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What is the best time to visit Phuket?

The best time to visit Phuket is from December to March. The weather during this period is relatively cool and dry, and the temperature ranges between 23 degrees Celcius to 30 degrees Celcius. It is the perfect time for beach activities, swimming, water sports and everything else that Phuket is known for. This is also the peak tourist season in Phuket, so prices are generally high. Due to its tropical location, Phuket harbors a warm climate throughout the year. It has two seasons: the wet season from June to November and the dry season from December to April, with February being the driest month. 

Weather conditions remain warm almost throughout the year, but there will be a notable difference in rainfall every month; however, April-May and September-October are the hottest. Owing to the southwestern monsoon, the September-October period is also the wettest. Swimming and diving activities can only take place in the non-monsoon seasons. Even during monsoons, the rainfall occurs intermittently in short bursts, so there will be plenty of sun in between.

Weather in Phuket


Upcoming Phuket Weather

Monthly Weather in Phuket

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 30°/ 23° 2 days
February 30°/ 24° 2 days
March 30°/ 24° 3 days
April 30°/ 25° 20 days
May 29°/ 25° 20 days
June 29°/ 25° 21 days
July 29°/ 25° 5 days
August 29°/ 25° 23 days
September 28°/ 24° 15 days
October 28°/ 24° 28 days
November 28°/ 24° 21 days
December 29°/ 23° 10 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Phuket

Phuket in High Season / Peak Season

December through March is considered the peak season to visit the beautiful island of Phuket. It is an ideal time to find calm seas, blue skies, and full-blown nightlife. January would be the height of the peak season and boasts the highest prices for travel and accommodation. This period is also the driest and sunniest that you can expect to find in Phuket. The nightlife is also at its peak, and the tourists enjoy a fully-fledged party atmosphere.

Phuket in Shoulder Season

The months of April, May, August and November comprise the Shoulder season for Phuket. It is observed to begin after the Thai New Year or Songkran. Although there are chances of rainfall, visitors enjoy the sunshine in between the monsoon bursts and some even prefer this time of the year due to the absence of crowds. You can expect to receive a much friendlier and personalised service.

Phuket in Off Season

June, July, September and October mark the low season for tourism in Phuket. The increase in rainfall and the absence of swimming and diving activities lead to thinning crowds. This is also the period when the travel and accommodation tariffs reach rock bottom.

Phuket in January

The month of January can be considered as one of the most pleasant times to visit Phuket. It is no surprise that this is the most popular month with tourists. Most days flaunt clear, blue skies and the relatively low humidity means that rainfall will be lesser. The calm seas coupled with the warm weather make it an ideal time to go swimming at the beach or for scuba diving. Be sure to carry sunscreen and wide hats for protection against the sun. However, one must be warned that the roads in the town can get a bit busy and the prices for travel and accommodation are the highest this month.

Events & Festivals in January
The 1st of January, New Year?s Day is a public holiday in Phuket. The Phuket International Boat Show, a one of its kind event, is held every year in the first half of January. The Chinese New Year?s is welcomed with week-long celebrations in the latter part of January (sometimes in February, depending on the Chinese calendar). You can expect to see a magnificent display of fireworks.

Phuket in February

The month of February is pretty much an extension of January when it comes to Phuket. The perfect weather and busy nightlife spill over into this month as well. Moreover, there is an increased chance for discounts on stay when compared to the previous month. February is also the driest month of the year in Phuket.

Events & Festivals in February
The Phuket Old Town Festival almost immediately follows the Chinese New Year celebration. The Phuket Lantern festival, which was started in 2016, will be a yearly tradition and will celebrate Phuket?s culture and heritage. It will be held for most of this month, to attract tourists from all corners of the world. Another significant event is the Buddhist lunar festival of Makha Bucha Day. Temples across the town hold candlelit processions.

Phuket in March

The average temperatures climb up this month as March marks the beginning of the hot season, along with the end of the dry season. It is recommended to take an accommodation that includes air conditioning as the weather might get uncomfortably hot, especially during the later part of the month. You can expect to see a decline in the crowds from the peak season that translates into hotels offering reduced tariffs. Low rainfall and sunny days ensure good conditions for swimming and diving activities.

Events & Festivals in March
One of the most important festivals of Phuket, Thao Thepkasattri-Thao Sri Suntorn Festival, usually takes place in the first two weeks of March. Various cultural and sports events, like mini-marathons and Buddhist ceremonies, take place throughout these two weeks. The 13th of March is celebrated as the National Thai Elephant Day. The elephants in the Phuket Zoo are taken to feast on elaborate spreads on fruits and sugar cane.

Phuket in April

Phuket is the hottest in April. It can even get unbearable and quite sticky. This month also marks the arrival of rainfall. So, be sure to carry a lightweight umbrella, or you can also buy one from the town markets on arrival. The rain is never prolonged and almost always occurs in short bursts. April is also the last month for a stable and calm sea, as the visibility for diving declines in the subsequent months. The hotels offer plenty of special deals on accommodation at this time of the year.

Events & Festivals in April
The present royal family descended from the Chakri dynasty. April 6th is observed as the Chakri Day, which is deemed as a prominent event for modern Thailand. Mid-April sees a three-day celebration for the Thai New Year - Songkran. Everyone enthusiastically tries to douse each other in the water, using buckets, hoses and guns. Tourists visiting at this time have high chances of getting soaked.

Phuket in May

With a slight drop in maximum temperatures and a stark rise in humidity, May is considered to be one of the wettest months in Phuket. The initial part of the month sees a fair share of sun and relatively good weather but expect excessive humidity and the height of the monsoon season towards the end of May. Beware of mosquitoes and don?t forget to pack accordingly. The high night temperatures ranging between 25°C and 29°C with the average humidity clocking 85%, make the nights slightly uncomfortable. This can be avoided by booking accommodation that provides air conditioning. On the brighter side, there are much lesser crowds in this month which provide for a far more relaxing atmosphere. It is also the start of the low season, and the hotels are known to offer huge discounts ( some even more than 50% ).

Events & Festivals in May
May 1 and May 5 are public holidays for the occasions of Labour Day and Coronation Day respectively. The significant event of Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day sees a bunch of processions and special rituals taking place in the town of Phuket. The month of May also has one the holiest Buddhist holidays, Visakha Bucha. Buddha?s birth and enlightenment are celebrated on this day. It is a common sight to spot worshippers in candlelight processions.

Phuket in June

The month of June is the best among the low season ones to visit Phuket. Expect rain in short and intense bursts, especially being accompanied by thunderstorms. However, there will be lots of chances to enjoy the sunshine in between. The high temperatures remain, and there is an increase in the amount of rainfall received. But the southwest monsoon brings much cooler rains. The flights and accommodation are usually a lot cheaper at this time of the year.

Events & Festivals in June
Laguna Phuket International Marathon sees the participation of over 5000 every year. Runners from across the world come together for full and half marathons as well as to participate in other exciting community events. The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale takes place around mid-June, and you can expect to find discounts ranging from 10 - 80% on department stores, hotels, spas, entertainment centres and more. The Baba Peranakan Wedding Festival is also held in June. The idea is to honour the Peranakan culture and further Phuket as a wedding and honeymoon destination.

Phuket in July

July is similar to June, but with an increased amount of rainfall. The monsoon months are not recommended for tourists who might want to try swimming or scuba diving. The town of Phuket is considerably less crowded in July, and one can expect to get good deals on flight tickets as well as accommodation in this month as well. You would require a fair amount of luck when it comes to the weather though.

Events & Festivals in July
The Kathu Cultural Street Festival is held throughout July in Phuket. There will be several activities and performances to focus on the rich heritage of one of the oldest communities of Phuket. There will be exhibitions, light shows, sound shows, handicrafts and a feast of local food. Candlelight processions are held on the evening of Arsarnha Bucha Day, which is the day of Buddha's first sermon to his disciples. Mid-July also sees four days of international-standard yacht race in the form of Phuket Race Week.

Phuket in August

The pros to visit Phuket in August are the low travel and accommodation prices, uncrowded beaches and a considerably more relaxed atmosphere. The start of the official monsoon season, this month experiences rain in intense and short bursts, with plenty of sunshine in between the pours. If you?re not particular about the weather, then you can save more than 50% by travelling to Phuket in August.

Events & Festivals in August
Queen?s Birthday, also celebrated as Mother?s Day takes place on the 12th of August. Another festival celebrated in August is the Hungry Ghosts Festival. People across several religious beliefs consider this day to be the time when the gates of Hell opened to allow the spirits to roam the Earth for food and entertainment. Seng Tek Bel shrine holds the most significant celebrations for this event.

Phuket in September

September is the month that is least recommended to tourists, in case of Phuket. It is the wettest month in this town and records the highest humidity. The only notable upside to travelling to Phuket in this month is that there will be very few tourists and one can expect to receive personal and friendly treatment from the business owners. In addition to that, the fares for travel and accommodation are very low, and the roads are much quieter. The bars and restaurants often have special offers to woo customers. Scuba diving or other water activities will not be possible at this time of the month.

Events & Festivals in September
The biggest and most extravagant festival of Phuket is the Phuket vegetarian festival which is celebrated throughout nine days, towards late September and sometimes early October depending on the Chinese lunar calendar. Several rituals are performed to purify the body and mind. The participants of this festival comply to as strictly vegan diet and also take part in various processions.

Phuket in October

October starts as a wet month, but the rains gradually recede, paving the way for sunny and humid days. This month is ideal for fishing activities, as the rain drives the fish out of hiding. It is also considered a good month to spend on the beaches, and one can expect relatively cooler winds in October. 

Events & Festivals in October
Various festivities are held on the eve of Awk Phansa. October 23rd is celebrated as Chulalongkorn Day and is declared a public holiday.

Phuket in November

The advance of November brings with it the decline of rainfall. The weather conditions are amicably sunny and are thus apt for visits to the beach or fishing. The shift in the monsoon winds guarantees cooler winds, which continue until February. The month of November also marks the beginning of the high season. It is, however, advisable to plan a trip in the latter part of this month.

Events & Festivals in November
The first weekend of November marks the occurrence of Thalang Walking Street. A huge variety of stalls are set up to cater to food and entertainment purposes. Laguna Phuket triathlon is also held in this month. It is one of the premier events of Southeast Asia and attracts elite participants from all over the world. Loy Krathong festival is held on the 14th of November. Tourists also take part in the festivities by making their offerings using flowers, candles and incense sticks.

Phuket in December

The monsoon season comes to an end in December. Even if it does rain, it?s in the form of light showers for very short periods. The humidity drops to a comfortable 70-75%, and the weather is overall quite pleasant in Phuket around this time of the year. The sunny days are convenient to head to the beach for a swim. There is an increase in crowds spotted, although it is still lesser than the peak season.

Events & Festivals in December
The month of December is host to the entertaining Sand Sculpting festival and the annual week-long Patong Carnival and Seafood Festival. There is a fabulous display of fireworks over Patong Beach for New Year?s Eve.

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