29 Camping Sites Near Bangalore for a Perfect Weekend Getaway!

Camping is a break from the monotonous busy life. Due to the fast pace of life in Bangalore, people are looking forward to these weekend getaways. This has increased outdoor activities like camping, trekking and hiking. On the outskirts of the Silicon Valley, there are numerous places where one can go, catch a break, rejuvenate themselves and refuel to fight the long strenuous week ahead.

Camping Sites near Bangalore Within 100 Kms

1. Camp GeeDee

Camp GeeDee Bangalore, Camping near Bangalore

Located 35 kms away from the city and next to Bannerghatta Wildlife Sanctuary is a 65-acre property called Camp GeeDee. There are a variety of activities ranging from mountain biking, rock climbing, bird spotting to trekking so one can never get bored over here. It is a great way to rejuvenate yourself from the hard-packed daily life and one of the most accessible sites for camping near Bangalore.

Distance: 35 Kms from Bangalore

2. Ramanagara


50 kms outside Bangalore is the rock-climbing hotspot of Ramanagara. It’s proximity to Bangalore city makes it one of the most preferred trekking destinations. You can either go for an adrenaline-filled rock climbing session or enjoy the view by taking a nature walk. If you want to get closer to nature, plan a night camping session at Ramanagara. Weather is much more cooperative during the night and after an exhaustive trekking session, views from the top are worth all the trouble.
Distance: 48 kms from Bangalore

3. Manchinbele

Manchinbele camping site near Bangalore

This is a famous and popular camping site near Bangalore to chill and hang out with friends over the weekend. Paintball, rope course, and water sports like kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and raft building are some of the things to try. This one will surely be a memorable outing. The weather is unpredictable and the mornings are usually cold therefore always carry a light jacket or a cardigan.
Distance: 50 Kms from Bangalore

4. Bananthimari Betta

Bananthimari betta, Camping near Bangalore
"Bananthi" refers to a mother who is nursing a newborn, and "mari" means the violent goddesses. This captivating place is located at a distance of around 62 kilometres away from Bangalore. It is the most unusual trekking and camping site near Bangalore. Located in the middle of Konanadoddi and Kuthnahalli, Bananthi Betta is a little paradise on earth. The place is full of activities like trekking, boating, treasure hunt, and rappelling. One must carry a rain jacket and enough water bottles.
Distance: 60 Kms from Bangalore

5. Savandurga

Camping at Savandurga, Camping sites near Bangalore
Merely 60 kilometres away, on the west of Bangalore off the Ramanagaram - Magadi road is the picture like setting called Savandurga. It used to have historical importance during the Hoysala Empire and comprises of two hills - Bilidurga and Karidurga. It is also known for having the largest monolith hills in the world which makes it one of the most gorgeous sites for camping near Bangalore. Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy and Narasimha Swamy are two temples which are popular amongst rock-climbers, cave-explorers and adventurers. Trekking, rappelling, high rope traversing and kayaking are some activities to keep yourself busy.
Distance: 70 Kms from Bangalore

6. Anthargange

Camping in Anthargange, Camping near Bangalore
A tiny place which is 70 km away from the city of gardens, Anthargange is an ideal place for night camping near Bangalore. It is a part of Shatha Shrunga mountain range and has a rocky terrain that is perfect for trekking & mountain hiking. There are numerous caves, and after exploring them, one can enjoy a relaxed bonfire with a starry night sky to keep company and welcome the sunrise rising over the horizon.
Distance: 70 Kms from Bangalore

7. Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari, Camping site near Bangalore
The nature lovers are going to love this place for its abundance of greenery which is also home to many wild animals like grizzled giant squirrel, jackals, wild pigs, elephants, leopards, and spotted deer. Located on the banks of River Cauvery, Bheemeshwari is a popular site for camping near Bangalore. Rafting is a famous water sport here. Fishing is another activity enjoyed by many travellers.
Distance: 100 Kms from Bangalore

8. Kanakapura

The stunning site of Kanakapura camp is huddled next to Hosadoddi lake and Bananthimari forest. There are tons of activities you can indulge in without travelling far from the campsite. You can enjoy swimming, canoeing and kayaking in the lake or explore the concentrated wildlife of Bananthimari hills. Trekking, zip lining, rappelling and nature walks are some of the popular activities in the region. It’s a 360° nature overdose for work-whipped millennials. Spend the night at the campsite and explore the star-studded sky at its unaltered best.
Distance: 62 kms from Bangalore

9. Nachikuppam

Nestled in the hilly terrain of Krishnagiri is the Alphonso capital of Nachikuppam. The best place to camp in Nachikuppam, is inside a 60-acre mango farm called ‘Alphonso by the lake’. It is maintained and promoted by a group called Linger. Starting from the drive towards the place, everything is scenic and colorful. This massive orchard is situated next to a small lake and a forest. Camping around tall mango trees, under a bright night sky and stunning mountains views that envelope the hills is a blissful experience. You can even take some mangoes back with you from the orchard.
Distance: 79 kms from Bangalore

10. Makalidurga

Makalidurga hill is one of the closest trekking spots outside Bangalore, known for its rugged terrain, quaint surroundings, cloudy setup and rich cultural history. Trek starts from the base of the hill which is approximately 2 kms from the Makalidurga railway station. You can also begin at the railway station. Trek ranks midway on the difficulty scale. Makalidurga fort and the Shiva temple on top are the main features of this trek. Rappelling, camping and night trekking on Makalidurga hill is extremely popular during winters.
Distance: 60 kms from Bangalore

11. Devarayanadurga Hills

Devarayanadurga is a small hill station near Bangalore and is the best place for a family retreat or picnic. It stretches to an altitude of 1204 m and is home to several ancient temples dating back to Chola period. Two popular temples, Bhoga Narasimha at the base of the hill and Yoga Narasimha at the top, are the main attractions here and attract hundreds of devotees every year. You can enjoy trekking around the temples or visit Namada Chilume, home to a natural spring. Siddara Betta is another hill located near Devarayanadurga and is great for rock climbing and trekking. Its rocky structure is surrounded by caves and temples. Enjoy cave exploration at Siddara Betta or an early morning trek at Devarayanadurga during winters for an even better experience.
Distance: 71 kms from Bangalore

12. Nandi Hills

Nandi hills have served the princely kingdom of Mysore for a long time and its rich culture and stunning biodiversity continues to serve hundreds of tourists that flock there every winter. A ruined fortress sits on top of the hill, which was once the summer retreat palace of Tipu Sultan. There are several such structures that recite stories from his reign. Tipu’s drop (a cliff from which prisoners were thrown off), Tipu’s summer residence, Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple and Brahmashram are some popular spots on/near Nandi hills. Besides cultural explorations, you can enjoy cycling, paragliding and trekking. Weather is pleasant year-round but winters are the best time to explore Nandi Hills on foot.
Distance: 61 kms from Bangalore

Camping Sites near Bangalore Within 200 Kms

13. Doddamakali

Doddamakali, Camping near Bangalore
Another camping site near Bangalore for the nature lovers and bird watchers is the Doddamakali. Coracle rides in Cauvery along with fishing, kayaking and rock climbing are some of the adventures sports here. More isolated the place more is the fun. Such places are opportunities to create memories which will last a lifetime. There is no electricity at Doddamakali camp, hence solar lamps are provided.
Distance: 115 Kms from Bangalore

Camping Sites near Bangalore Within 300 Kms

14. Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur, Camping site near Bangalore

Located in the Western Ghats, Sakleshpur is known for its rich biodiversity and exotic flora and fauna. It is a 4-hour drive from Bangalore and approximately 220 km away. This entrancing place cuts a beautiful picture with a scenic setting and hills covered in coffee plantations which make it an ideal place for camping near Bangalore. Plantation walks, jeep safari, biking, horse riding, trekking, and archery are some activities which one should try. 

Distance: 220 Kms from Bangalore

15. Tusker Valley

camping sites near bangalore, tusker valley
Tusker camp is located on Kalhatti slopes which are 20 km from Mudumalai forest. The camps also promise a panoramic view of the Annekatti, Mudumalai and the Bandipur forests along the Moyar gorge line. It also has a host of activities like canyoning, rock climbing and rappelling. If not interested in an action-packed weekend then one can go for nature walks with local guides and catch a glimpse of wildlife like elephants, wild boars and gaurs.
Distance: 245 Kms from Bangalore

16. Kalhatty

Kalhatty, Camping site near Bangalore

Approximately 260 kilometres away from Bangalore, there exists a wonderland called Kalhatty. It is close to Ooty, so the nights here are incredibly chilly. The place is famous for its tea, coffee, & spice plantations. Kalhatty is a quiet setting surrounded by thick, dense forests and sparkling waterfalls. Campfire, rock climbing, trekking, jeep safari, and fishing are some of the activities which one must try.

Distance: 260 Kms from Bangalore

17. Coorg

Coorg, Camping in Bangalore
The very famous Coorg is just a 5-hour drive from the main city, approximately 265 km away. Located at the edge of the forest, it is perfect for those who are adventure enthusiasts and complete with activities like white water rafting, wildlife safari and rope activities. It is a personal recommendation to be an early riser and head for the sunrise view - something you will never forget. The Scotland of India is one of the most picturesque sites for camping near Bangalore which gives its travellers the view of coffee and spice plantation and Harangi backwaters.
Distance: 270 Kms from Bangalore

18. Wayanad

Camping in Wayanad, Camping site near Bangalore
A nearly 6-hour ride from Bangalore will bring you close to heaven called Wayanad. A camper's paradise, it is loaded with various activities like wildlife sightseeing, jeep trails, cross rivers, fishing, speed boating at the dam site and many others. If you are not adventurous, then you can lazily spend the evening around the campfire singing songs and cooking. For the risk-takers, a trip to Thirunelli will bring you amidst the Western Ghats and a tour to tribal villages and paddy fields is highly recommended.
Distance: 280 Kms from Bangalore

19. Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur campsite near Bangalore
If you are looking for a place to breathe fresh air, then nothing can be better than Chikmagalur. Surrounded by waterfalls and majestic hills, this little wonder provides a chance to connect with nature more than anything. Located in Kemmenagundi, it used to be the favourite summer camp of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. Varieties of flowers, wild animals and birds make an unforgettable experience for the travellers.
Distance: 300 Kms from Bangalore.

20. Masinagudi

Nestled on the foothills of Nilgiri mountains, is the stunning ecological heaven of Masinagudi. This small hill station is part of the Mudumalai National Park of Tamil Nadu and borders Bandipur National Park of Karnataka on the west. Several endangered species of flora and fauna can be found near Masinagudi. One of the most popular adventure activity is jungle safari. You can book a private jeep or share one with another group and explore the tiger reserve of Mudumalai. You can also visit Theppakadu Elephant Camp or trek through the dense forests of Mudumalai. Its difficult terrain is great for long treks and views from the top are worth the exhaustion. You’ll also encounter wild species of animals and birds on your way. You can either camp at any quaint spot of your choice or book a treehouse for your stay. Weather is usually pleasant throughout the year but it is better to avoid the monsoon season.
Distance from Bangalore: 245 kms from Bangalore

21. Kemmanagundi

Kemmanagundi is a hill station located on the Baba Budan range in Chikmagalur. It is locally called Sri Krishnarajendra hill station, named after Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, who built his summer resort here and later donated it to the government of Karnataka. It has some great trekking trails that pass through waterfalls and scenic views. Kallathigiri and Hebbe falls are the most popular waterfalls in the region. You can also visit Baba Budangiri hills, Z point and Bhadra Tiger Reserve. Stay at Raj Bhavan (guest house maintained by Horticulture department) or camp on top of the hills. Barring monsoon season, visiting Kemmanagundi is a convenient and pleasant experience.
Distance: 246 kms from Bangalore

22. Amedikallu

Tracing the Amedikallu peak is difficult and usually preferred by experienced trekkers due to its steep slope and thick vegetation cover. This tortoise-shaped peak is home to one of the most difficult treks near Bangalore. Although the journey can be completed in one day (ascent and descent), it's the humid climate and rocky trails that induce the sweat. Majority of the trail is covered by thick forests and grasslands. Once on top, you can camp overnight and enjoy breathtaking views of mountains like Manchikallu and Omnigudda. This trail is inaccessible during monsoon season.
Distance: 290 kms from Bangalore

23. Ettina Bhuja

Ettina Bhuja is the relatively unknown sister of Amedikallu. It is located close to Amedikallu and follows the same pattern of thick forest and steep inclines. The trek begins from Shishila, a village located at the base of the hills and is usually covered in 4-5 hours. Trek is moderate and pleasant. Bring a guide along with you to avoid any confusion as the chances of losing track runs high on this trail. This peak remains traffic-free and is great for a quaint camping experience.
Distance: 263 kms from Bangalore

Camping Sites near Bangalore Within 400 Kms

24. Hebri

Hebri, Camping near Bangalore
Hebri is located in the Udupi district and has a pleasing environment surrounding it. Animal lovers will have a great time being close to Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary which is packed with different birds and animals. Travellers are treated to the sight of Kudalatheertha Falls that cascades along the way of the campsite. The brave hearts can try rafting in Varahi River.
Distance: 370 kms from Bangalore 

25. Kanoor Kote

Kanoor Kote
Ruins of an ancient Kanoor Kote fort, sitting atop a gigantic hill, now hosts one of the top trekking trails near Bangalore. Keladi dynasty ruled over this area and so, is also called Keladi Kote. It is situated inside Sharavathy Reserve Forest and the trek is great for beginners. You can explore the fortress and continue your ascent towards the peak for some great views. Nearby Dabbe Falls is the highlight of this region. Avoid visiting in monsoon as you might lose track of your route during rains.
Distance: 340 kms from Bangalore

26. Bandaje Arbi

Bandaje Arbi
Another picturesque location from the Western Ghats is the Bandaje Arbi Falls. It is located in the Charmadi Ghat and you can reach there only through trekking. Height of the fall is 200 ft and you have to cover around 15 kms to reach there. Trailing through thick vegetation can be tricky if you’ve never been there before. There are chances that the waterfall might be dry during summers. Trek is slightly difficult but extremely satisfying once the waterfalls come into view.
Distance: 314 kms from Bangalore

27. Kundadri Hill

Kundadri Hill
This quaint peak lies in the Shimoga district and is home to an ancient Jain temple dedicated to Parshwanatha, the 23rd tirthankara. Like many peaks in the Western Ghats, Kundadri is home to lush green paddy fields, dense forest and an exciting trekking trail. You can either drive up to the temple or trace the grasslands from the base to the top on foot. The Jain temple on top is a white monolith structure that is seldom crowded. Two nearby ponds complete the picture and turn in into a concealed heaven.
Distance: 347 kms from Bangalore

Camping Sites near Bangalore Within 400 Kms

28. Dandeli

A mecca for adrenaline junkies, Dandeli is the complete package of adventure and solitude. It is surrounded by lush green peaks with rich biodiversity and stunning views. River rafting ranks top amongst tourists visiting Dandeli. Riding the waves of river Kali can be exciting and difficult at the same time. You can also try kayaking or coracle boat rides. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is home to Elephants, Black Panthers, Foxes, Bison, Leopards and Tigers. Jungle safari is a must-do activity when staying here. You can arrange for a camp inside the jungle (permission required) and spend the night beneath stars and clouds. Riding a mountain bike through the forest is extremely popular with adventure enthusiasts. You can trek towards Syntheri rocks or explore Kavala caves and the temples built near it. There are tons of natural springs in the forest and are open for exploration. Bird watching, river crossing and brisk walks are some other options available in the area.
Distance: 500 kms from Bangalore

29. Meghane

Meghane is part of the Sharavathi valley, located in the Shimoga district. It is the highest peak in the entire range and hosts some of the best views of Sharavathi valley. It is enveloped by dense forest, unmarred by pollution and noise. You will encounter several waterfalls on this trek. There is no clear route for this trek and you will probably need a guide to reaching the top. If you’re an experienced trekker and wish to explore unspoiled nature, Meghane is the perfect destination. Rainy season can be difficult to tackle as the slopes will become slippery and leeches will be a constant threat.
Distance: 415 kms from Bangalore
The money will come and go but time will not. Hence, pack your bags and head out to explore something new and wild at these camping sites near Bangalore. It will be an experience you'll never forget.

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