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Gris Gris Beach, Mauritius Overview

Set at the southernmost tip of Mauritius, Gris Gris Beach is known for its wild and pristine landscape. It is located close to the village of Souillac and boasts of a black rocky coastline. The region is surrounded by rough cliffs that abruptly slope down to the ocean. These cliffs are made from basaltic rocks and offer the best backdrop imaginable. Gris Gris Beach does not have a coral barrier. Hence the waves are wild and huge.

Gris Gris Beach, Mauritius

The beach is highly contrasting to the other southern beaches of Mauritius that are known for their calm waters. Due to the presence of strong currents, swimming is strictly prohibited at Gris Gris Beach. It is better to stay away from the water and hike the trail that rests behind the parking area to reach the Crying Rock. The unparalleled view of the large waves crashing against the jagged terrain is worth admiring from here. No wonder, Gris Gris Beach is a magical escape and gives a complete makeover of mind.

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Things to Do in Gris Gris Beach

Soak up the gorgeous view from the spectacular viewpoints.

1. Gris Gris View Point

To admire Gris Gris Beach at its enchanting best, visitors must climb the cliff viewpoint overlooking the wild sea. The strong winds and the intense waves are a sight to behold.

2. La Roche Qui Pleure

Beyond Gris Gris Beach, lies the La Rocche Qui Pleure View Point. One of the many highlights is the Weeping Rock that resembles a crying man’s face when the waves crash against its walls.
Gris Gris Beach, Mauritius

Nearby Attractions

1. Pont Naturel
Pont Naturel, commonly known as the Natural Bridge is a volcanic formation that looks more like an artificial bridge. This spot offers great photography opportunities.

2. La Vanille Nature Park

Sprawling across 3.5 hectares, La Vanille Nature Park is home to a plethora of wild creatures namely Aldabra Tortoises, Nile Crocodiles, bats, deer, monkeys, iguanas and more.

3. Bois Cheri Tea Factory

Bois Cheri Tea Factory is one of the oldest in Mauritius where visitors can enjoy tea tasting amidst the lush plantation.

4. Heritage Nature Reserve

Steeped in scenic beauty, Heritage Nature Reserve offers thrilling wildlife experiences including jungle safari, trekking and quad biking.
Gris Gris Beach, Mauritius

How to Get There

Gris Gris Beach can be reached by a public bus. The nearest bus stop is CNT Depot.

Best Time To Go

Gris Gris Beach has a mild temperature throughout the year. Hence, it can be visited all year round.

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