Chelavara Falls

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Time Required : 2-3 hrs

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Timings : 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Daily

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Chelavara Falls, Madikeri Overview

Chelavara Falls is one of the most enchanting falls in Coorg, Karnataka. These vigorous falls gush down from a height of 150 feet on a rock shaped like a tortoise. Therefore, this fall is also known as Embepare in the local dialect which translates to "tortoise rock". This massive natural marvel originates from a small stream, a tributary of Kaveri near Cheyyandane village in Karnataka. Nestled amongst the serene greenery of coffee plantations, the Chelavara falls are quite the sight. The best experience can be had during the monsoons or just after when the water level is at its peak and the surrounding forests at their luscious best.

Twisted narrow roads lead up to this enthralling Chelavara Falls where nothing wider than a minibus can pass through. There is also a nearby viewpoint which is around 2 km from this place and worth a visit. Chelavara falls is the perfect getaway not only from the boredom of daily life but also the cacophony of the usual tourist places. Tourists are advised against taking a dip to avoid any kind of fatalities.

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Best Time To Visit Chelavara Falls

The monsoon is the best time to visit this falls. During the rainy season, the Chelavara falls are at their peak with the water rushing down from its source with renewed vigour. Although tourists are advised to tread carefully as the path to the falls tend to be slippery because of the rains.

Tips For Visiting Chelavara Falls

1. Entering the water is very dangerous and has proven to be fatal for many over the past few years. It is over 100ft deep, and the tourists are advised not to get into the water.
2. Do remember to wear trekking shoes as it tends to get very slippery.
3. Best time to visit the falls is during the day before 9:00 AM when the weather is cool.
4. The falls are a 2-hour drive from Madikeri so leave early. One has to trek for 10 minutes after parking their vehicle and the trek might be difficult for elderly people.
5. Cameras are allowed.
6. The falls are open to tourists 24 hours. However, visitors are advised to complete their trip to these falls within dusk.

How To Reach Chelavara Falls

Autos or buses can be hired at Cheyyandane bus stop in Virajpethh (23 km away). You can also hire a taxi from Madikeri which is 43 km away. Driving up in your own car is not very convenient as the road is very narrow and requires expert driving skills to traverse it. Also, the parking space fills up pretty fast because of the high tourist traffic. 

The way up to the falls from the nearest motor-road is very narrow and visitors can avail minibuses for the trip. However, a 10-minute walk amongst nature up to the source of the fall is also highly recommendable for the more adventurous kind. The walk to the pool is quite steep and is not recommended for children or the elderly.

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