Sri Lanka in October: Things To Do, Festivals and More!

Sri Lanka in October is known to favour a pleasant climate and has some exciting festivals to celebrate the culture. It is a delight to watch the beautiful lights lit amidst the night during the festival of  Deepawali and witness the sacred celebration of Vap Full Moon Poya Day, which is celebrated uniquely by the entire nation.

The month of October is also an excellent start to visit the many attractions of the land as the on-season begins. Thus, October stands as the ideal month to visit this country and enjoy the fantastic weather it offers for a wholesome trip!

Weather in Sri Lanka in October

Sri Lanka Landscape
In October, the average temperature varies amongst the range of 27 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius. October in Sri Lanka comprises of the warm climate of the previous months and the onset of cold weather of the following months of November and December. It is also the start of the tourist season. However, October also witnesses little rain for about 15 days of the month.

The southern coasts of Sri Lanka are best in the final months of the year. Although the warm months fall between March to early June, the tourist season starts in October, and thus the visitors can enjoy outdoor activities. Therefore, October is one of the best months to traverse within the beautiful country.

What To Do In Sri Lanka In October?

Sri Lanka in October is fantastic not only for its climate but also for the activities organized during the month. 

1. Colombo Marathon: The ‘Colombo Marathon’ is one event which is primarily held to attract tourists and foreign athletes. Initially, it used to take place in various towns and cities within the country. It was eventually named ‘The Colombo Marathon’ in 2004 and is organized annually since 1998. Also, another place to visit in October is the ‘Kelaniya Temple’ which is quite famous for the reclining Buddha image and its native paintings, which depict the history of the life of Gautam Buddha. The temple thus reveals interesting facts about the deity and reveals quite intriguing facts about Sri Lanka as well. Hence, a visit to this temple should be on one’s list! 

Festivals in Sri Lanka in October

1) Deepawali / Diwali


Diwali is one of the highlights in October and an extravagant festival of Sri Lanka. The celebrations last almost five days with each day representing something auspicious. Clay lamps and lanterns mark the streets of the country to celebrate this festival of lights. 

The religious significance to the festival is linked with the Hindu mythology of Ramayana. It is believed that when Ram returned to his home ground ‘Ayodhya’ after the exile and winning Sita back from the evil Ravana, the villagers celebrated by decorating the village with diyas that enumerated the whole town. Some also believe that Diwali is a season of wealth and prosperity during which Lord Vishnu married his wife, Laxmi. The festival of Diwali has various associations and mythical tales within the Hindu religion. 

2) The Vap Full Moon Poya Day

Vap Full Moon Poya Day

Vap Full Moon Poya Day is one of the most sacred festivals in October. In addition to Deepawali, the Vap Full Moon Poya Day commemorates the Buddhist monks who observed the Vas, a coastal retreat beginning from Esala to Vap (known as the period of sowing). The monsoon starts around the period of July and ends in September, a period known as Vassana Kalo.

Then the Katina season commences according to the Buddhist calendar along with the month of Vap famously known as “Cheevara Masaya”. This event begins the beginning of the Cheevara - Masaya – Katina, marking the offering of Katina Cheevara or new robes to the Buddhist monks observing the retreat. This phenomenon is considered, and thus, Vap Poya is very significant and vital in Sri Lanka, wherein the Buddhist population is at its peak.

Travel Essentials To Pack For Sri Lanka in October

Travel Bag

The climate of Sri Lanka in October is although hot and humid, so one should pack their sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and those summer shorts to experience the glaring sun. However, there is a slight chance of rain, so it is best to pack your umbrellas and raincoats (or buy one upon reaching Sri Lanka).

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