Lakes in Sri Lanka


Lakes in Sri Lanka

Originating from central highlands, the lakes in Sri Lanka with its scenic beauty attracts various local and foreign visitors every year. Indeed, these enchanting lakes are an ideal choice to enjoy a refreshing holiday.

Here is the list of 11 Lakes in Sri Lanka

1. Gregory Lake, Nuwara-eliya

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Lake Gregory is a local reservoir situated in the city of Nuwara Eliya. It is a popular place for tourists to visit and enjoy some recreational activities. The lake was named after Sir William Gregory, in 1873, during the British era. Tourists can roam around the lake with the help of boats available for hire. This lake acts as the perfect picnic spot and tourists can also explore the lake by hiring bicycles. The best time to visit this lake is during April.

2. Sembuwatta Lake, Matale

Sembuwatta Lake is a beautiful attraction point located within the village of Elkaduwa in Matale district of Sri Lanka. A quiet and ravishing human-made lake made up of natural spring water, Sembuwatta Lake is adjacent to the Campbell’s Lane Forest Reserve. Sembuwatta Lake also has a natural swimming pool by its side. The lake processes electricity for the many villages in the area making it a lifeline for the locals as well as a pleasing addition to the long list of attractions within Sri Lanka.

3. Kandy Lake, Kandy

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The sea of Milk or Kiri Muhuda as it is dearly called by the people is an artificial lake bordering the Royal Palace and Royal Gardens. The lake corresponds to the monastery, royalty and overall culture and beliefs of the people; it has elements of historical importance associated with it as it. Boat rides on the lake is a fun way to spend an evening here. There are local boat operators who offer tours of Kandy Lake and thereby a view of the royal city and its natural scenic beauty.

4. Beira Lake, Colombo

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One of the most famous landmarks in Sri Lanka is the Beira Lake, which is in the developed capital city of Colombo. Beira Lake is a quiet escape into the serene slumber of the splendid city, which makes it a great place to relax, and it is recommended for couples. The Beira Lake initially covered an area of over 410 hectares; however, due to the new development procedures which have taken place, it has been reduced down to 160 acres. It is one such place where one gets a full 360-degree experience comprising of adventure, pilgrimage, picnic, and fun.

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5. Dedduwa Lake, Bentota

Dedduwa Lake is located to the east of Bentota and is widely known for its beautiful water bodies, marshy lands and the Deduwa Lake. Several boat houses and villas allow visitors to sit back and relax in this peaceful and serene destination. Dedduwa lake is surrounded by beautiful gardens that are well maintained by the Geoffrey Bawa Trust and is also known as Lunuganga. These gardens were fashioned out of two plantations, one of rubber and other of cinnamon.

6. Bolgoda Lake, Colombo

Located a little less than an hour’s drive away from Colombo, Bolgoda Lake stretches over an area of about 374 square kilometers and is known to be the largest freshwater source in the western district of Sri Lanka.

7. Semanikulam Lake, Arugam-bay

Situated very close to the famous Pottuvil point in Sri Lanka, Semanikulam Lake is just the right place to visit for all the nature enthusiasts and people with a keen interest in photography or simple witnessing panoramic views.

8. Kala Wewa Lake, Kala-weva

An example of rainwater harvesting of the ancient age, Kala Wewa Lake was the brainchild of King Datusena in 460 A.D. By the massive lake with a circumference of 64.4 km the gigantic, 12 m high statue of Lord Buddha is another popular attraction. The twin reservoir - Kala Wewa and Balalu Wewa serve as the irrigation tanks for the North Central part of Sri Lanka.

9. Rotakulam Lake, Ampara

For those who are into bird-watching, Rotakulam Lake in the Eastern part of Sri Lanka is the site where one can spot numerous migratory birds gliding over the water and flying high. The lake is also known to be the perfect sunset viewing point.

10. Kandalama Lake/Reservoir, Dambulla

A 21 m high reservoir created as a result of the Kandalama Dam serves as an irrigation tank up to Kekirawa region. The tributaries of Mirisgoniya River are the primary source of water in the reservoir. The picturesque and tranquil surroundings is a popular tourist attraction.

11. Panama Lake, Panama

A tourist gem in eastern Sri Lanka of Helava Wekanda, Panama Lake is a place of interest for spotting crocodiles and migratory birds. The scenic beauty and serene atmosphere around the lake makes it an ideal place to spend quality time amidst nature.

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