Beaches In Phuket: Beautiful Beaches For The Perfect Vacation

Best Beaches to Visit in Phuket

Nothing says holiday like a beach getaway. And the people in maximum need of vitamin sea are city dwellers, stuck in the rut of urbane monotony. They are often on the lookout for an escape to restore peace in their lives. There is no better way to fulfil that, except by packing yourself off to a remote beach far, far away. Phuket, with its unbelievable number of beaches, becomes the topmost choice for a holiday of this kind. The beaches in Phuket come in all sizes, types, densities and atmospheres, giving tourists a wide variety to choose from. Most of these beaches have retained their natural beauty which is incomparable to any other in the world. So get your umbrellas and sunglasses ready, because the travel bug is going to bite hard with this one.


Here is the list of 8 Beaches In Phuket: Beautiful Beaches For The Perfect Vacation

1. Kata Beach- Sea, Sun and Surfing


Located on Phuket's west coast, Kata Beach is a lovely beach, with spectacular views of the sea and a lively culture that thrives all year round. Between May and October, the roaring waves invite surfers and paddlers, while November to April has pleasant weather which brings out crowds to relax and sunbathe. This is a family-favourite beach, with its nearby shopping streets, international and local restaurants, and many swanky resorts situated a stone's throw away. After dark, the beach comes alive with bars, shacks and dance parties, which give off good vibes and aren't as brash as parties usually are in Phuket. On the whole, Kata Beach is near-perfect, possessing all the qualities of the ultimate tropical hangout.

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2. Patong Beach- Best of shopping, food and nightlife


The beach in Patong has become almost synonymous with Phuket due to its widespread popularity among foreign tourists. Patong Beach has now become a must-visit attraction on bucket lists around the world since it is notorious for hosting insane, larger-than-life beach parties. The beach itself is huge, stretching for approximately 4 kilometres, the focal point being the middle where activity buzzes. During the peak hours, it tends to become very congested and noisy, which may be a put-off for some. However, it is lined with top-class restaurants, luxury hotels, bar shacks, go-go bars and nightclubs which light up the beach and become party hubs at night.

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3. Freedom Beach- Little Beach with stunning views


Freedom Beach is a lesser-known gem in Phuket, that runs for almost 300 metres between lush forests and pristine waters. Its small size and obscurity lend it a picturesque charm that can be found at no other beach in Thailand. The white sands are devoid of crowds and noisy tourist traps and make for a truly undisturbed getaway. The beach is often decked with colourful long-tailed boats which transport people to and from it. There are provisions for umbrella shades, sun-lounging and beach soccer, however, these may cost you up to THB 100. A charming restaurant stands on the beachfront, serving steaming, local food and gorgeous panoramic views of the sunny beach.

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4. Bangtao Beach- One of Phuket's largest beach

The Bangtao Beach is a massive 6-kilometre beach, and one of Phuket's biggest at that. Most of its northern stretch lies isolated, with spectacular views and undisturbed scenery. If you want to escape the commotion of the city, this is the best bet for you. The southern end, however, bubbles with activity, perfect for those looking for a luxurious holiday within a tropical setting. This area of Bangtao Beach is lined with upscale boutiques, high-end apparel shops, five-star restaurants and hotels. In fact, Bangtao Beach serves as the backyard to a number of deluxe beach resorts and clubs, which is why a majority of the beach-goers are resort residents. At night, this becomes a happening place when the drinks start flowing and the party begins. It is a great place to have a fun dinner with your group of friends or family.

5. Banana Beach- Hidden Paradise and Quiet Getaway


Banana Beach is a true jewel that lies unknown amidst Phuket's boisterous parties and tourist traps. With crystal-clear waters and a 180 metre stretch of fine sand, this hidden paradise is obscured by thick vegetation and finding its correct location may be a task. But believe us when we say, that it will truly be worth the trouble. It is situated between Bang Tao and Nai Thon beaches, close to Trisara Villas. Only a handful of visitors frequent the beach, which makes it a great spot for a quiet getaway. There is just one restaurant on the beach which opens during relatively higher seasons and serves fresh seafood that is simply out of this world. A trip to Banana Beach can be your own secret adventure while in Phuket, one that you will always cherish.

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6. Ya Nui Beach- Tiny beach, rock trekking, water activities

Ya Nui is a small beach cove tucked away in Southern Phuket and is today one of the smallest beaches on the island. With a total length of just 200 metres, it is located in the vicinity of two famous spots in the city - Windmill Viewpoint and Promthep Cape and therefore attracts many visitors. The L-shaped white sands feature intermittent rocky formations, which you can climb to look out far into the sea or get a picture of yourself for Instagram. The nearby island of Koh Keyao Noi can also be seen floating at some distance. There are many beachside activities available here, ranging from snorkelling, kayaking, fishing to sunbathing. A few eateries with limited menus are available around the beach, while better ones are located down the road into Rawai.


7. Kamala Beach- Untouched natural beauty near Patong


Kamala Beach is a sleepy little piece of heaven situated on the west coast of Phuket, not far from its noisier cousin, Patong Beach. It is one of the few remaining places on the island, whose natural beauty remains uncorrupted, due to its surrounding fishing villages and thick jungles. The beach is a favourite among frequent travellers, who come here to relax with a book or sun lounger. Many foreigners can be found sunbathing by the sea here. It sometimes gets busy (but never crowded) owing to the popularity of Cafe Del Mar and Phuket Fantasea which are located in and around the beach. There are many good beachfront restaurants, along with hotels and villas of all price ranges. Kamala Beach is peaceful at night, perfect for a long walk alone or with a loved one, with the waves gently lapping at your feet.

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8. Mai Khao Beach- Phuket's largest, most underdeveloped beach


Mai Khao Beach is an 11-kilometre beach, part of the huge Sirinat National Park, which also covers two other beaches. Even though it is Phuket's largest, Mai Khao is still an undeveloped beach, with only one hotel on its beachfront and an airport in the vicinity. It is devoid of tourist activity, or rather any activity at all, which is a welcome change from the other beaches of Phuket. It is a great place to do absolutely nothing, except kick back and get a healthy dose of sun and sand. The beach area, part of the National Park, is a hotspot of exotic flora and fauna. You can find rare species of lizards, snakes and plants here. A little while away at the Turtle Village, urban life begins with posh resorts, plazas and restaurants. However, if you are looking to spend some time away from all that, then a day or two at Mai Khao Beach will do you a lot of good.

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There are some beaches in Phuket that are crawling with crowds, and there are some that are devoid of life for miles on end. Whatever the case, there is a beach for every mood, taste and feeling. You just need to find the perfect one for yourself. The next time you are in Phuket, try a new beach. Who knows, you might just find your own, private haven.

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