Airport in Phuket- All You Need To Know About Phuket International Airport

The most happening island of Thailand, ‘Phuket- Pearl of the South’ brings in a great number of tourists all around the year. People travel to Phuket to enjoy the magnificent beaches and the very exciting nightlife here. Phuket alone is responsible for two-thirds of Thailand’s tourism industry. The island is a paradise and an excellent holiday destination with impressive resorts and tourist attractions.

As for airports in Phuket, there is only one airport named the Phuket International Airport (HKT) is a thriving transport hub which plays a vital role in promoting the tourism industry of Thailand. It is the second busiest airport in Thailand after Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. It offers a very comfortable journey for those travelling to Phuket as well as those in transit. An approximate of 16 million passengers fly into or via the Phuket International Airport throughout the year.

Here’s everything you need to know about Phuket International Airport which will aid in a hassle-free trip.

Phuket International Airport

This airport in Phuket is very well-maintained with friendly staff along with a variety of in-house attractions. It isn’t a very large airport so it saves you the time of walking distances inside the airport between immigration or terminals. It serves a large number of carriers varying from low-cost airlines like Sil Air, Air Asia to high-end luxurious airways.

Terminals at Phuket Airport

The airport has two terminal buildings, one solely for the international airlines whilst the other for domestic flights. The chance of transfer from one to another is minimal but even if there is a transfer required between the two, it is not at a great distance.

Information/Help Desks

Phuket airport lobby
Phuket Airport Lobby
As you enter the arrival hallways of the airport, you will find the information desk in case you need some assistance at the airport. The staff is friendly, courteous and multi-lingual so language will not serve as a barrier at the airport. 

Distance to Phuket City: 32 kilometres (one hour via taxi).


1. Taxi: Taking a taxi is a convenient option. It is always recommended to take a metered taxi to your destination and it is best not to succumb to the hordes of taxi drivers swindling you with higher fares. The taxis are available all day long outside terminals so you will not have a hard time looking for one.
2. Airport Limousines: One of the best ways to get to your location is to take the limousines. The fares are not too different from a metered taxi and you will not compromise on comfort. Limousines are also available outside the airport and it can sometimes be more economical than hotel transfer costs too.
3. Smart bus: The fares are cheap and air-conditioned. However, they are extremely time-consuming as they stop at every beach for passengers to get off and you will not be dropped off right in front of your hotel. After a long flight, this might not want to be an option you would want to swear by.
4. Airport shuttle: Shuttles are not available for anyone and everyone. They can only be availed via a hotel booking. So if there’s a shuttle booking, it will be only through the hotel booking and you will have to coordinate with your hotel.
5. Car rentals: Easy to avail, these rental cars are right outside the domestic terminal. If you have an international license, feel free to rent a car. One can also hire a GPS at a minimal cost per day at the airport. They are open till late hours of the day.
6. Car parking: If you own a car, there is a single parking garage available right outside the terminal buildings. The short term and long term parking rates differ so you would need to book according to your own convenience.

Services and facilities

Bill Bentley Pub, Phuket Airport
Bill Bentley Bar at Phuket Airport
1. ATMs: There are several ATM machines available at this airport in Phuket post customs. They are spread across both terminal buildings so one would not have a problem looking for them.

2. WIFI: WIFI is not free at the airport but one gets to use WIFI from TrueMove which provides access for a minimal fee. You can avail their passwords at the wifi counter. There is a good 3G connectivity present for use.

3. Duty-Free shops: Duty-free shops are also available at the airport for last-minute shopping. There are a variety of stores to shop from. Even after you’ve picked up your luggage, there is still one store to get your hands on. 

4. Business area: In the departure zone, there is a post and telegraph office. If you are here for work and there is an urgent fax requirement you can easily get and send a fax. Even though there is an absence of a conference area, you can make photocopies of any documents you like and get some work done.

5. Food and beverage: There are a few food and beverage outlets at the airport. Some are luxury dine-ins like the Thai Airways restaurant while some are fast food places like Burger King are present. The food has received decent reviews so you can eat a hearty meal at the airport. Most of them are on the third floor. Some restaurants do have spacious places almost like a lounge but open to all diners.

6. Travel agents: If you need a travel agent and you haven’t booked one prior to your arrival in Phuket, there is a tour and travels office at the airport which will provide you with an agent to guide you through. They are very helpful in the wee hour when you are pretty clueless and need urgent help. They are open until late hours to extend help.

7. Lost and Found: There is a special lost and found counter at the airport in case of luggage misplacement or absence of any belongings. They are stationed at the arrival areas in both the terminals.

8. Medics: In case of medical emergencies, there is medical aid available along with assistance to disabled passengers at the airport so there is no need to worry.

This airport in Phuket is well managed with all the necessary facilities and services. It makes travelling easy and comfortable for those transiting and travelling to and fro Phuket. So if you have a trip planned to Phuket or planning one soon, be rest assured that Phuket International Airport is going to be a pleasant gateway to the breezy island and that you are in for a gratifying experience as soon as you step into Phuket.

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