Nightlife in Phuket - The Best Places to Indulge in Phuket's Nightlife!

Phuket has evolved into a bustling town full of attractions and entertainment venues. Even though the natural beauty of this place drives a lot of tourists, the buzzing nightlife in Phuket makes it a magnet to many. The areas surrounding the beach have the best options including discos, restaurants, sundowners and great gigs.

Here is a list of places you must visit to experience the best of the nightlife in Phuket:

1. Soi Bangla Road

A 400m stretch that comes to life only after the sun is set is the popular Soi Bangla road. This road is lit up with neon lights. Bars running alongside the street, open doors to the public in the evening. A lot of loud music, blending into different beats makes this street a happening one. A plethora of joints- from dirt-cheap beer bars to extravagant restaurants, you get all of the kinds here. There are go-go bars (particularly on the right alley), discos, pubs, attractive shops and all other sorts of nocturnal amusements are found here.

You can find street vendors and pamphlet sellers here along the street side. Street performers entertaining one and all are also one of the greatest highlights of Bangla road. There are samba dancers, fire-splitters, hip-hop performers and magicians. There are some gaming bars where you can sit back, and play games like connect and more.  It’s nothing but a fun street with something to offer to everyone. The streets are closed to all vehicles in the evening so you can enjoy and walk around freely without any interruption of cars. It’s vibrant, it’s eclectic, it’s jazzy and it’s definitely a must-try!

The most happening places of Soi Bangla road are the Soi's which literally mean 'where the action lies'. Here's a list of the popular Soi's which you can visit:-
Must visit bars and discotheques on Soi Bangla Road:
  • Soi Seadragon
  • Soi Freedom
  • Soi Tiger
  • Soi Hollywood
  • Soi Gozo
  • Soi Lion
Must Visit Eateries on Soi Bangla Road: 
  • Soi Lao
  • Soi Viking
  • Soi Patong 

2. Illuzion Show & Discotheque

Illuzion Show
One of the most popular places for bustling nightlife in Phuket is Illuzion. It is designed with three main areas- a dance floor, VIP lounge, and a balcony area. It can accommodate up to 4500 guests. A lot of shows are held here on a very regular basis. The performances are choreographed by Russian pros performing jaw-dropping aerial acts. There are theatrical performances held too.

There are around eight bar counters with almost every conventional drink available. The club is extremely safe. It is well managed and well-maintained.  The entertainment quality is top-notch and so is the ambience. It is one of the clubs in Phuket which are a class apart. It should be on your bucket list if you love to party as it is one of the most refined parties you would attend.
Timings: 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Address: 31 Bangla Road, Patong Beach

3. White Room Nightclub

Another high-end club of Phuket is the White Room. It is a very old nightclub but it has recently been revamped into one with all the modern décor and interiors. They do not compromise on the music either. They have one of the best consoles with pros taking charge of it. It’s a fantastic place to dance to your heart’s content. They have an exotic bar section at the end of the room holding twelve tables. The alcohol prices are pricier than at other places but the environment makes it definitely worth paying for. It can hold around 600 guests at a time. The entry here is absolutely free.  The experience is truly urbane and lively. 
Timings: 10:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Address: Soi Gonzo, off Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Phuket 

4. Simon Cabaret

If you want to experience some glitz and glamour on your hunt for the best nightlife in Phuket, Simon Cabaret is the place for you. With some exceptionally talented dancers and music from around the world including Thai, English, Japanese and Korean make it a multicultural act. Transgender and transvestite entertainers take charge of the performances with glittering apparels and accessories, they produce a remarkable performance.

The cabaret is all about blingy costumes, attractive backdrops, some curated craftsmanship with sets, great AV effects and exceptional choreography. The dancers at the end of every show pose with the members in the audience with a minimum fee. It is a seventy-minute act which ensures entertainment, parody and comic relief in the best way possible. 
Timings: Shows start at 6:00 PM, 7:45 PM and 11:30 PM
Address: 8 Sirirach Road, Patong Beach, Phuket 

5. Phuket Fantasea

An actual fantasy world in Phuket is Phuket Fantasea. It is known as Fantasy of a Kingdom. It tells stories via performances. The acts are jaw-dropping with exceptional VFX effects, a well-decorated stage and peppy rhythmic music for the performances. Not just this, it is a night themed park with game shows, themed villages, adventure centres, shopping outlets, a palace of elephants, etc. The highlight of Fantasea is the extravagant buffet in The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant’s cavernous hall with seats holding around 4,000 diners with two long Thai and international cuisine on the spread. The other high points of Fantasea are Tiger Jungle Adventure and Suriyamas Seafood Buffet Restaurant.
9:00 pm – 10:15 pm (show)
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (dinner buffet)
Entry charges:
- INR 3,315 (for the show only), USD 44.7
- INR 3,700 (for children; buffet inclusive), USD 53.6
- INR 4,050 (for adults; buffet inclusive), USD 58.6

6.Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

If you thought nightlife in Phuket was all about shows, partying and clubbing, then you are definitely mistaken. Your nightlife can also include experiencing Thailand’s national sport, live. Muay Thai popularly known as Thai kickboxing is one of the sports that will give you great adrenaline with the stances and action. The crowd cheers in full capacity which blends with the musical instruments high-pitched Javanese clarinets, drums, and finger cymbals. 

There are special night stadiums built for the tourists on Soi Sai Namyen. There are traditions before the violence that is ceremonial called Ram-Muay is the highlight of this thrilling sport.
Best Boxing Venues in Phuket:  
- Tiger Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Art Camp
- Sinbi Muay Thai
- Suwit Muay Thai Camp
- Maximum Fitness and Muay Thai Centre
- Rawai Supa Muay Thai

7. Dino Park Mini Golf

If you are a golf enthusiast and want some leisure time out, this dinosaur-themed golf park is your destination. It is a pleasant way to experience the nightlife in Phuket with waterfalls, caves, and lifelike dinosaur models. It is inspired by Jurassic Park’s theme. It has 18 holes all around the park and you can choose your location. It has a designated section for your kids to enjoy whilst you enjoy your game. There is an outdoor Flintstones-themed restaurant to enjoy a hearty meal with your family.
Timings: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM daily (It is best to visit after sunset to enjoy the lighting)
Address: Beach Road, next to Marina Phuket Resort, Phuket

8. Siam Niramit Phuket

Siam Niramit Phuket stages an act representing Thailand’s extravagant culture. It is a three-act show portraying Thai’s concept of heaven and hell. It’s a beautiful sight which will leave you entertained and intrigued. It involves scary sights of hell and the setup is quite realistic with hot water cauldrons and more. The show is not just the only attraction but there are floating markets, traditional Thai styled villages and open-air performances. One can feed the elephants walking around. There is a fine dine also present where one can enjoy a meal after the performance with a beautiful lakeside view. This place is nothing but enchanting for both kids and adults. 
Timings: The show runs once a day, six days a week, and is closed on Tuesdays
Show Times: Theatre gates open at 10:00 PM. The attractions and facilities open at 5:30 PM
Address: Just off the By-Pass Road situated between Tesco-Lotus Supermarket and the Airport Road junction, Phuket Town.

9. Live Music

Some bars of Phuket features some striking live music acts. They have some famous artists in genres of heavy rock, jazz, rock, pop and more. For all the music lovers, there are perfect places to visit when you want to experience live gigs or live DJ music with the best ambience and perfect atmosphere to enjoy a few drinks too. 
Must-Visit places for live music in Phuket:
1. The Hard Rock Café
2. Red Hot Club
3. Rock City 

10. Beach Clubs

Phuket has an abundance of beach clubs. It's great to arrive there before the sunset and then stay up till late at night. With amazing cocktails, snacks, peppy music and sounds of the waves, Phuket proves to be an ultimate beach-party destination. 
Must-Visit Beach Clubs in Phuket:
1. Café del Mar, Kamala Beach
2. Paradise Beach Club, Paradise Beach
3. KUDO Beach Club, Patong Beach

11. Gay Bars

Phuket is a popular destination for gay-friendly bars, go-go bars, nightclubs and guesthouses. 
Some Gay Bars in Phuket:
1. Zag Club
2. My Way
3. Boat Bar

12. Full Moon Parties

When in Phuket, do attend the full moon or half-moon parties in Paradise Beach. There are international DJs, Thai BBQ and bars, fire shows and laser shows that go on till late at night. There are security guards, first aid providers, fire safety systems and even free shuttles every 30 minutes.

To witness the best nightlife in Phuket, head to the places we've mentioned in the list above! So the next time you take a trip to Phuket, make sure to visit these thrilling, enjoyable and exhilarating sundowner spots of Phuket as per your choice.

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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