Quad-Biking In Mauritius: Explore The Wilderness With Some Four Wheel Fun

While you can reach any corner of Mauritius in a normal four-wheeled car using the well-developed road network, quad-bikes with their formidable off-road capabilities allow you to take the road not taken and carve out a path for yourself where there isn't any. While riding a quad-bike, your quest for exploration isn't limited to the dimensions of the asphalt beneath your tires but rather to the amount of courage you possess. With chunky off-road tires, punchy high-revving engines and lightweight construction, these mean machines can tackle the worst of terrains and weather conditions without breaking a sweat.

Quad-Biking in Mauritius

Taking the off-road path will allow you to explore Mauritius' unique natural landscapes while you ride through dense forests and climb up mountain trails. It will also allow you to witness Mauritius' diverse fauna up-close, something which can't be experienced in zoos.

Riding by the golden sugarcane plantations as the crops sway to the trade winds and glisten under the tropical sunshine is a truly mesmerising experience, and Mauritius' abundance of sugarcane plantations makes it unbelievably easy to do so. You may also encounter waterfalls and lakes on your way where you may choose to halt and take a refreshing dip in the cool and crystal clear water.

Quad-Biking in Mauritius, Introduction

Major Quad-Biking Organizations

1. Bigfoot Adventure

Situated at the Andrea Lodges on the spectacular South coast of Mauritius, Bigfoot adventures provide you sure-footed quad-bikes that'll assist you in exploring Mauritius' lesser-known nature spots. Welcoming guests on all seven days of the week, the organisation offers four breathtaking tours to choose from:
  • Wild Southern - 18 km (2 hours)
Enjoy the thrills of riding for two fun-filled hours while riding through stunning cliffs and falls.
Track: Savanne River - Gris-Gris volcanic cliffs - La Roche qui Pleure (The Crying Rock) - Terracine - Rochester Falls - Cheminée de Fontenelle - Back to Andrea Lodges
Cost: Single - MUR 3,600+, Double - MUR 5,500+
  • Sweet Scenic - 30 km (4 hours)
Ride through scenic views and swim beneath waterfalls. Lunch and rum tasting included.
Track: Savanne River - Gris-Gris volcanic cliffs - La Roche qui Pleure (The Crying Rock) - Terracine - Rochester Falls - L'Exil Lodges - Swimming - Lunch - Back to Andrea Lodges
Cost: Single - MUR 4,800+, Double - MUR 8,200+
  • Discovery Tour - 35 km (5 hours)
All-day riding including a picnic lunch and swimming beneath a waterfall. Engage in rum tasting and visit a crocodile park.
Track: Savanne River - Gris-Gris Cliffs - La Roche qui Pleure (The Crying Rock) - Terracine - Rochester Falls - Union Forest - Léon Falls - L'Exil - Lunch - Swimming in private waterfall - 1819 Estate - Senneville Bridge - Vanilla Crocodile Park - Back to Andrea Lodges.
Cost: Single - MUR 6,300+, Double - MUR 11,300+
  • Dream Escape - 40 km (4 hours)
Drive through authentic Mauritian villages, tea fields and sugar plantations. Enjoy the warm presence of local Mauritians.
Track: Bois Sec - Avalon - Lunch & Tea Tasting - Back to Andrea Lodges
Cost: Single - MUR 5,100+, Double - MUR 8,600+

Contact: +230 5256 7950
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM  (depends on the tour chosen, refer website)
Location: Union Ducray, Rivière des Anguilles, Savanne, Mauritius

Quad-Biking in Mauritius, Bigfoot Adventures

2. Heritage Nature Reserve Mauritius

Residing in the historical and awe-inspiring Heritage Bel Ombre region of Mauritius, this 2500 hectare nature reserve offers much more than just quad-biking such as a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, stunning water bodies and ginormous mountains to bring you a notch closer to nature. Explore the wide variety of endemic flora and fauna preserved in this nature reserve on a quad-bike to get the best experience possible. Choose from two tour options:
  • Discovery Trail - 2 hours
Engage with Mauritius' rich biodiversity. There are two routes to choose from - first, the Dalsing Plains, home to abundant wildlife, sugarcane fields, a refreshing natural rock pool open for swimming, and a panoramic view of the reserve. Second, Sentier Goyaves home to steep slopes, rare bird species such as pink pigeon, Mauritius' Black Bulbul and the majestic Hirondelles waterfall open for swimming.
Cost: MUR 3900
  • Adventure Trail - 3.5 hours
With more time on your hands, you can go further along the beaten paths for a more enriching experience. Take a short trek to witness the glory of the Quintre waterfall and the rare bird species near it. Ride through sugarcane fields, plains and wooded hills to get experiences of all terrains.
Cost: MUR 4900
Contact: +230 202 6660
Timings: Discovery - Wednesday and Sunday 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM, other days 9:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 3:00 PM
Adventure - Wednesday only 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM
Location: Royal Road, Beau Champ, Bel Ombre 61001, Mauritius

Quad-Biking in Mauritius, Heritage Nature Reserve

3. Mauritius Attractions

Nestled in the Yemen Natural Reserve park in West Mauritius, this adventure trail passes by the two longest rivers on the island - Rivière Rempart and Tamarin River. The 4500-hectare natural reserve is a haven for all kinds of wildlife such as Java deer, wild boars, hares, macaques, mongooses and fruit bats. Many native plants and trees such as cassias, ebony, tamarind and pink pepper also grow here. Riding a quad-bike through these biodiversity hotspots is a memory you'll cherish forever.

Only one-two hours long tour option is available that takes you up hills, down to valleys, across rivers and wildlife habitats.

Cost: Single - MUR 3811, Double - MUR 6000
Contact: +230 269 1000
Timings: 9:15 AM and 2:30 PM
Location:  Yemen Nature Reserve, Mauritius.

Quad-Biking in Mauritius, Mauritius Attractions

Requirements and Safety Guidelines for Quad-Biking

1. Most organisations offer an option for single or double riding. Choose a double quad-bike if you or your co-traveller is not skilled at riding or can't ride due to some reasons.
2. People over the age of 16 can ride a quad-bike on their own. Children over the age of 12 can accompany a 16+ rider on a double quad-bike.
3. It's a must to pay heed to all the security and safety measures such as wearing the requisite safety gear including helmets, sunglasses, appropriate clothing, and bug-repellent sprays.
4. While your quad-bike is capable of tackling tough terrain, it must be kept in mind that all machines have their limitations. Avoid climbing slopes which are too steep or riding through deep gorges to avoid accidents.
5. Riding at excessive speeds can result in fatal injuries.
6. Refrain from venturing too close to or troubling wild animals you encounter while riding through the forests.
7. Keep an eye out for dangers overhead such as falling rocks or weak tree branches.
8. Passengers accompanying the rider on a double quad bike should hold on to the provided grab-bars to avoid falling off the vehicle while in motion.
9. Pay close attention to the instructions provided by the professional guide accompanying you to avoid mishaps.
10. Abstain from clicking photographs while riding to prevent injuries and collisions. Most organisations provide an additional photographer who can click amazing professional photographs, and these can be purchased for a reasonable fee at the end of the trip.
Quad-Biking in Mauritius, Safety Guidelines

Quad-biking presents you an opportunity to traverse that unexplored dimension of Mauritius which most tourists fail to find. While most visitors stick to the safety of the beaches and resorts, only a few have the spirit required to take the beaten path. So embrace your inner Indiana Jones and take your trip to a whole new level.

This post was published by Satyam Saxena

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