Waterfalls in Sri Lanka For A Rejuvenating Experience

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Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka as a nation is abundant in natural resources - beaches, the ocean, forests, hills, valleys, rivers and also waterfalls. With more than 30 waterfalls in Sri Lanka above the height of 10 m, Sri Lanka is a treasure trove for all these mesmerising cascades that it keeps safe in its nooks and corners. Waterfalls aren't favoured in just one district or environment, one can find at least a handful of these waterfalls, no matter where in Sri Lanka they are travelling to.

Here is the list of 17 Waterfalls in Sri Lanka For A Rejuvenating Experience

1. Bopath Ella

Located 13 kilometres away from Ratnapura in the town of Kuruwita, Bopath Ella falling from a height of 99 meters takes its name from the shape of a sacred fig or 'Bo' tree as the waterfalls in a way that creates an impression of a fig. Bopath Ella is one of the major tourist attractions of the country with many tourists citing the folklore and stories behind this waterfall in Sri Lanka as the reason.

2. Baker's Falls

Named after the famous explorer Sir Samuel Baker, this renowned waterfall in Sri Lanka that breaks off from the Belihul Oya river is situated in Horton Plains National Park and falls from a height of 20 meters surrounded by the lush greenery of which some are considered to be exotic.

3. Ravana Falls, Ella

Just 2 km from Ella city, perched at an altitude of 82 feet is the Ravana cave, and Ravana falls. The history of Sri Lanka dates back to over 2000 years and it finds itself in the iconic Ramayana. It is believed that Ravana was a fervent Sri Lankan by origin and stood as a villain in the lives of duo Ram – Sita. He captured Sita and kept her hostage in his custody in the famous, Ravana caves and the Ravana falls. Landscapes around the Ravana falls comprises of slopes, valleys, hills and streams that ornament the rocks.

4. Dunhinda Falls, Ella

Dunhinda Falls is at Badulla, approximately an hour away from Ella. The falls tumble down a narrow gap between rocks and expand to form a stunning smoky cascade—an appearance reminiscent of a bridal veil; no wonder it is also known as Bridal Falls. The falls finally crash into a pool at the bottom.

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5. Lovers leap, Nuwara-eliya

3.8 /5

The Lover's Leap is a beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka nestled amongst the tea plantation hills. Tourists can visit this place when they visit the Pedro Tea Estate since the waterfalls are nearby. The waterfall has many myths and stories associated with it, which makes it even more exciting and attractive. Tourists have to hike up the hill to get to the waterfalls which is one of the lesser-known and lesser-visited tourist spots in Nuwara Eliya, so tourists can leisurely explore without having to worry about too much crowd. It is about 3.5 kilometres away from the central city and easily accessible via local transport.

6. Rikille Ella

Situated near the town of Kitulgala and 5 kilometres away from Dedugala highway, this waterfall is hidden away in the mountains from the masses in a small village called Bulathkohupitiya. This waterfall in Sri Lanka, which is just 30 meters in height takes its name from the Sinhalese word, 'Rikila' which means 'tree branch' as the waterfall creates a tree branch like impression as it falls.

7. Mapalana Ella

Known among the locals to have healing properties as this waterfall in Sri Lanka is set amongst medicinal plants, the Mapalana Ella in the Sri Pada Mountains, 22km away from Ratnapura, consists of three sections which originate from a height of 140m. Hugely steeped in folklore, the waterfall is the site of prayers to Saman God for rain when drought takes over the town.

8. St. Clair's Falls, Nuwara-eliya

An idyllic representation of Sri Lanka’s natural being is the famous St. Clair’s falls. Referred to as the Niagara of Sri Lanka, the waters of St. Clair’s runs cold but never weary of the gushing force. It is located in the Talawakele town of Nuwara Eliya District and St. Clair’s stands as one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka. At an altitude of 1198 metres, Little Niagara summons everyone’s eyes to itself – the majesty with which the waters hit the rock and fall into the stream is an absolute delight.

9. Ramboda Falls, Nuwara-eliya

Ramboda falls lies in the Pussellawa district, in the city of Kandy. The area is known for marvelous landscapes comprising of highlands, ridges, plains, streams and hilly mountains. The best of the attractions being the Ramboda falls.

10. Duwili Falls, Ella

Duwili Ella Falls or Walawe Ganga East Falls is a milky flow of water that is suspended from a height of 40 metres. Nestled in Thanjantenna village, of Rathnapura district Duwili in Sinhalese translates to ‘dust’. The velocity at which the water pours makes the flow of water look like dust falling from the sky. Hence the name “Duwili”.

11. Thudugala Falls, Ella

Thudugala Ella waterfall is situated in the Thudugala village of Kalutara district. This western province is located 40 km away from Colombo at complete connectivity with the other coastal beaches. Unlike many waterfalls in Sri Lanka that are perched on a hilltop at massive heights, Thudugala stands apart. The waters flow on rocks that gradient at intermittent levels. The irregularity causes the waters to gush, making a soft thud. The waters are cold and they make a euphony as they hit the pools of water.

12. Kirindi Ella

This breath-taking waterfall situated 7km away from the town of Pelmadulla originates from a height of 116 meters with the Kaluwaramukalana Jungle embellishing and framing it. As with most of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka, this one too is surrounded by mysteries and folklore that varies from each person. The area surrounding the waterfall is known to be the home of many exotic animals and birds.

13. Diyaluma Falls, Haputale

An hour away from Ella, Diyaluma Falls is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The waterfall tumbles down from a height of a whopping 220 metres, with several beautiful natural infinity pools at different levels along its length.

14. Bambarakanda Falls, Horton-plains-national-park

Bambarakanda Falls, an hour away from the Horton Plains National Park, has the enviable distinction of being the tallest waterfall in the country, and certainly one of the most spectacular in the monsoon.

15. Elgin Falls

Located in the Elgin Tea Estate 18 kilometres away from Nuwara Eliya and named after the Elgin Major town in Scotland, Elgin Falls stands beautifully amongst tea plantations at the height of 25 meters. This waterfall can be seen ideally during the picturesque train ride between Nanu Oya and Ambewala.

16. Devon Falls

Devon Falls, named after a British planter Mr. Devon, is a sight for sore eyes. The water fall is visible from the road of Talawakelle which is located 6 kms from Devon Falls. To admire the fall closely, one needs to arrive at the viewpoint in front of Mlesna Tea Castle.

17. Laxapana Falls, Nuwara-eliya

Situated in the town of Hatton in Nuwara Eliya district, Laxapana Falls is the eighth highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The falls is a cascade of silvery foam amid lush greenery that flows to form a fabulous natural pool at the bottom.

These waterfalls enhance the beauty of this island country. It is definitely required to visit the most famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka or it must really be a huge miss out from your trip!

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