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"Indonesia's modernized port-city."

Makassar Tourism

A bustling port, Makassar is the largest city in East Indonesia. Its cosmopolitan nature and urban attractions make it a must-visit city in Indonesia. It is relatively more modern, as a city, but also has traces of Dutch architecture in a few places, with Fort Rotterdam standing as one of the remaining bastions of colonial architecture. The walkway along Losari Beach is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Makassar is also known for its great diving and snorkelling opportunities off the reef of Samalona Island. 

Makassar used to be and still is, Indonesia's largest trade conduit, and this makes it one of the most colourfully cosmopolitan cities in the country. The city's most famous part is the Pantai Losari or the Losari beach, where tourists may catch picturesque scenes from the sea and visit the various food stalls, and the famous floating mosque - Masjid Amirul Mukminin. Besides these traces of tradition, the rest of the city is a sprawling metropolis, boasting of the worlds largest indoor theme park Trans Studio and many large malls and luxury hotels.

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Shopping in Makassar

Along the Losari Beach, there are plenty of small beach stalls that sell various knick-knacks and traditional snacks. Other than these, there are emerging high-end malls in the south-west of Makassar.

Currency in Makassar

IDR is the official currency of Indonesia, and is exclusively used everywhere, therefore all currency must be compulsorily exchanged, for foreign currency is not valid in Indonesia. Credit cards can be used at modern establishments, but mostly cash is advisable in Makassar.

Exchanging Money in Makassar

The best places to exchange money is at the airport, and at the Mandiri Bank outlets . ATMs are located in shopping centres and large hotels.

Daily Budget for Makassar

Excluding accomodation, travellers on a shoestring budget should not need more than about IDR 5,000-10,000, and travellers on moderate expenses can operate on IDR 15,000, while more expensive travellers may spend any amount more than IDR 20,000.

Religion of Makassar

Islam is the dominant religion in Makassar, reflecting Indonesia as a whole, and the influence of Islam exists in every facet of life in Makassar.

Makassar Customs

Makassar is also quite conservative, so tourists are advised to dress modestly and respect the Islamic customs that govern the region, including the prayer timings, specially during the month of Ramzan. Tipping also is prevalent in more expensive hotels and caf_s, but not other more traditional places.

Language of Makassar

The language commonly spoken in Makassar is Bahasa Indonesian, with other indigenous languages and Chinese, due to its largely cosmopolitan nature. English is spoken commonly too, due to European residents in the merchant town. Hello (General Greeting): •Hi. Apa Khabar'ê I am fromÄ: •Saya DariÄê Pleased to meet you!: •Senang bertemu dengan anda!ê Good morning/evening/ night: •Selamat pagi/malam/tidur.ê

History of Makassar

Like the rest of Indonesia, Makassar was also under the Pajajaran Dynastyês rule, and after its deposition, under Dutch colonial rule. Since Makassar was Indonesiaês largest port, however, it was exposed to many, many other culture including European, Chinese and other South-East and South Asian cultures. Therefore, this led to a cultural melange, which still persists today, amidst steady modernisation.

Nightlife in Makassar

Chinatown is the most popular area in Makassar for nightlife, and has many bars. But besides that, only the major hotels in Makassar have bars and dining spaces, and the occasional club.

Restaurants and Local Food in Makassar

Makassar is home to the fiery Sulawesi cuisine, which is an adventure for the taste buds. The most popular dish is the Coto Makassar which is basically a soup dish consisting of cow meat and innards, such as intestine, tripe. lung and even brain. Delicious rice cakes known as Burasa accompany the soup. Other dishes include a spicy beef curry, and the popular dessert Pisang Jo, which is plantain served with sweetened shaved ice.
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How To Reach Makassar

Makassarês Hasanuddin Airport connects the city to South-East Asian countries by air. Otherwise, it is advisable to taka Jakarta as a transit route for tourists belonging to other areas.

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