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Gris Gris Beach, Mauritius Overview

Since Mauritius is exceptionally well-known for its stretches of long fine-sand beaches and its crystalline blue water for as far as you can see, you’d probably think every beach on the island was the very definition of a calm, serene, picturesque tropical beach, right? A trip to the southernmost point of Mauritius – especially the Gris Gris beach would prove you wrong. While it is true that Mauritius doesn’t lack in picturesque white sand beaches where you can lay back and sunbathe for hours, if at any point of time you want to take a break and explore the wilder side of the country, Gris Gris beach, with giant waves and its awe-inspiring landscape, will definitely enthral you.

Gris Gris Beach, Mauritius

Standing in stark contrast to the idyllic powder-soft beaches and calm waters in other parts of the country; Gris Gris beach is a tumultuous affair altogether, with huge waves periodically crashing against the rocky cliffs along the beach. The beach is colloquially called Gris Gris beach, (with the term ?Gris Gris? translating to black magic), and one visit to the beach will convince you that the place has been quite aptly named! The black cliffs that stretch out along the coastline are mostly built out of volcanic rock, and with no coral-reef barrier to break the open ocean waves, the water at the Gris Gris beach is extremely turbulent, and the view of the untamed waves hitting the massive cliffs is an overwhelming spectacle in itself. Swimming or surfing is prohibited at this beach, partly due to the big waves and partly due to the strong currents circulating this part of the island.

While substantial coral reef barriers buffer most of Mauritius, the reefs off the coast of Gris Gris are non-existent, so apart from resulting in huge waves, powerful gusts of wind are also a perpetual phenomenon at the Gris Gris beach. As a result, the beach is very different from the sunny, warm beaches you'll find in other parts of the island; instead, the entire area is quite cold and blustery.

Gris Gris Beach, Mauritius

The most intriguing section of the Gris Gris beach is the Roche Qui Pleure, or the Crying Rocks, which has so been named because when the waves hit the large rock surface and recede after losing their momentum, the water dripping from the rock gives the appearance of the rock 'crying'. This place is one of the most-visited areas of the Gris Gris beach, and watching the sunset behind the rocky cliffs, painting the entire landscape a blazing red, is a sight to behold.

A little further away from the Roche Qui Pleure is another famous attraction at the Gris Gris beach, the Pont Naturel. Meaning 'Natural Bridge', the Pont Naturel is exactly just that - a rock bridge that connects two cliff faces, and looks like something that has probably been constructed by humans, but is a completely natural formation. Waves constantly crash down into the gap below the bridge, and if you're up for the thrill, you can choose to cross the bridge on foot (you might get splashed by a wave or two, but that's just going to add up to the thrill!). This place is also a trendy photography hotspot, and the spray of water is occasionally hitting your face as you sit and pose for a photo or two is an exciting experience.

Gris Gris Beach, Mauritius

The Gris Gris beach is a favourite picnic spot, frequented not just by tourists, but by locals as well, so you can always find at least three or four vendors along the beachfront, selling local snacks and beverages.

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