Should You Be Worried About Bali's New Law On Sex And Couples? Read More To Find Out

Planning a holiday to Bali with your boyfriend? Well that isn't such a great idea because Indonesia plans on laying a new criminal code which is set to become a law by the end of this month. The law outlaw unmarried couples living together and place a criminal penalty on all sex outside of marriage. One can be jailed for violating the law. 

Disappointing, isn't it? This literally means that vacation sex is coming to an end in Bali if you're unmarried and whether the law is to prevail for 6 months or a year or more, depends on the draft of resolution of the law chosen. 

Bali has been in the process of updating its colonial-era criminal code since 1995 and this raft of proposals are part of the latest changes to criminal law being considered.

Book a Room? Not possible either! 

Well, unless you don't have a marriage certificate to prove that you're a couple, you don't get a room. Yes the law is that brutal. If you don't hold the proof, you will fall foul to local law and will thus result in harassment during your vacation and who want that anyway? 

Who falls under the law? 

Even the laws don't discriminate against the LGBTQ community. Everyone is bound to follow this. 

Other acts charges as criminal offense from now on
  • The proposed changes include criminalising sex work. This includes jailing anyone indulging in such acts barring those who who is not a health professional or “competent volunteer” to discuss contraception and family planning. 
  • Abortion is going to be a punishable offense. The government is actually in the process of sanctioning this law and good luck to the citizens of Bali. 
  • Part of an organisation with Marxist-Leninist ideology will also get you to 10 years of imprisonment. 
Human Rights Activists are in constant protests and petitions to the current legislature to cut-down on some of the harsh draconian laws that may curtail civil liberties and fundamental rights. Also that a few would cripple the tourism sector. 

Representatives of various European countries as well as Australia informed the Indonesian Parliament that if they process these laws, the countries will have to update travel advisories for citizens planning a trip to Indonesia. 

It's definitely a bane for the tourism sector and will bring down the thriving foot fall in the destination if such rigid laws are passed. 

What are you views on the same? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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