Food of Medan

One of the most famous places in Indonesia for its eclectic combination of food from all over Asia, Medan is truly a place for food tourism. Sundanese food, Javanese food, Indian food, Chinese food, Balinese food and fusion cuisine are all available in abundance. The usual Indonesian dishes like cendol and gado gado are available, along with rarer Sundanese food like Nasi Liwet ( a rice dish cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and spices). There are also many varieties of coffee, with Malay-style noodles and rice. There is also plenty of Chinese-Indonesian fusion food, in addition to Middle-Eastern and Indian options.

Food for Indians in Medan

Little India is filled with interesting options for Indian food. Chaya Baru and Bollywood Indian Restaurant are the best options, with diverse food from all around India. Vegetarian options are also available around the area, with Loving Hut Restaurant being the best vegetarian option for Indian food. Berkah Vegetarian is also another good option.

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