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Pereybere Beach, Mauritius Overview

The land of the sea and the sun, Mauritius is best known for its vast array of picturesque white sand beaches. When you think of Mauritius, the first few images that come to your mind are vast expanses of beautiful beaches, and tropical water all around, in every shade of blue you can imagine. The ideal place for a beach vacation, Mauritius is one of the first places anyone thinks of when planning for a relaxing holiday amidst sunny skies and crystalline ocean waters. Renowned all over the world for its powder-soft beaches lined with rows of coconut trees and glittering turquoise water as far as the eye can see, Mauritius is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Surrounded by colourful coral reefs on most sides of the island, every beach in Mauritius is a fascinating spectacle by itself. Of course, Mauritius is also very well-known for other attractions as well, including an impressive volcanic topography, a vibrant culture, and a vast depository of colonial history, it is the immaculate beaches of the island and the laid-back coastal lifestyle which draws tourists from all over the world to visit the tropical country.

Pereybere Beach

Pereybere Beach - the Picture-Perfect Beach right out of a Postcard

One of the most spectacular beaches in Mauritius is the Pereybere beach, which despite being on the smaller side (as compared to a few other equally famous beaches on the island), is a picture-perfect beach replete with soft white sand, rows of swaying trees lined along the beachfront, and deck chairs to sit back and sunbathe with a cold drink in hand. Located on the northern side of Mauritius, Pereybere beach is one of the most famous beaches near Grand Baie, and with plenty of decent, affordable hotels and resorts lining the beach and the area around it, Pereybere beach is always a vibrant, lively place at any given the time of day, every day. If you’re looking for a quiet, not-so-crowded beach, then Pereybere is probably not where you should be heading. The beach is not as big as compared to beaches like Grand Bay and Trou aux Biches, but it is prevalent among the tourists. If tourists throng the beach during the weekdays, the locals add to the merrymaking during the weekends, creating a very lively, vivacious ambience that will instantly draw you in.

If the crowds are not a problem for you, then you will love the Pereybere beach, which is known for being a typical tourist beach, and with good reason. The entire beachfront is lined with rows of eateries and cafes from where you can satiate your hunger or quench your thirst if you get tired after a long swim or from a game of beach volleyball (which, considering the crowds, is an ongoing activity that is a given at any part of the beach). Starting from exotic fruits to ice creams to local snacks and beverages, the beach has a wide range of options for a quick bite, making Pereybere beach an ideal picnic spot. In case you’re a little hungrier and are looking for a place that’s not too far from the beach where you can enjoy a full-course meal, there are quite a few good restaurants extremely close to the waterfront where you can sit down and have a delicious meal, and return to the beach for another round of sunbathing.

Pereybere Beach

With the lagoon around the beach being surrounded by coral reefs that stand as a barrier to the open ocean waves, the water in the Pereybere beach is relatively calm, making it the perfect place to go for a swim. Even if you’re an inexperienced swimmer (or you have children with you), the Pereybere beach is one of the safest swimming beaches in Mauritius. Ask anyone in Mauritius what the best ‘family beach’ is, and they’ll point you to Pereybere, which has gained a reputation for being a very family-friendly beach. Despite the presence of coral reefs around the lagoon, the beach is also amongst the cleaner beaches on the island, and you won’t have to worry about sharp coral or stones hitting your feet underneath the water.

For adventure enthusiasts looking for water sports activities that you can take part in, don’t worry, Pereybere beach has got you covered. The beach offers a wide range of events starting from snorkelling to scuba diving to even renting a kayak or a paddle boat and riding out to the ocean. That’s not all though, as you can also choose to go for other adventure activities such as windsurfing, parasailing and deep-sea fishing as well. The Pereybere beach is one of the few beaches on the island where dolphins swim up to the bay just beyond the lagoon, and you can go on a dolphin cruise out to the bay to watch the dolphins playfully swimming alongside your boat!

For a standard beach holiday enthusiast, Pereybere beach ticks off all the right boxes – sunny skies, stellar stretches of sand, crystal clear sea, any water sports activity you can think of, and good food. Despite its popularity among tourists and locals alike and its crowds, a visit to the Pereybere beach on holiday to Mauritius is a must.

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