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Balmuri Falls, Srirangapatna Overview

Balmuri falls is a small water cascade located at Srirangapatna in Karnataka. Though known as a waterfall, it is a human-made check dam over the Cauvery river, which allows the water to flow in a 6-foot cascade over the Cauvery. Green coconut palms and trees adorn the shores and the gushing cascade of water sparkle in the sun, which is why the spot is quite scenic where many song sequences in Kannada and a few Hindi films have been shot! Now, isn’t that inviting enough for all you photographers out there to spend a day out wading over the waters and capturing beautiful pictures!

It is at a quiet location on the outskirts of Mysore, and so it's also a perfect spot for a picnic with your family or friends. The name 'Balmuri' means 'to curve right' in the Kannada language, which relates to the right turn that the river takes at this spot in Srirangapatna. The check dam over the falls runs across the breadth of the Cauvery river and creates a beautiful cascade of water just 6 feet high. You can walk on the dam, and the water will run up to your ankles. Best way to enjoy the falls is to take a relaxing bath in the water.

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Things To Do at Balmuri Falls

Balmuri Falls is surrounded by river and greenery. If you are at Mysore or Bangalore, this place makes for a great one-day picnic. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful view and also cool off by taking a dip in the water. The best time to visit is from March to August during the Summer. The water is at a safe level during this time so you should be able to take a short dip and escape the heat of the sun.

Be aware of when the water flow will be regulated, as sometimes the dam might be opened to release a sudden gush of water, which is unsafe to venture into. Otherwise, the water is safe for a cooling bath and a fun picnic. One other fun activity would be to take a walk in the sparkling river water. It's possible because the water is quite shallow on top of the check dam and can be ventured into safely.

Boating at Balmuri Falls

When the river waters near the falls are calm, the locals organise to take you on fun boat rides. If you visit during the summer, you should go for it. The river near the falls has a smooth flow. The greenery around is refreshing and beautiful to look at. It will be relaxing to experience a boat ride in such a scenic location.

Best Time To Visit Balmuri Falls

The Balmuri falls usually starts getting crowded by morning hours. Tourists come to the spot at all times of the day. The only fall in the number of tourists is seen in monsoon because of the increased water level which is not safe. You will see large groups of people either trekking or on a picnic around the year.

Tips For Visiting Balmuri Falls

1. There are no local shops near the falls. Do take water and some snacks with you to be more prepared.
2. There may be many monkeys around the falls. You should be careful to keep your valuables and snacks away from their curious little hands.
3. Remember to take a change of clothes if you wish to take a bath in the falls.

How To Reach Balmuri Falls

The nearest railway station to Balmuri falls is the one at Mysore. The falls is only half an hour by car, Northwards from Mysore and can be reached by taking a taxi or a bus from the city. Bangalore to Balmuri falls is also a possible route by car or taxi. It is a 2.5-hour ride North-East from Bangalore.

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