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Lushington Falls

Unchalli Falls, Shimoga (Shivamogga) Overview

The Unchalli Falls, also known as Lushington Falls, after its discoverer, is situated in the Uttara Kannada District, near Siddapur, in Karnataka, India. It was discovered in 1845 by the District Collector, J.D Lushington, during the British Colonial times. 116 m tall, this waterfall originates from the Aghanashini River and is set amidst dense forests. The majestic falls are located near Hegganur, from which it is a 6 km trek. The trek offers an incredible view of the falls, with the numerous chances of spotting rainbows!

These falls are also aptly named as the "Keppa Falls" because of the unique sounds it makes, as it drops down from a height of 450 ft. It attracts locals and tourists from all over the world, with its magnificent, misty cascade of water. This natural falls popular for its trek uphill to catch the breathtaking views and also for its frequent rainbow sightings.

It offers two different platforms from which visitors can observe the attraction. One at the top, which can be reached by the rugged intermediate track from Hegganur. The other is the bottom stage which is approachable from the top by a set of stairs.

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Trek to Unchalli Falls

The trek up to the falls begins at the small village of Hegganur, where parking is available for any private or tourist vehicles. Once you've left your cars and are ready to start your trek, find out the best routes to take at that time from localites. It is also highly recommended to take the help of a guide alongside any visitors who are not frequent trekkers since the trek is rugged and slightly dangerous. Mostly though, it’s suggested so that you don't get lost in the dense forests.

Surrounded by hugely diverse Flora and Fauna, it is a very scenic route and is tough enough to give you a workout and an endorphin rush, but easy enough for the elderly and children to be able to do. Once you reach the top platform, a set of natural rocky steps will allow you to walk to the bottom platform which gives you a much better view of the falls, from a closer perspective, as compared to the top. However, it is risky to walk down the stairs, so climb down with caution and restraint.

Route and Environment

Despite being a strenuous climb, the surrounding flowers and small animals sightings are worth the inconvenience. Encouraged by the beautiful, natural meeting of the waterfall and the forests, there are several colorful flowers and lush, tall green trees and creepers that provide ample shade and a cooling ambiance. The ever-present cool breeze will keep you company throught the travel and keep the exhaustion away.

Untouched by commercialization, the whole journey is only between you and the nature. The relatively less steep slopes and rocky path eventually makes way for the misty grandeur of the gushing waterfalls that plummet to the ground loudly. The spray of the water will revive your energy along with a drink of cold water from the near by, convienient water tanks. There are also seating areas all along in case you get too tired.

Best Time To Visit Unchalli Falls

It is Ideal to visit from January to April, where it is dry, and there are no snakes or leeches, and the track is clear and dry. It is extremely dangerous to visit in the monsoon season.

Tips For Visiting Unchalli Falls

Take the help of a local guide to be able to trek the easiest and safest path up to the falls.

How To Reach Unchalli Falls

From the main city, Hegganur is about an hour away by car or bus. From there, it is an uphill, guided trek to the falls.

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