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Tamarin Beach, Mauritius Overview

A trip to Mauritius entails long days of sitting on the powder-soft fine white sand, sunbathing under sunny skies, and scuba diving in crystalline turquoise waters to see shoals of colourful fish, and even more colourful coral reefs. The island is home to a plethora of beautiful beaches that draw tourists all year round. Situated on the western coast of Mauritius, Tamarin beach is one such beach that has gained a reputation over the years for being one of the prettiest beaches across the entire country. Even before earning a reputation as a renowned tourist destination, Tamarin was famous among locals for its beautiful surfing waves. Even today, years after other beaches in and around the village have taken over as more popular beaches; Tamarin continues to draw tourists for its laid-back vibe and its surfing spots.

Tamarin Beach, Mauritius

Tamarin Beach is often referred to as Surfer Beach by the locals – the name was trendy back in the 60’s and 70s, but it is not used as much today except by nostalgic old-timers. The Tamarin Beach is one of the unique beaches in Mauritius, with its black sand and its roaring waves that make it one of the best surfing spots in the whole country. One of the few places on the entire island that is not protected by coral reef barriers, the Mauritius beach enjoys lively waters and gushing waves, which kind of makes it evident why it’s one of the best surfing spots in the country.

Tamarin Beach, Mauritius

With a distinct absence of high-walled hotels and resorts at the beachfront, the beach boasts one of the most spectacular backdrops that you will ever witness from any beach in Mauritius. This makes Tamarin Bay the perfect place to sit back and watch the sunset behind the waters of the ocean, painting the whole landscape in fiery shades of red and orange. One of the few beaches in the country where dolphins swim up to the bay, the Tamarin beach offers trips for tourists to go on boat rides to watch the dolphins, or even get down into the waters for a swim with them! Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins have often been spotted playing in the waters of the bay early in the mornings before swimming back out to the open sea, so if you’re looking for a little playful rendezvous with the dolphins, then the early morning is the ideal time for you to visit the beach.

Tamarin Beach, Mauritius

The two main surfing spots on the beach are known as ‘Dal’ (to the south), and ‘Black Stone’ (to the North), and with the beach generally staying mostly empty all day long (yes, even on weekends), you can choose to surf the waves at any given point in the day. The absence of hotels though does not mean an absence of eateries, and there are quite a few stalls selling snacks and beverages at various points along the beachfront. Tamarin Beach is a favourite hangout spot for the locals of the village, and you can often find groups of native Mauritian villagers sitting around and sunbathing, or enjoying some beach sports activity, which you’re more than welcome to go and join!

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