Food of Phuket

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Sub-Region: Southern Thailand


Phuket offers a variety of cuisines owing to the large number of foreign travelers visiting the island every year. Although foreign cuisines are widely available, Thai flavors are still available especially with a focus on seafood. One will find from high-end restaurants to small time street stalls selling delicious food. The place is a paradise for seafood lovers. Some of the local delicacies of Phuket are fried or boiled noodle dished eaten with either pork or chicken; Khanom Jin (another noodle dish eaten in breakfast and served with fresh vegetables and spicy curry); and Nam PhrikKung Siap (smoked shrimps and chili eaten with fresh vegetables).

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Local dishes of Phuket
Local dishes of Phuket

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Phuket

Phuket is home to numerous Indian restaurants mainly located on the west coast. Although now a number of Indian eating joints are opening up in south and Phuket town. These places serve from basic Indian food to specialized India cuisines such as South Indian, North Indian, tandoori etc. Some of the popular restaurants are Curry Night Indian Restaurant, ICC Indian Curry Club, Live India Indian Restaurant, Tandoori Nights, Navrang Mahal and many more. The island is also known for its vegetarian food especially with the Vegetarian festival being organized there during ninth month of Chinese lunar calendar. A number of vegetarian restaurants can be found dotted all around Phuket.

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