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Food in Taipei is available in all cuisines. Taipei is a very modern city and as such has restaurants catering to all the tastes.The island nation's local cuisine includes seafood and other poultry in a lot of it's dishes. Rice is also eaten a lot here. The influence of Chinese cuisine cannot be denied and plays a major role in the traditional flavours of Taiwanese food in general. Taiwanese sausages are a popular street food here in Taipei which you should definitely try. The Gua bao is a snack which usually has a pork belly with seasonings stuffed in a soft flat bread. The oyster omelette is one of the city's favourite seafood specialities. Other local specialities include the hotpot and the beef noodle soup.

Food for Indians in Taipei

There are a few Indian restaurants available in Taipei. Mayur Indian Kitchen (Keelung Road), Saffron Fine Indian Cuisine (Tian Mu E. Rd), Ali Baba's Indian Kitchen (Nanking E. Rd), and Balle Balle Indian Restaurant (Guangfu North Road) are a few of the really good options. Pure veg Indian restaurants are not easy to find in Taipei, but Mik-4ever Indian Restaurant is an excellent option for vegetarian and vegan dishes.

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