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How to Reach Phuket from India

Phuket being home to a personal international airport has several direct flights flying to and from India. There are many flight services that ply on regular basis including Air India, AirAsia, Jet Airways, Thai Airways, IndiGo and other from various India cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Ahmadabad etc.

Visa Policy for Indians

Thailand allows citizens of 20 countries to apply for tourist on-arrival visa at the immigration checkpoints for not more than 15 days. Indian applicants can apply for the said visa at 23 authorized international checkpoints including at Phuket. The application fee is THB 1000. One can also obtain the visa before hand at Thai Embassy in India. In that case, the visa fees if THB 1500 and for the duration of 30 days. The visa can also be extended for another 30 days. For further information:

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Bangkok to Phuket

How to reach Phuket by flight

Phuket is home to a very compact Phuket International Airport, second busiest center of Thailand, next to Bangkok. There are several direct flights to the island from numerous Asian and European countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and many more. One can also take a flight to Bangkok and then a domestic flight to Phuket. There are also low cost direct flights from India, Macau, Seoul and Busan. During peak season, there are charter flights to island from European and Asian countries. Once reached the airport there are mini bus services, metered taxis and new shuttle bus service from the airport until the different parts of the island.

Starting city Return price (approx)
Mumbai ₹ 23,382 View
New Delhi ₹ 20,331 View
Bengaluru ₹ 19,779 View
Chennai ₹ 18,757 View
Hyderabad ₹ 20,746 View
Kolkata ₹ 20,518 View

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How to reach Phuket by road

One can easily commute to Phuket from Bangkok by car or taxi through the Thao Thepkasattri Bridge. The total distance covered is about 862 km and one can easily get rental cars from both places. However, while leaving or entering the island your car might be stopped at checkpoint if found suspicious and searched or else one may proceed smoothly without any hassle.

Local transport in Phuket

Getting around in Phuket is quite easy with various transportation options. Beaches are small enough to be explored on foot with major number of hotels located nearby. If you want to explore the island on your own, one can always rent a car or motorbikes, which are easily available. Make sure you are an experienced driver only then rent a two-wheeler due to bad conditions of road and total disregard for traffic rules. Otherwise, two kinds of buses also ply - The blue open-air buses called •the Sangtaewê run between the main resorts and the Phuket town, while the air-conditioned micro buses plies with Phuket town area. Although itês a cheaper option but there is no particular schedule for the buses. Expect a 20-30 minutes of waiting time between two buses. Other main transportation is tuk tuks that are good for short distance travelling say about 30 minutes. Their small size makes it uncomfortable for long distance. Another cheaper option, the tuk tuk drivers charge about TBH 100 for short distance especially in resort area like Patong. Depending upon the distance and oneês haggling skills, the charges may go up to TBH 400. There are also small number of metered private taxis and air-conditioned car taxis that are a bit costly with fixed fare of TBH 50 for first two kilometers and TBH 7 per additional kilometer. Motorbike taxi is yet another option, which is available almost through the day and night some times. There wear flashy red or green jackets. Make sure to negotiate price before hand. Even though convenient, it is not a safest mode of transportation.

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