Skydiving In Mauritius - Dive Price, Booking & More To Start Your Thrill

For any adventure lover, skydiving is one of the first things in the bucket list and what could be a better place to tick it off than the spectacular island nation of Mauritius? A once in a lifetime experience, jumping out into the sky with adrenaline rushing through your system while freefalling in high speed from thousands of feet while letting that heavenly view of the paradise island sink into the senses. It is possible to overcome your fears, which becomes a driving force in life to achieve the goals and fulfil the dreams without losing hope and doubting one's potential. 

Places for Skydiving in Mauritius

Skydive Mauritius

Skydiving in Mauritius

Skydive Mauritius is the sole operator offering skydiving in Mauritius. It is located at the north-eastern part of the island nation. Transportation comes along with the package as a supplement, or the guests can rent a car for themselves. 

All the skydiving operations are fully authorised by the Department of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Tourism of Mauritius so you know it is in fact very safe. The instructors are entirely professional and acutely skilled and qualified for tandem skydiving and are fluent in both English and French as a means of communication.

In addition to that, to ensure maximum security, the clients are covered with insurance of USD 1000000 per person. As a memorandum, the participants are given a certificate after the completion of the dive, as a souvenir of the lifetime experience.

Booking price: Tandem skydiving - INR 5,000
Dive: INR 11,300
HD Photos: INR 4,000

Address: SkyDive Road, Belle Vue Maurel
Timings: Monday to Saturday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Phone: +230 5499 5551

Booking information: Visit the official website of and enter all your details like the divers name, age, height, weight and other information. They have four package options:
- Jump only: MUR 14,000
- Jump with HD Photos: MUR 14,000 + MUR 4,000
- Jump with HD Videos: MUR 14,000 + MUR 4,000
- Jump with HD Photos and Videos: MUR 14,000 + MUR 5,500

Things to Know Before Skydiving in Mauritius

Skydiving in Mauritius

The aspirant skydivers are required to be well-acquainted with the following terms thoroughly before they set forth their expedition:

  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years and above.
  • The participant should be between the weights of 40 kg to 95 kg.
  • They should be capable of physical and mental health to perform the dive and must not be suffering from any chronic ailment and strictly not under the influence of medication or drugs.
  • Only with the proper doctor's approval and medical clearance, pregnant women and people suffering from asthma or heart diseases or any physical problems will be allowed.
  • The activity of skydiving in Mauritius will be carried only if there is a permissible weather condition. However, the operator has full authority to reschedule it in events of unavoidable weather change or if safety is concerned in any way.
  • For those who are diving for the first time, they are recommended to eat a small bite before the jump to keep the blood sugar levels at check.
  • The operator must be informed if the participant went for scuba diving 24 hours before the skydiving activity.
  • All participants are required to sign a waiver form.
  • It is advised to bring suitable footwear for the activity; sports shoes or training shoes are ideal.

About Tandem Skydiving

tandem skydiving

It doesn't matter if it's for a first-timer or a regular skydiver, tandem skydiving is the most convenient and relevant method for the experience of this thrilling activity. In tandem skydiving, the students are connected to the professional instructor with the help of a harness, which gives the instructor complete control over the student. In spite of the necessary training, the students are guided by the instructor the whole time right from exiting the aeroplane to piloting and deploying the parachute. 

The jump is usually made from a four-seating single-engine light aeroplane, generally a Cessna 182 Skylane, which is taken up to a minimum height of 10000 feet, sometimes even 15000 depending on the location. It takes nearly half an hour to reach that height after take-off to achieve the optimal altitude.

Once the leap is made, you can experience the enthralling free-falling through the sky at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour within less than a minute. After that, the instructor deploys the parachute, and it is followed by a 5-minute glide downwards.

The best thing about skydiving in Mauritius is the beautiful 360 degrees panoramic view of the stunning coastal scenery of Mauritius, the lush green mountains complemented by the sparkling blue ocean takes the breath away. After enjoying the serene sights, the instructor safely lands both of them on the drop zone.



1. Is insurance required when going skydiving in Mauritius?
The company already covers insurance for the participants by the Third Party Legal Liability Insurance. Participants no need to take any extra protection by themselves

2. Do wearing spectacles/contact lenses make me ineligible?
No, it is beautiful for people wearing spectacles or contact lenses as special goggles are provided by the operator which covers them comfortably.

3.What if I suffer from a panic attack?
There is absolutely nothing to be worried about, as the instructors are highly trained to handle you. If you feel too stressed or excited, communicate with the instructor, and he/she will take care of the situation and make you feel comfortable.

So, next time you head to Mauritius, you know where to go for a thrilling experience! Go skydiving in Mauritius for adventure with a view!

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