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Diyaluma Falls, Haputale Overview

An hour away from Ella, Diyaluma Falls is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The waterfall tumbles down from a height of a whopping 220 metres, with several beautiful natural infinity pools at different levels along its length.

Diyaluma Falls forms along the Poonagala Oya, a minor tributary of the river Kirindi Oya. The highlights of a trip to Diyaluma Falls, an attraction steeped in folklore, are the hike to its top and swimming at the serene pools; not to forget the magnificent views of the emerald hills at the peak.  

Whether you choose to merely view the falls from the Diyaluma Falls Bridge or spend a day here amidst the pools and the views, you won’t regret a visit to this spectacular falls.

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Things To Do At Diyaluma Falls


A visit to Diyaluma Falls is incomplete without a hike at this beautiful area. Either an uphill or downhill trail can accomplish the walk. If you are worried about getting lost or wondering which trail to pick, local guides can accompany you around at a nominal fee. The uphill trail has distinct paths but takes approximately two hours; in contrast, the downhill path is unmarked and takes about 30 to 45 minutes. If you are in luck, you might even spot a couple of wild elephants during the hike!

As one reaches the top, one is awed by the sight of the endless views and the utterly enticing natural pools. Unwind with your feet dipped in the pools or a swim before beginning the descent.


Diyaluma Falls is home to a plethora of natural pools, stunning enough to tempt even the most reluctant of folks for a swim. The pools at the top are formed by a few smaller waterfalls called Upper Diyaluma; nearly all of them are safe to swim in. The adrenaline lovers are sure to be thrilled at the prospect of dip close to the brink of the cliffs, or a jump from one pool at the upper level to another pool below.


Like many natural wonders in Sri Lanka, Diyaluma Falls is a photographer’s paradise. Capture the white spray of the striking falls, the natural pools amid large rocks, and of course, the surrounding scenery. Undoubtedly, the sunrise is the best time for snapping photos of the landscape. The area, especially the pools at the upper falls, can become a tad crowded during the afternoon.


Camping at this waterfall can sound a little terrifying due to the elephant sightings here; hence, it is not very popular amongst tourists. Nevertheless, one can still pitch a tent at the upper Diyaluma Falls.

History and Etymology Of Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls has earned its name from the Sinhala word Diyaluma, which translates to liquid light.

Diyaluma Falls has been the object of many a folktale, often based on tragedy, which is not unlike most natural attractions around the world. The stories revolve around a king who fell in love with a woman from a lower social class. The pair eventually escaped to the mountains; when they were climbing the rocks, the woman fell to her death. Mythology says that a deity collected the tears shed by the grief-stricken king and transformed into the waterfall.

Dr. R L Brohier, a historian, has also mentioned a similar tale about the waterfalls in his works, but with a tribal chieftain as the protagonist.

Diyaluma Falls Timings and Entry Fee

Diyaluma Falls is open throughout the day. There is no entry fee to the falls.

Best Time To Visit Diyaluma Falls

The best time to visit Diyaluma Falls is during the months between January to August when the rainfall is usually low. The monsoon begins from September and lasts till December; although the sight of the falls is truly breathtaking in this season, it is advisable to avoid swimming at the pools as the currents are quite stronger than usual.

Arrive at the falls in the wee hours of the morning for unobstructed vistas of the lush greenery at the top of the falls. The pools are not so crowded during this time—which makes it suitable for a relaxing and peaceful swim.

Tips For Visiting Diyaluma Falls

1. Carry swimwear or an additional change of clothes if you are planning to swim at the falls.
2. There are no restaurants or food stalls in the vicinity of the falls or along the hiking trails, so bring your food and water if you would like to spend more time here.
3. Look out for leeches while hiking or swimming, especially in the monsoon.
4. There are no handrails or signs along the way, so hire a local guide if you are unsure about the route.

How To Reach Diyaluma Falls

To take the uphill trail to Diyaluma Falls, arrive at the village of Koslanda, and begin the hike. The downhill path starts at Makaldenya Junction on Poonagala Road.

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