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Da Nang

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Country rank: 8 out of 34 Places To Visit In Vietnam

Sub-Region: South Central Coast


Ideal duration: 2-3 days

Best time: February to May (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Da Nang (Check Flights)


"The city of bridges and beaches"

Da Nang Tourism

Dan Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam by population. Popularly known as the tourist capital of South-Central Vietnam, this place is filled with beaches, museums, evolving nightlife and world class infrastructure. The city is located on the coast of South China Sea with Han River flowing in the middle, many spectacular bridges spanning the river.

Da Nang is a very fast evolving city of Vietnam with many educational and business hubs being the centre of its charm. This South-Central Vietnamese city witnesses tourists inflow throughout the year. The reason of its ultra-accessibility is its extraordinary location, both by the national highway and also an easily accessible port. Also, it is a first class city with higher urbanisation ratio than any other centrally governed city. Tourists visit here to see the beautiful beaches, quirky and conspicuous bridges, a neon-lit glimpse of the nights (booming nightlife!) and the oh-so-delicious street food

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Many big hotels will accept major credit cards but some will not. You shouldn't risk it though and carry Vietnamese Dongs with you. Although exchange rates for Visa and MasterCard credit cards are better than cash transactions. And also, it is better to pay via cards for large transactions so that you can claim or dispute any burglary or fraudulent transactions. At small places like eateries and shopping, Vietnamese Dong is applicable.

There are many currency exchange facilities all over the city. It is also available just out of the customs area of Da Nang International Airport. Maximum withdrawal amount from ATMs is 4 million VND. Vietcom Bank provides best ATM facility.

If you're on a budget trip, well Da Nang is not going to disappoint you. With low daily costs of the city, VND 10,000-15,000 should be enough. But if you're on a luxury expo, you can keep up to a million VND for shopping and eating purposes.

Caodaism, Buddhism and Catholicism are the major religions of Da Nang. There are many Cao Dai temples in Da Nang (including the largest). Caodaism is a distinct branch of Vietnamese folk religion which is practised by 45.3 % of the population. There are many pilgrimage centres in Da Nang displaying the religious culture of Vietnamese people.

Aoi Dai is the national dress of Vietnam, and a few people can be found wearing those. Many tourists buy Aoi Dai to blend in and feel the cultural extravaganza. However, western dresses (skirts, pants, short dresses, etc.) are also quite prevalent in the city. Not only tourists but locals also wear western clothes. Although, one should take care while visiting a religious place. Vietnam is a group-oriented society. And so, collectivism and hierarchy exist here. The lives of people revolve around their family. There are basic etiquettes which are strictly obeyed, such as, avoiding a public display of affection with a member of opposite sex, not pointing at anything/ anyone with a finger, passing an item with both hands and much more. There are pre-defined protocols which are kept in mind while dining, dealing in business or public.

The language commonly spoken is Vietnamese. But, since it is a tourism hub, English is also spoken and understood here.

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Before becoming a centrally governed city/province in 1997, Da Nang was a part of Quang Nam-Da Nang Province. Previously, the city was known as 'Cua Han' during Dai Viet settlement and 'Tourane' during French colonial rule.

Da Nang is one city in Vietnam which can smoothly boast of its vibrant nightlife. With some shimmering rooftop bars, sophisticated clubs and lounges, one can easily get a social connect vibe. Sky36 Club at Novotel Danang Premier Han River, Brilliant Top Bar, Golden Pine Pub Da Nang and Waterfront Danang Restaurant & Bar are some of the swanky destinations which do not close until 2:00 or some maybe 3:00 in the night!

One of the most significant market areas of Da Nang is the Han Market which is set at the cross section of many prominent streets in Hau Chai district. Right from the clothes, accessories, handicrafts to the delicious, tasty food and Vietnamese souvenirs, everything is available. If you're a fan of handicrafts and jewellery, Non-Nuoc Fine Arts Village near Marble Mountains is a must visit! There are many sculptures available to buy. If Buddhism influences you, many Buddha statues and other related hand made stuff can be bought. Plenty of pottery stuff exclusive to Da Nang can also be fetched from shops like Ha Long Pottery and Gia Thinh High-Grade Pottery in Da Nang city. Other than these there are many malls and plazas where one can rush and buy stuff under one arcade. And yes, there is a Con Market too which is the biggest wholesale market in Da Nang.

Vietnamese Cuisine is quite delicious, and it can all be found in Da Nang's streets. May it be five-star restaurants or street hawkers, the tasty Da Nang dishes are irresistible. Some favourite dishes include Mi Quang, Bun Thit Nuong, Bun Cha Ca, Com Chien, Nem Lui, Chao Tom and RauCau Trai Dua.

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8 months ago by Antara Mandal

One of the remarkable things I liked about Da Nang is the Lady Buddha statue. This statue is the largest statue of Vietnam. Near the statue, there is a temple of Buddha and a pagoda which was really peaceful. It is a beach city with many great sandy beaches with clear water. However, the public beaches were not that clean and the tides tend to get pretty high (I even lost one of my sandals in the tide). Although, the palm trees by the beach side reminded me of Beverly Hills of California. There are hills in the city as well. In fact, I stayed in one of the resorts located at the top of the hills. So you get the experience of both-- the city of beaches and hills which was quite an experience.

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Da Nang is connected with Vietnam and rest of the world by air, land, rail and water. (Read More)

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