Rivers of Sri Lanka | Things To Do, Activities and More!

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Rivers of Sri Lanka

The serene lands of Sri Lanka are interjected with calm rivers pleasant for fishing, boat riding and other activities. Though there are not as many rivers in Sri Lanka as other natural landscapes such as hills and forests and beaches, the rivers are a common source of interaction for all locals - most locals engage in sustaining activities like fishing and boat riding for small incomes. The rivers in Sri Lanka also make for a great tourist destination because one gets to spots elephants drinking and taking baths. One can also decide to take a jump in the river by themselves!

Here is the list of 12 Rivers of Sri Lanka | Things To Do, Activities and More!

1. Mahaweli River

Ranked as the longest river in Sri Lanka, Mahaweli River which translates into 'The Great Sandy River' has a length of 335 kilometres which has a drainage basin that covers almost one-fifth of the island. The origin point is found in Horton Plains National Park and reaches the Bay of Bengal in the Trincomalee side.

2. Kelani River

The fourth-longest river in Sri Lanka with a length of 145 kilometres, the Kelani River stretches from Sri Pada Mountains to Colombo and flows through the districts of Nuwara Eliya, Ratnapura, Kegalle, Gampaha and Colombo. With secure connections to the Buddhist culture of Sri Lanka as the river flows through Sri Pada and by Kelani Raja Maha Viharaya, people even live in proximity to the river in the Kelani Valley.

3. Kalu Ganga River

With a length of 129 kilometres, the Kalu Ganga river in Sri Lanka originated from Adam's Peak and drained into the sea at Kalutara. Called the Black River, the river flows through Ratnapura and Kalutara districts of Sri Lanka. Sinharaja Rain Forest and the Central Province forests are also considered as the source of water forming the river.

4. Maha Oya

The Maha Oya serves about 1 million people living by the river with water taking the help of 14 water supply systems. The river measures approximately 134 kilometres in length, and is situated in Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka with its origin point in Nawalapitiya and runs through four provinces and five districts.

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5. Gin Ganga

Situated in the Galle district of Sri Lanka, the 160 kilometre Gin Ganga river originates from the Gongala Mountains in Deniyaya. The longest bridge in Sri Lanka, the Wakwella Bridge is constructed over this river, and the river also has a dam built on its way to Thelikada village.

6. Deduru Oya

The sixth-longest river in Sri Lanka with a length of 142 kilometres, Deduru Oya, runs across four provinces and five districts. The origin point was found to be at Kurunegala in the region of Kurunegala.

7. Maduru Oya

Flowing through the North Central Province of Sri Lanka, Maduru Oya has an approximate length of 134 kilometres which originates from Maduru Oya National Park. The river has an irrigation dam built over it which provides water to the surrounding area.

8. Yan Oya

The fifth-longest river in Sri Lanka with a length of approximately 142 kilometres, Yan Oya, originates from Ritigala, a mountain that is 42 kilometres away from Anuradhapura.

9. Kumbukkan Oya

Running across two provinces and two districts, the Kumbukkan Oya has an approximate length of 116 kilometres originating from Dombagahawela in the Uva province of Sri Lanka.

10. Malvathu River

Ranking as the second-longest river in Sri Lanka with a length of 164 kilometres, the Malvathu River is known for its historical significance connecting century-old cities of Anuradhapura from where it originates to the coast of Mannar.

11. Attanagalu Oya

With a length of 76 kilometres, Attangalu Oya river in Sri Lanka is situated in the Gampaha district of Sri Lanka and originates from Galapitamada in the Sabaragamuwa Province which then drains into the Negombo Lagoon.

12. Nilwala River

Originating from the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the Nilwala River in Sri Lanka is approximately 72 kilometres situated mainly in the Northern Province and then drains directly into the sea located in the principal city of Matara.

This list of rivers give a clear idea regarding rivers in Sri Lanka so that whenever you plan to visit Sri Lanka, you can decide which one you really want to take a plunge in!

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