Thudugala Falls

Thudugala Falls, Ella Overview

Thudugala Ella waterfall is situated in the Thudugala village of Kalutara district. This western province is located 40 km away from Colombo at complete connectivity with the other coastal beaches. Unlike many waterfalls that are perched on a hilltop at massive heights, Thudugala stands apart. The waters flow on rocks that gradient at intermittent levels. The irregularity causes the waters to gush, making a soft thud. The waters are cold and they make a euphony as they hit the pools of water.

The calm flow of waters is an excellent bathing spot to soak yourself in the natural ponds - perfect for a swim date with friends and family! Thudugala has an altitude that is entirely scalable in comparison to many others. Hence just climbing up atop wet rocks makes for a fun, adventurous activity. Tall trees and the impeccable golden sun glaze the pools.There also exists a tunnel that hides underwater and pours out on an opening along the top. The structure is sophisticated yet elegant. History has it that a Britisher owned the estates around the falls in the days of war and one can still spot his ruined house in the neighbourhood. At 26 metres height, Thudugala falls, though one of the smallest, is listed among the most famous waterfalls in the country by Lanka Council on Water Falls (CLWF).

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Tea Plantations near Thudugala Falls

The first tea plantation of Sri Lanka was brought about by Scotsman James Taylor in 1867. He brought tea saplings from Assam, India and began cultivating in Sri Lanka. Since then Rubber and tea plantations are found in throughout this island country, especially in abundance near Kalutara district.

Tips to Visit Thudugala Falls

The road takes some turns as your drive nearing the Thudugala junction. It is best to seek the help of the locals as it is easy to get lost in the small side roads. To make your trip more engaging carry some games to play while camping along the rocks. Wear comfortable footwear and walk with a stick while climbing the rocks as they tend to be slippery during the wet season. On your expedition in the woods, you will also find old stupas and holy stones in the forests.

Best Time to Visit Thudugala Falls

The tranquillity of the waters can be observed throughout all seasons. The summers are warm, but the wind never ceases to surprise in the evening; winters can get cold at night, and the temperature of the water drops too; the rains make it hard to climb the rocks, however, making for a fun and slippery trek. Monsoons strike from November to January and Winters strike from December to February; the sun shines to its fullest between April and June. Overall, the Climate is never a deterrent to exploring the nature and wildlife surrounding Thudugala Ella.

How To Reach Thudugala Falls

The drive begins from Katukurunda Junction off Galle road which is followed by an 8 km journey from Matugama Road to Thudugala junction. The falls is just 12 km away from the Thudugala junction.

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