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Timings : 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Time Required : June to July

Entry Fee : LKR 200

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Dunhinda Falls, Ella Overview

Dunhinda Falls is at Badulla, approximately an hour away from Ella. The falls tumble down a narrow gap between rocks and expand to form a stunning smoky cascade—an appearance reminiscent of a bridal veil; no wonder it is also known as Bridal Falls. The falls finally crash into a pool at the bottom.

Dunhinda Falls flows down from an altitude of 63 metres, and a stream named Badulu Oya forms the waterfall. After a hike of more than a kilometre from the entrance gate, comprising muddy trails, a suspension bridge and steep steps, the sight of this picturesque waterfall welcomes visitors. Along the way, the Small Dunhinda falls, and diverse fauna such as butterflies, monkeys and birds can be spotted.

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Things To Do At Dunhinda Falls


The trek to Dunhinda Falls is around 1.5 km long and is moderately challenging. The clear path consists of small bridges and steep steps. There are safety wooden and iron handrails. But the view of the falls when you approach the end of the trail is worth the long trek.


The waterfall makes up for its lack of height with its sheer volume. A vantage point at the base of the falls lets you photograph its misty appearance in its entirety. Also, capture the Kudu Dunhinda (Small Dunhinda) and the wildlife along the trail to the vantage point.

Food and Drink

The path to the falls has many small stalls and shops; most of them sell Sri Lankan food and beverages, mainly herbal drinks. Visitors can also buy souvenirs and toys at a few of these shops.

History and Etymology Of Dunhinda Falls

The smoky façade of the waterfall gives its name.  The word Dun in Sinhala translates to smoke, and Hinda means 'evaporate'.

Dunhinda Falls is believed to have been occupied by the Vedda tribe, native to the country. During the reign of King Rajasinhe, a huge fern became lodged at the top of the waterfall; unfortunately, this led to the flooding of Badulla. On witnessing this, the king ordered an individual named Ranhavadidaraya to clear the gate. Ranhavadidaraya managed to complete the task after three months, after which the town reemerged. The infamous fern was carried away but lodged itself at another place called Pussellawa.

Dunhinda Falls Timings and Entry Fee

The timings of Dunhinda Falls are from 7 AM to 5 PM. The entry fee is LKR 200 per person for foreigners and LKR 20 for locals.

Best Time To Visit Dunhinda Falls

The best time to visit Dunhinda Falls is from June to July as it is considered a safer time to visit. During the monsoon, especially in November to March, the view of the falls is spectacular.

Tips For Visiting Dunhinda Falls

1. Do not try to clamber over the slippery rocks and enter the pool at the bottom of the falls; it is not safe for swimming or bathing.
2. Be cautious of monkeys when trekking, especially if you are carrying food.

How To Reach Dunhinda Falls

A ride to Dunhinda Falls from Badulla costs around LKR 350. You can also hop on a bus to Mahiyanganaya and get off at the entrance of the falls.

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