Waterfalls Near Bangalore For A Misty Weekend Getaway From The City

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Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Bangalore is blessed with many tourist attractions; including some adventurous trekking destinations, magnificent heritage sites, hill stations, incredible waterfalls, national parks and sanctuaries (Read More)and much more. Here is a list of some spectacular waterfalls near Bangalore for one day trip!

Here is the list of 32 Waterfalls Near Bangalore For A Misty Weekend Getaway From The City

1. Thottikallu Falls, Bangalore

Thottikallu Falls, Bangalore
3.8 /5

The fall is more popularly known as TK Falls and locally as the Swarna Mukhi falls. The word Swarna Mukhi translates to ‘Golden Face.’ The venue is excellent for trekking or to spend an entire day away from the clatter of the city. Since this place is relatively close to Bangalore, college students and others often pay a visit to this place on weekends.

2. Shivanasamudra Falls, Mandya

Shivanasamudra Falls, Mandya

Offering an amazing sight during the monsoon, this place is a very famous weekend gateway. It is situated at a distance of around 130 km from Bangalore and 80 km from Mysore. Its name means 'Shiva's sea' and is one of the most popular waterfalls near Bangalore within 150 kms.

3. Hogenakkal falls, Dharmapuri

Hogenakkal falls, Dharmapuri

The massive waterfall near Bangalore is located on the Kaveri River in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. Often referred to as the 'Niagara of India', the fall has about 14 channels with drop varying between 15 and 65 ft. It is quite famous as a boating spot, although boating is prohibited here in the peak monsoon season.

4. Jog falls, Shimoga

Jog falls, Shimoga

Originated from the Sharavathi River, Jog falls are the second-highest plunge waterfall in India. These waterfalls near Bangalore are about 400 kms away. Falling from a height of whooping 830 ft., it has four cascades namely- Raja, Rani, Rover and Rocket. Watkins Platform is one of the most popular points to view the falls.

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5. Chunchi Falls, Kanakpura

Chunchi Falls, Kanakpura

Chunchi Falls is a very popular getaway from Bangalore and is nestled along the Arkavati River. Chunchi waterfalls near Bangalore is within 100 kms of the city making it a perfect one day trip. It is en route to Mekedatu and Sangama and is a renowned tourist destination. It offers splendid scenery as Sangam is the confluence of three rivers and flows through the rocky valley of Mekedatu. This place is also a hit among the adventure lovers and trekkers.

6. Abbey falls, Coorg

Abbey falls, Coorg

Abbey Falls is one of the most fantastic attractions of Coorg and is situated in the middle of a private coffee plantation. It offers a spectacular panoramic view while cascading down from a height of 70 ft. Travellers can enjoy a beautiful view of the waterfall from a hanging bridge that is built across the gorge here. These waterfalls near Bangalore are about 270 kms away near Kushalnagar. Abbey Falls is an exciting waterfall near Bangalore for a one day trip.

7. Hebbe falls, Kemmanagundi

Hebbe falls, Kemmanagundi

A perfect retreat to escape the city life, Hebbe Falls is one of the most splendid waterfalls located in Chikkamagaluru district. It is surrounded by dense forests and coffee plantations and is located within the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. It is believed that the waters of these falls is infused with medicinal and healing properties and hence can cure skin diseases.

8. Iruppu Falls, Virajpet

Iruppu Falls, Virajpet

This magnificent waterfall near Bangalore plunges down at the height of 170 ft. From the Brahmagiri hills of Coorg, it is situated amidst thick forests of Western Ghats and offers glorious views of nature. It takes its water from River Lakshmana Theertha. This natural waterfall near Bangalore believed to possess great cleansing powers and hence is highly acclaimed among the religious devotees.

9. Athirapally Falls, Thrissur

Athirapally Falls, Thrissur
4.2 /5

Located 60 km from Thrissur city, Athirapally Falls is a haven for flora and fauna alike. It is a popular picnic spot and the scenic beauty of this waterfall near Bangalore offers spectacular visuals for visitors.

Distance from Bangalore: 514 km

10. Vazhachal Falls, Thrissur

Vazhachal Falls, Thrissur
4.1 /5 View 9+ photos

There are three shades and sitting arrangement built around is a good place to relax with friends and family. Vazhachal waterfalls near Bangalore are a popular picnic spot. Quality time can be spent here with the family. The place is located at a distance of 60 km from Thrissur city and 5 km from Athirapilly Falls. Vazhachal Falls have dense forests of Sholayar ranges surrounding.

Distance from Bangalore: 520 km

11. Kalhatti Falls, Kemmanagundi

Kalhatti Falls, Kemmanagundi
3.7 /5 View 5+ photos

Kalhatti Falls is also known as Kalahasti Falls. It is located at Kallattipura in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. From Kemmangundi hill station, the waterfall is at a distance of 10 kilometres. It offers you a wonderful view of the water from the Chandra Drona Hill which is at the elevation of 122 meters. Moreover, the Veerabhadreshwara Temple is also situated in front which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Distance from Bangalore: 262 km

12. Cheeyappara Waterfalls, Munnar

Cheeyappara Waterfalls, Munnar
4.2 /5

Situated close to Valara Falls is another beautiful waterfall known as Cheeyappara Waterfalls. These waterfalls near Bangalore serve as a major attraction of the region cascading over seven steps. One can easily reach the place by bus, taxi or auto-rickshaw.

Distance from Bangalore: 512 km

13. Soochipara Falls, Wayanad

Soochipara Falls, Wayanad
4.2 /5

Soochipara Falls is a three-tiered waterfall near Bangalore, which cascades at its best between the months of June and January. The site is also popular with rock climbers apart from picnickers.

Distance from Bangalore: 303 km

14. Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal

Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal
3.7 /5 View 6+ photos

Just 8 km from Kodaikanal town, is the scenic Silver Cascade Falls, known for its celestial and exquisite flow of silvery waters. It is a delight to see the pure crystalline water flowing down from a 180 ft tall cliff.

Distance from Bangalore: 457 km

15. Meenmutty Waterfalls, Kalpetta

Meenmutty Waterfalls, Kalpetta

Located on the Wayanad-Ooty Road, this spectacular waterfall near Bangalore is one of the best places in Kerala to enjoy scenic splendour among the lush green forests of Western Ghats. The 3-tired waterfall cascades down from a height of 300 meters, forming it the second highest waterfall in Kerala.

16. Muthyala Maduvu Falls

Muthyala Maduvu Falls

A quaint place near Bangalore, Muthyala Maduvu is a perfect weekend getaway to rejuvenate yourself and spend some quality time in the lap of nature. The serene waterfall is the highlight of Muthyala Maduvu. The water falls from a height of 100 ft and it feels as if pearls are transcending from heaven. The Muthyala Maduvu Falls is a perfect place to relax and you can even dive into the pool that is formed because of the waterfall.

17. Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal

Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal
4.2 /5 View 5+ photos

Bear Shola Falls that lies in close proximity to Kodaikanal is an exemplary picnic spot. Earlier, many bears used to drink water from this fall, hence the name Bear Shola Falls.

Distance from Bangalore: 466 km

18. Hanuman Gundi Falls, Kudremukh

Hanuman Gundi Falls, Kudremukh

Located in the hilly surrounding of the Kudremukh National Park in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka, Hanuman Gundi Falls gushes down from a height of 100 ft. and is an absolute delight to the eyes. Its picturesque beauty will leave you wonderstruck. This waterfall near Bangalore is located about 300 kms from Bangalore making it spot for an afternoon away from the city.

19. Mallali Falls, Coorg

Mallali Falls, Coorg

This wonderful waterfall near Bangalore is found along the slopes of Pushpagiri Hills. Having an elevation of 120 feet, it is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Karnataka. It takes its waters from Kumaradhara River.

20. Kalhatti Falls, Bellikkal, Ooty

Kalhatti Falls, Bellikkal, Ooty
3.8 /5 View 5+ photos

Kalhatti falls is called 'Bird Watcher's Paradise' as it gives you a bird point view of the whole valley. The lovely beauty and calm atmosphere of the place make it the best for spending vacations and for short trips. The lake is also a very important attraction of Bellikkal which is surrounded by lush greenery and it is the source of fresh drinking water. Elephants visit this lake frequently which becomes a great sight for the travellers. Travellers can have a long walk on the shore of the lake which will offer them a memorable experience until the end of the day.

Distance from Bangalore: 258 km

21. Unchalli Falls

Unchalli Falls

Standing tall at 380 feet, Unchalli Falls originates from the Aghanashini River. It is at a distance of 400 km from Bangalore and 35 km from Sirsi. The falls are reached by a 5 km trek from Heggarne through thick forest. It is quite famous among the travellers and trekkers. Sometimes Unchalli Falls are also known as 'Keppa Joga' because of the deafening sound they make.

22. Chelavara Falls, Madikeri

Chelavara Falls, Madikeri
4.1 /5

Chelavara Falls is one of the most enchanting falls in Coorg, Karnataka. These vigorous waterfalls near Bangalore gush down from a height of 150 feet on a rock shaped like a tortoise. Therefore, this fall is also known as Embepare in local language which means "tortoise rock" in daily language. This huge volume of natural beauty originates from a small stream, a tributary of Kaveri near Cheyyandane village in Karnataka.

Distance from Bangalore: 257 km

23. Barkana Falls, Shimoga

Barkana Falls, Shimoga
4.0 /5

The Barkana Falls is located between Agumbe and Shimoga and derive their name from ‘barka’, the mouse deer, a shy creature that inhabits this particular region. The trek route runs through the dense rainforests of the Western Ghats.

Distance from Bangalore: 344 km

24. Onake Abbi Falls, Shimoga

Onake Abbi Falls, Shimoga
4.0 /5

The Onake Abbi falls is one of the many waterfalls near Bangalore that nature has bestowed on Agumbe. The trek to the top of the fall is relatively short covering a distance of about 4-5 kilometres. The trail runs through a dense forest that is rich in flora and fauna. The summit of the trek offers a breathtaking view of the entire waterfall as it cascades from a height of 500 feet.

Distance from Bangalore: 349 km

25. Valara Falls, Munnar

Valara Falls, Munnar
3.4 /5

Fed by the Deviyar river, Valara Falls is located at 40 km from Munnar. Enveloped by Neriamangalam town in the east and Adimali in the west, the place offers some absolutely stunning sights.

Distance from Bangalore: 510 km

26. Thalaiyar Falls, Kodaikanal

Thalaiyar Falls, Kodaikanal
4.2 /5 View 5+ photos

Also known as Rat Tail Falls, Thalaiyar Falls is located in the lush green slopes of Palani Hill ranges in the Dindigul District, in Kodaikanal. With a height of 297m, it is the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu, the sixth highest waterfall in India and the 267th highest in the world.

Distance from Bangalore: 458 km

27. Balmuri Falls, Srirangapatna

Balmuri Falls, Srirangapatna
4.0 /5 View 5+ photos

Balmuri falls is a small water cascade located at Srirangapatna in Karnataka. Though known as a waterfall, it is a human-made check dam over the Cauvery river, which allows the water to flow in a 6-foot cascade over the Cauvery. Green coconut palms and trees adorn the shores and the gushing cascade of water sparkle in the sun, which is why the spot is quite scenic where many song sequences in Kannada and a few Hindi films have been shot! Now, isn’t that inviting enough for all you photographers out there to spend a day out wading over the waters and capturing beautiful pictures!

Distance from Bangalore: 138 km

28. Chunchanakatte Falls, Mysore

Chunchanakatte Falls, Mysore

Chunchanakatte Falls are situated on River Kaveri in Chunchanakatte village of Mysore. The river fall off at a height of 20 metres divided as two different waterfalls, then at the base it continues as one river again.

Distance from Bangalore: 207 km

29. Kaigal Falls, Chittoor

Kaigal Falls, Chittoor

Situated in the district of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, the Kaigal fall is nestled amidst the Koundinya Wildlife sanctuary. The Kaigal waterfall derives its name from the village Kaigal, that surrounds it. Locally known as Dumukurallu waterfalls ( a Telugu word used for a sound resembling the sound of falling stones from above), Kaigal falls are perennial. The waterfall is subdivided into three cascading falls and water falls from a height of approximately 40 ft. The water forms several small pools at the bottom.

Distance from Bangalore: 121 km

30. Kailasakonda Waterfalls, Chittoor

Kailasakonda Waterfalls, Chittoor
3.4 /5

Situated in Nagari Valley near Tirupati, Kailasakonda Waterfalls are beautiful perennial waterfalls with an interesting story behind them. Legend has it that Lord Kailasanatheshwara performed the marriage of Lord Venkateshwara Swami and Goddess Padmavati and later performed penance here.

Distance from Bangalore: 235 km

31. Talakona Waterfall, Tirupati

Talakona Waterfall, Tirupati

Located in Sri Venkateswara National Park, Talakona Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the region and a famous picnic spot. The water is believed to have medicinal properties and comes from an unknown underground stream. The attraction is also famous for trekking and has several trekking routes running around it amidst the scenic natural surroundings.

Distance from Bangalore: 236 km

32. Pykara Falls, Ooty

Pykara Falls, Ooty

Pykara Falls are set amidst the backdrop of a lush green forest and are an absolute delight to witness. Pykara is the name of a village which lies at a distance of around 19 kms from Ooty, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also the name of a river which runs through the Pykara village, which is sacred to the natives of this land. The Pykara river flows downstream from the mountains, over a series of waterfalls, and these are known as the Pykara falls. These falls drop into two separate sections of 55 metres and 61 metres and the sheer beauty and magnificence of the spectacle makes for an exotic weekend getaway. A perfect amalgam of clouds, water, scenic beauty and mountains, Pykara Falls are among the majestic and mesmerising sights, you will ever get to witness.

Distance from Bangalore: 280 km

Make sure to visit these waterfalls near Bangalore whenever you plan a visit with your friends and family. The experience will leave you in awe with the glory of our nature and bring you closer to your surroundings. Discover a natural symphony in the gushing sound of waters, the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves and swaying of the wind!

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