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Ideal duration: 2-3 days

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"For A Quaint, Historical And Heritage Getaway!"

Jaffna Tourism

Jaffna is probably Sri Lanka's most historical city located at the northern tip on the country and the city from time to time had been passed under the rule of various kingdoms, governments and the armies.

Unlike the country’s southern parts which are more influenced and in a way controlled by the Buddhist and the Sinhalese, the northern realms including Jaffna have a strong influence of the Tamil and the Hindu cultures. Historically, it was the centre of the LTTE power struggle to capture the city in 1995 which resulted in the devastating Battle of Jaffna.

The city has been through a lot, but still today it flourishes as one of the industrial cities of the country of Sri Lanka. The town of Jaffna’s main revenues are from tourism and the port business. The city, due to being under the rule of various kingdoms and governments has several monuments for its visitors, each reciting a different yet alluring tale.

Some of its monuments include the Jaffna Fort, the Jaffna public library, Jaffna Palace ruins, the Nallur Kandaswamy temple and much more.

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The city of Jaffna has been a witness to various changes and developments brought in by many of its rulers. Since the beginning being a Tami and a Hindu dominated city, but this union had been tried to break off by various rulers such as the Portuguese, British and the Dutch. But even after the multiple rules and seeds of “infiltration”, the city stands strong as one of the industrial cities of the country.

The city is known for its alluring art and handicrafts items. These are some of the things that one must buy as they act as the perfect souvenirs reminding of one’s beautiful time in the city. The inspiration for the art comes from the years of different rulers of the town and the transition that the city has gone through. The handicrafts items made by the local artisans express their talent, skills and the country’s culture.

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