Best Places for Nightlife in Vietnam for the Night Owls


Amazing Nightlife in Vietnam

There's more to the word 'nightlife' than parties and dancing. Although that is the most preferable suggestion. Hit the town for some late night grub, a nice walk on the beach and also, a nice little drive maybe? Since Vietnam is so vast and diverse, each city holds its own special quality when it comes to nightlife in Vietnam. Here's a curated list on how the nightlife is across the different major cities of Vietnam

Here is the list of 7 Best Places for Nightlife in Vietnam for the Night Owls

1. Hoi An - A Happening Ancient City

The Ancient streets of Hoi An paint a picturesque sight during the day, but when the sun sets, the old town acquires an entirely different vibe. Trendy bistros, cafes, live music bars and artistic lounges come to life, and the bustling streets of the Ancient Town and the Riverside transform into a vibrant display of colourful lanterns, traditional folk dance performances, street-side stalls and lit candles floating on the river.

Top Places: Dive Bar, Zero Sea Mile Beach Club

2. Hanoi - The Big City Nightlife Experience

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Known For : Old Quarter Hoan Kiem Lake Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Hanoi has one of the most glitzy and glamorous nightlife in Vietnam. Are you someone who likes to dance the night away? Or do you prefer relaxing at a pub with a beer in hand? Are you on a budget? Or are you an expat who has no qualms about expenses? No matter what kind of a party-er you are Hanoi's got you covered!

Top Places: Bia Hoi Junction, Hair of the Dog

Best Time: October to April

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3. Ho Chi Minh City - A Tourist Classic

The nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City is vast, thriving and active, with a plethora of options for all kinds of people. With the unbelievable prices of Vietnam, the city of Saigon can satisfy whatever your idea of a perfect night out is, be it dancing the night away to the latest tunes or drinking unlimited beer. Whether you are on a budget or willing to spend as you please, Ho Chi Minh City has it all for you!

Top Places: Chill Skybar, Lush Nightclub, Apocalypse Now

4. Phan Thiet - Beach Parties and More

3.5 /5

Known For : Fairy Stream Ta Cu Mountain

A little coastal town in Vietnam, Phan Thiet is nothing too fancy when spoken about the nightlife in Vietnam. With plenty of restaurants and shacks, you have the luxury of enjoying a few drinks while facing the beach and treating yourself to some divine seafood. Although there are some nightclubs as well. This coastal town is for those whose idea of nightlife is to relax. 

Top Places: Dragon bar, Deja Vu

Best Time: September - December

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5. Nha Trang - Coastal Town For the Party Animals

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Known For : Po Nagar Cham Towers Long Son Pagoda Nha Trang Cathedral

One of the most popular cities in Vietnam and a favourite for tourists, Nha Trang is a bustling coastal town with a lot of the young backpacker crowd, which adds to the life of the city. From late night restaurants to night markets to the most happening nightclubs in Vietnam, this city has it all. 

Top Places: Sailing Club, Night Market

Best Time: February to April

6. Ha Long Bay - Experience A Different Kind Of Nightlife

Known for its beautiful beaches and sightseeing places during the day, Halong Bay is on every tourist's checklist when visiting Vietnam. But after a day of exhaustive tourist-ing, who wouldn't crave a nice cold drink and a bit of fun to end the day. Although not known for its nightlife, the pubs and bars here are packed with tourists in the night. Get a nice waterfront dining experience with that special other to end your night. 

Top Places: Noble House, Ha Long View Club

7. Da Nang - The Best of Bars, Pubs, and Nightclubs

This problem was a serious one for most explorers out there till they found the coastal city of Da Nang hidden in Vietnam. This city is the answer to Woody's problem. A city that is worth exploring at daytime as it is lively in the nights. Da Nang is well known to be one of the French colonial ports and to adorn Buddhist shrines but it has a lesser-known nightlife which is just as enthralling!

Top Places: New Phuong Dong Nightclub, Da Nang Night Market

Hope this list has helped you plan your itinerary for the night when experiencing the nightlife in Vietnam.

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