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Ramboda Falls, Nuwara Eliya Overview

Ramboda falls lies in the Pussellawa district, in the city of Kandy. The area is known for marvelous landscapes comprising of highlands, ridges, plains, streams and hilly mountains. The best of the attractions being the Ramboda falls.

At an elevation of 358ft, Ramboda stands as the 11th highest falls in Sri Lanka. The cold winds are a constant and the steps of the rocks fall like cascades of ivory and paint a gorgeous picture against the backdrop of the sky. It involves a mild 2 km trek uphill, and anyone can scale it quickly. In terms of vivid landscapes and cosy climate, Ramboda falls checks all boxes that will keep tourists engaged and on their feet!

Ramboda also has beautiful sights and rare birds cooing on the thick forests. Overall, a trip to Ramboda Falls will have you on a retreat with nature. The gushing waters and their sounds as they crackle hitting the rocks is experience awe – parallel. The central Sinhala province of  Pussellawa has people whose warm hearts never cease to welcome people into their land. Ramboda falls one of a kind experience with nature and far away from commercialisation!

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Ramboda Falls
Ramboda Falls

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Best Time to Visit Ramboda Falls

Situated on the A5 highway, Ramboda is just 15 minutes away from Katukithula. The weather is pleasant all through the year and sees tourists swarming in from different parts of the world. Sri Lanka experiences a tropical climate; the sun shines throughout the year and winter is distinguished with rainfalls and cloudy skies. The temperature averages from 28°C - 32°C usually. However, the lowest ever recorded was Nuwara Eliya at 16°C, not too far away from Ramboda. The coastal sides are humid at all times and cooled by the salty ocean breeze. However, Ramboda Falls are affected by strong winds. October to January, the climate is wet with chances of precipitation; February is refreshing and perfect; the heat strikes from April to June. It is best to visit during times of dry climate as the rocks can be slippery, making it hard to trek.

Tips to Travel to Ramboda Falls

Wear comfortable clothing as the trip involves a lot of adventure and trekking. Shoes are a must! Carry your cameras to capture the incredible view drizzled with generous fauna and flora!

Things To Do in Ramboda Falls

A lens will capture the birds and it certainly is the place to be for a bird enthusiast. Sri Lanka is home to about 100 waterfalls, and each one of them is like an icing on the cake in their own way. Ramboda, for starters, has a view that once you gauge upwards, it’s nothing short of divinity! The falls are surrounded by dense forests with some big trees to the list – Navanda, Hora, Bu Hora, Pini Beraliya and some canopy type shrubs, tea plantations and herbs.

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