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Beautiful Waterfalls in Seychelles

Considered as the nirvana of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles will charm all those who visit with its abundance of tropical flora and fauna. The secluded waterfalls in Seychelles seem to dazzle every tourist in such a way that they are bound to call it an abode of angels. Here are our top picks among the waterfalls in Seychelles.

Here is the list of 5 Waterfalls in Seychelles

1. Grand Anse Mahe Waterfall

Located near the Grand Anse village on the west side of the island of Mahe, this waterfall has a stair-like structure and is just a small hike away from the town. You can take the help of the locals to guide you as the location cannot be found easily. Water is a bit cold, however, refreshing to swim and dive in the pool. 

2. Vallee de Mai, Praslin Waterfall 

Due to its absence on google maps, the Vallee de Mai is known as the hidden gem. This secluded waterfall will make it worth to skip the beaches in Seychelles. The slippery rocks, large canopies with sun rays finding its way to create beautiful rainbows and the ever pleasing sound of the waterfall will force you to spend some time here and try your luck at photography. 

3. Waterfall in Port Launay

The drive to the waterfall is pleasant and scenic as you will witness beautiful tea gardens and several viewpoints along your way. It is advised not to take any offer or help from the local guides, as they usually leave a hole in your pocket and loot you for unnecessary things. The pond looks beautiful, and if you come in the morning, you can have it all to yourself to swim and chill. One can also try cliff diving, however with a lot of precaution and care.

4. Sauzier Waterfall

Having the same entry point as for Port Launay Waterfall, but a shorter trek, Sauzier waterfalls is another wonder in Seychelles. It is advised not to take any help from locals or guides, as they can scam you and charge you unnecessarily. 

5. Cascade River Waterfall

Cascade River Waterfall isn’t an easy feat to achieve. It takes 3-4 hours to cover the actual trail; hence, those who do not have enough hiking experience should not attempt this without proper supervision. The path is closer to the river and gets steep in between, so the trail is slippery and one should walk with extreme caution. You will go through a beautiful valley, and swimming in the pond will wash away all your tiredness from the trek. 

Have you visited any of the waterfalls in Seychelles mentioned above? Do you think we missed out on any? Let us know in the comments below!

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