparent reason, the entire area is planned to maintain the touristy vibe. Specially designed public places like Sunset Boulevard and Dodo Square exemplify the touristic inclination of Grand Baie. from a competitive point of view; this is a pretty impressive way of attracting the crowd given the wide range of possibilities across the island.

Grand Baie Beach, Mauritius

If you are tired of sightseeing and laying around on the beach, you can always opt for the water sports and activities to pump up your adrenaline and add the adventurous touch to your vacation. Kitesurfing, scuba diving, big game fishing - you name it, and the Grand Baie beach will offer it to you. Or, if you still want to relax with some added perks, a Catamaran Dolphin Cruise is what you need. Enjoy the quietness and calmness while holding a glass of your favourite drink.

Grand Baie Beach

If not that too, then how about savouring the freshly grilled lobsters while feasting your eyes with the pink sunset? Or would you rather prefer to get a whiff of the nightlife in Mauritius and exploring the pubs and clubs?

Grand Baie beach makes all this possible for you. Adding to the benefits, since there is a lot of competition going around, the prices tend to be very affordable and attractive, irrespective of what you choose to do.

Leaving the significant hotels aside, you can also find some excellent restaurants and cafes near the Grand Baie beach, one of them being the Cafe de la Parge. With a scenic view of the ocean, these places specialise in a delicious lunch or even a simple cup of coffee.

Grand Baie Beach, Mauritius

If you're expecting a stereotypical beach experience with crystal clear water and powdery sand, this might not be the right place for you. Instead, the Grand Baie beach is all about an unconventional and unique beach experience with thrilling water activities, energetic nightlife and delicious gourmet dinners.

So if you visit Grand Baie beach, and it's a must visit place, be prepared to witness a one-of-its-kind beach experience which you will never forget!

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