Food in Phuket - 24 Best Restaurants in Phuket You MUST Dine At

Phuket, a small island off the mainland of Thailand, is a place worth being on itinerary. The food in Phuket has so much to offer that it is a dream come true for any foodie. From amazing local and street food joints to some of the most breathtaking fine dining restaurants in Phuket, it has something for every kind of foodaholic. Listed below are some of the most sought after restaurants and eateries in Phuket. By the end of this article, we assure you that you will have an extensive list of your own regarding the places where you want to eat in Phuket.

1. Blue Elephant

Seng Wah, Food in Phuket
This fine-dining restaurant is housed in one of the most lavish buildings and is counted among the best restaurants in Phuket. The Sino Portuguese mansion, also known as the Governor's house is the home to this restaurant. This famous restaurant has branches all around the world. It has another branch in Thailand, which is in Bangkok. They have some of the best and most authentic Thai dishes in a fine dining setting from the royal cuisine. 
Must-Try: Seng Wa which is a royal Thai dish is a must-try in this restaurant. Massaman Curry and Khao Yam are also worth a try.
Address: 96 Krabi Road
Timing: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM 

2. Mor Mu Dong

Moo Kua Kua
If a rural, rustic and indigenous experience is what you are looking for, this could be your first and foremost choice. This is the best place to experience the food in Phuket in its most authentic setting. As far as the food is concerned, the long line of cars outside this wayward restaurant will bear testimony of its taste. The Mor Mu Dong Seafood Restaurant won a local competition for being a friendly place that serves good food at reasonable prices, which makes it even higher on our must-visit list. The locals, who are also a fan of this place, would describe it as a down to earth and back to the basic restaurant. Your food is served in Salas- a wooden structure with a dome-like a roof and no walls- which is a kind of a speciality of this place. 
Must-Try: This place serves some of the best local dishes and their best preparations would be Moo Kua Klua, Pak Miang Goong Siah and Pla Pao.
Address: 32/9 Soi Mu Dong, Chao Fah East, Chalong (past the zoo)
Timing: 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM

3. Sizzle Rooftop Restaurant

Grilled Steak, Food in Phuket
A fine dining restaurant with beautiful decor and interior is a perfect place for a romantic dinner in Phuket. Add to this a rooftop view of the sunset with a glass of choice wine, and you have for yourself an amazing evening that should be added to your itinerary of places to eat in Phuket. Located at the top Avista hideaway, it is part of an award-winning luxury resort. The seating comprises luxurious rattan sofas and Salas. The restaurant also has an open kitchen on the rooftop which serves dishes grilled and barbecued right in front of you. 
Must-Try: Grilled steaks and seafood of this place are popular. 
Address: 39/9 Muen Ngern Road
Timing: 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM 

4. Laem Hin Seafood

Laem Hin Seafood
Located a few kilometres away from Phuket Town, this one is considered to be the best local seafood restaurant in Phuket and is very popular among the locals. Despite being a big establishment, it gets very crowded during dinnertime and weekends. It is set on a wooden structure over water, which sets the perfect mood for a good meal. They specialise in Southern Thai seafood and serve some of the most authentic Thai tasting dishes. They use fresh seafood bought from fishers from right across the shore 
Must-Try: They have an extensive menu and a lot of variety to choose from. The best of their dishes are Yam Gung Seab, Oysters and Blue Crabs
Address: 90/11 Soi Baan Laem Hin, Thepkasattri Road
Timing: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM 

5. Red Duck Restaurant

Red Duck Restaurant
A cosy place, this restaurant is located on the outskirts of town and has some of the best food in Phuket. Built on the concept of a boutique restaurant, it has only nine to eight tables and provides a perfect setting for a peaceful yet intimate getaway with your family and friends. This place brings to you the food of Phuket in a western setting, which seems like a perfect example of east and west coming together. The food prepared here is made using fresh ingredients; no frozen ingredients are used. Though at first sight, the prices may seem high the size of the portions and quality makes it a value for money deal. 
Must-Try: The Thai style noodles and black pepper chicken with fried rice here are delicious
Address: 88/3 Soi Khoktanod from Kata Beach Resort, Kata Beach Mueang
Timing: 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM 

6. Piang Prai

Piang Prai
This hidden gem has so many amazing dishes to offer that the locals would very much like to keep it a secret just for themselves. You will not find it on anywhere to eat article regarding Phuket. Its location makes it a perfect getaway for a romantic evening in the serene and beautiful background of Bang Pae Waterfalls. It is a slightly longer ride from the main city than you would consider going for a meal but is worth it. The decor and setting of the restaurant are very pleasing, especially for the young crowd. They have a variety of beer options, such as Bussaba Ex-Weisse, Chalawan Pale Ale and Chatri IPA,  that you will not get a chance to taste anywhere else in Phuket. 
Must-Try: Their Hor Mok Talay, Yum Pla Foo and Gaeng Som are definitely worth a try. 
Address: Namtok Bang Toei, Pa Klok, Thalang District
Timing: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM 

7. Pad Thai Shop

Pad Thai Shop
It is a local streetside shop, which as the name suggests is famous for Pad Thai. Located on the back roads of Karon beach this tiny shop is easy to miss while indeed it has a reputation among locals as well as tourists. Pad Thai the dish this place is famous for is stir-fried noodles, which is a common dish in Thailand and almost like a signature food of Phuket. The place serves super tasty and super cheap food in plastic plates for you to have an authentic local restaurant in Phuket experience.
Must-Try: Pad Thai and beef noodle soup
Address: Soi 12, Karon
Timing: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM 

8. One Chun Cafe and Restaurant

One Chun Cafe and Restaurant
This is yet another good restaurant in Phuket which serves authentic southern Thai cuisine. Even the locals, who visit this restaurant quite frequently, will vouch for the authenticity of its taste. Add to this vintage and beautifully decorated interiors, relaxed atmosphere and friendly crowd, and you are looking at a night well spent in Phuket. It is located in the heart of the city; the building is as old as the 20th century. Built-in Sino colonial style, it is complete with a garden. The best part about this old, old building is that it is full of small doors which connect different parts of the building. The place manages to have a good blend of old and new.
Must-Try: You should give orange curry with shrimp and roasted pork salad with red grape a try if you visit this place. 
Address: 48/1 Thepkasattri Road (near the intersection with Dibuk Road in Phuket Old Town)
Timing: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

9. Joe's Downstairs

Joe's Downstairs
Even if you don’t have this place in your where to eat list, do have it in your places to visit in the evening list, because the view is spectacular. This place for food in Phuket is located over water and has an amazing view of the Kalim Bay and a bar to complement your fun night out with family and friends. It also has the option if sundeck dining area just a few metres away from the rocks. The place serves several cuisines prepared for you by famous American chef Aaron Hooper. The food, as well as the wine here, is among the best you will taste in Phuket.
Must-Try: Foie gras Shu mei with toasted pistachios and tamarind/plum sauce would be a great dish to a starter.
Address: 223/3 Phrabaramee Rd, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu
Timing: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM 
Quick Tip: If you are visiting this place do try its wine collection it is counted among the top five in Thailand.

10. Ko Ang Seafood

Ko Ang Seafood
This amazing seafood joint has been around for a very long time and serves some of the best local food of Phuket. While in the earlier days it was a modest, no-nonsense restaurant, with a zinc roof. But due to its popularity among locals as well as tourists the owners have upgraded the decor make this bright and chirpy place with Chinese decoration but the place still retains its local feel. The lip-smacking seafood served is cooked by some of the most passionate and experienced cooks in the area. The display of fish in front of the restaurant has something new for everyone to explore. 
Must-Try: Horseshoe Crab Roe is a  very popular speciality of this place. 
Address: 226/2 Phuket Road, Phuket Town
Timing: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM 

11. Odysseus Greek Organic Restaurant

Odysseus Greek
If you are craving some good greek food in Phuket as far out as on Kata beach, Odysseus will not disappoint you. Run and owned by a man of Greek descent it serves simple yet perfectly cooked Greek dishes, it is probably the best greek food restaurant in Phuket. The decor of the place is also set in a more European style than Thai using the typical blue and white colour theme. The best part about this place is that despite serving such a rare cuisine (for this part of the world), the prices are still reasonable. 
Must-Try: Carbonara pasta, Greek salad and grilled chicken are some of the things you can try. 
Address: 34-44 4233 Tambon Karon, Karon
Timing: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM 

12. Rim Pan Restaurant

Rim Pan Restaurant
Rim Pan restaurant is trendy among locals and is yet another hidden gem. It is the perfect place to enjoy a good dinner by the seaside and worth being on your where to eat in Phuket list. Located on the north side of Phuket island near the bridge between the mainland and the island. A traditional restaurant with Bamboo huts as dining area located in the vicinity of the beach. The place has an amazing view of mainland Thailand. The food is worth a try and reasonably priced. Though we would not recommend it to you if you have mobility problems.
Must-Try: Chakachan Tod, Poh Taek and Hoy Tak Teen are some of their best dishes.
Address: Rimpan, Below Sarasin Bridge
Timing: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM 

13. Sam's Steaks and Grill

Sam's Steaks and Grill
As is obvious from the name this restaurant is famous for its steaks and the best-grilled food in Phuket. Located in Patong, it has a stylish decor with a casual yet comfortable setting. The staff here is friendly, and service is good. Moreover, the prices here are reasonable, and the food is delicious. It has an extensive menu with a variety of starters, mains and desserts for you to choose from. The place is termed as a meat lovers paradise by the locals who love to come here. 
Must-Try: Wagyu Beef
Address: 52 Thaweewong Rd, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu
Timing: 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

14. Nam Yoi Restaurant

Nam Yoi Restaurant
Nam Yoi restaurant is a modest and oldest established which has been around for almost two decades. You may have some difficulty in finding this discreet restaurant but is definitely worth the trouble. With plain steel tables and chairs, it will give an Indian a typical 'dhaba' vibes. This is yet another restaurant in Phuket which is said to be the city’s best-kept secret by the locals who come to this place very often. 
Must-Try: Mushroom spicy curry cake, shrimp paste with dried shrimp, spicy sour sea bass soup and crab curry with rice noodles are some of their signature dishes.
Address: Nam Yoi, 63/250 Ruam Pattana Rd., Rassada
Timing: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM 

15. Thong Dee The Kathu Brasserie 

Thong Dee The Kathu Brasserie
This fine-dining restaurant, which works on the belief that carpe diem serves both Thai and European cuisines. If you are looking for a memorable fine dining experience, then this restaurant in Phuket stands out from the rest of them for this very purpose. The decor of the place is inspired by Thai culture and has both indoor and outdoor dining options. Tourists love to capture the beauty of this place in their camera. 
Must-Try: They have a good selection of beer and wine from all around the world. 
Address: Soi bang thong, 110/25 Moo 7, Kathu, Kathu District
Timing:  4 PM to 10 PM(Tuesday to Saturday), 12 PM to 10 PM ( Sunday). It is closed on Mondays.

16. Ko Benz

Ko Benz
More than 15 years old, this local food joint in Phuket is trendy among tourists and locals alike. They are primarily a noodle shop which started by serving a choice few noodle dishes and rice porridge and still sells the same signature dishes. Noodle dishes are a major part of the food of Phuket, which makes it a good place to add to your where to eat list. The best part about this place is that it is serving delicious noodles at very affordable prices.
Must-Try: Kuay Jab, Kao Tom Hang, and Mama Moo Soup are some of their popular dishes. If you visit this restaurant then you must have their rice porridge ( a differently cooked Indian kheer) as dessert.
Address: Intersection of Krabi Road and Patiphat Road, Phuket Town
Timings: 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM

17. Mom Tri's Kitchen

Mom Tri's Kitchen
A fine dining restaurant housed at Villa Royale, the experience at this place does come very close to a royal experience of the food in Phuket. Set near the Kuta beach's rocky terrain, it is a good choice for a romantic getaway or a relaxed party with your friends. The menu at Mom Tri's kitchen is extensive, ranging from local Thai to exotic European dishes, and the wine cellar has more than 700 labels. The decor here is also very nicely done by the famous Thai architect and owner of this restaurant Mom Luang Trihosyuth Devakul. 
Must-Try:  Do try one of their fusion dishes.
Address: Villa Royale, Kata Noi Beach
Timing: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

18. Kalim Rim Ray

Kalim Rim Ray
If you are enjoying a good day at Patong beach or Kalim beach Kalim Rim Ray restaurant is the place to enjoy a good meal as the sun sets over the sea. If you are lucky and it is high tide you will be able to see a reflection of the sky in the sea. The prices here are slightly high, but the spectacular view and authentic Thai cuisine make it worthwhile as finding good authentic Thai food near the beaches in Patong are tough. It is our ardent belief that the food in Phuket, or any place in the world, tastes better in a beautiful setting. The place like a typical local restaurant has bamboo huts spread around a kitchen, with none of the fancy decors that you will find in the touristy restaurants. 
Must-Try: Deep-fried fish, Duck meat salad with shallots and 
Address: Phrabaramee road, past Kalim Beach, Patong, Phuket
Timing: 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM

19. Black Ginger 

Black Ginger
This restaurant is located in The Slate resort. This resort is on an island surrounded by a lagoon, so to even reach this restaurant, you need to take a boat from the mainland. Now if that in itself does not make you wish to see this beautiful and serene restaurant, then a garden and the food definitely will. Do we even need to ask you to add this place to where to eat places list? This place is known for serving some authentic Thai dishes which you won't easily find in a fine dining restaurant. It is considered to be among the best restaurants in Phuket; the only thing to consider is that it is a slightly expensive place.
Must-Try: Yellow Fish Curry, Tom Yum Seafood and crab and pork spring rolls. 
Address: Slate Resort, Nai Yang Beach
Timing: 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
Quick Tip: Another good place for a glass of wine, moreover this is a slightly expensive place than usual but the experience is totally worth it.

20. Pa Mai Kanom Jeen Restaurant

Pa Mai Kanom Jeen Restaurant
This is an all-time favourite breakfast destination in Phuket. If you are a morning person or can manage to wake early one day for a delicious breakfast, then this is the place you could try. What this place is famous for is Kanom Jeen, a traditional Thai breakfast, which is a staple food of Phuket. You take a bowl of cold rice noodles, mix it with a curry of your choice, a few vegetables as per your choice from the options available in the buffet spread. 
Must-Try: The beef and chicken curries are definitely worth a try. 
Address: Next to the Blue Elephant restaurant.
Timing: 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM
Quick Tip: Try reaching as early as possible, because by 10 AM the ingredients start running out.

21. La Gritta Italian Restaurant

La Gritta Italian Restaurant
If you are looking for Italian restaurants in Phuket, this place should be at the top of your list. This fine-dining restaurant is known for its tasty selection of Italian dishes and a romantic setting. Located right beside the ocean overlooking the bay, it is a wonderful sight. The Roman Chef Patrizia Battolu works magic with his preparation. The architecture of this place is breathtaking and worth admiring. 
Must-Try: Buffalo mozzarella and pesto, lemon polenta nuggets and bottarga shavings.
Address: Amari Phuket Resort at the southern end of Patong Beach
Timing: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM 

22. Bampot Kitchen and Bar

Bampot Kitchen and Bar
Made around the concept of a modern European restaurant, this place is quite famous among tourists, mainly because of a fun and friendly atmosphere. It has a spacious bar area and an open kitchen from where you will get some of the most delectable dishes. It is recommended to leave the choice of your cocktail to the master chef there as he has a reputation for serving some of the best cocktails. As far as the food is concerned, this place serves some of the best food in Phuket.
Must-Try: Asparagus and broad bean risotto and pork belly with bean ragu. 
Address: 19/1 Moo 1, Lagoon Road, Thalang, Cherngtalay
Timing: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM 

23. Acqua

This fine-dining restaurant is counted among the most notable restaurants in Phuket and deserves a place on your where to eat list. The place has a breathtaking view of the Andaman sea for you to enjoy while sitting in a chic yet comfortable seating of the restaurant. The decor of the place uses a typical yet eye-catching black and white theme. The restaurant has a classy yet chilled out atmosphere. The place serves Italian cuisine and some delectable wine to sip along. 
Must-Try: Grilled Tuna Fillet and Swordfish Carpaccio. 
Address: 324/15 Prabaramee Road - Patong Kalim 
Timing: 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM

24. DeDos Restaurant

DeDos Restaurant
A small but popular place this restaurant is known for its good atmosphere and great food. The head chef of DeDos, a Swiss-Bolivian chef, is known for its fusion dishes and mixing up French and Thai cuisine. If by any chance you are bored with the local food of Phuket and are craving different, this could be your go-to place. The atmosphere, decor and crowd of this place compliment and will enhance your gastronomic experience.
Must-Try: Tuna and Salmon tartar in Asian and European style
Address: Tinley Place on Lagoon Road
Timing: 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Quick Tip: Since it is a small establishment it is recommended to make a reservation beforehand.
You can never really have a complete experience of a culture without trying their food. The food in Phuket will make you discover another side to the Thai cuisine and culture which will leave you full yet wanting for more. We hope you have engaging and fulsome food experience in Phuket.

This post was published by Ananya Sinha

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