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"The Paris of Java"

Bandung Tourism

A city of contrasts, Bandung is one of Indonesia's most significant and most rapidly developing cities. located at a distance of 150 kms from Jakarta. Characterized by rippling rice fields, volcanic mountains, and a distinctly European feel, Bandung was dubbed the "Paris of Java" by the Dutch colonialists. Due to Bandung's volcanic geographic features that made it easy to defend from attacks, the Dutch East India Company had plans to relocate the country's capital from the erstwhile called Batavia (Jakarta), but those plans fell through because of the Second World War. It has since blossomed into the preferred weekend getaway destination of many Jakartans.

Tourists frequent Jl. Braga to while away some time at the numerous for cafes, restaurants, and museums. Jl. Cihampelas is known for its shopping trips, and for a taste of the modern, they can visit Jl. Tirtayasa and Jl. Trunoyoso for the high-end restaurants and malls that are found there. A defining feature of the city is its surrounding mountains and they can be seen from any part of Bandung.

It also has a zoo, botanical gardens, golf courses, lakes, waterfalls and tea gardens that beautifully counter the developing urban hub that Bandung is becoming. Filled with historical relics, a thriving youth culture, beautiful scenery, and delicious coffee, Bandung is the perfect weekend destination. Replete with petite traditional cafes and hot springs, Bandung offers a welcome relief to the hectic pace of life experienced in Jakarta.

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Religion of Bandung

The Indonesian government identifies six main religions, including Islam and Hinduism. Bandung, like much of Indonesia, has an overwhelmingly large Muslim population, with pockets of Christianity.

Currency in Bandung

Exchanging Money in Bandung

The best places to exchange money is at the airport, and at the DollarAsia outlets in Jalan Cihampelas (near Ciwalk) and Jalan Setiabudi. ATMs are conveniently located in shopping centres, urban office complexes, many convenience stores as well as in areas that tourists frequent.

Shopping in Bandung

Bandung is a famous shopping mecca, with factory outlets, boutiques, flea markets, second-hand stalls and large malls. The factory outlets, however, outnumber the rest, and this is what Bandung is most known for. Manufacturing rejects, duplicates and imitation goods from brands like Zara and A&F are all found here at cheap rates, and this is why many shoppers around Indonesia flock here. Rumah mode and Cihampelas are two of the concentration points for all factory outlets in Bandung.

Language of Bandung

Nightlife in Bandung

In Bandung, there are three kinds of nightlife: student, tourist and red-light. Student nightlife include karaoke bars and cheaper bars (like Camden), while tourist bars are a bit on the pricier side (Legacy and Embassy). The red-light district in Bandung is concentrated around Saritung and Jalan Braga, with girly karaoke bars, strip clubs and generally more raucous nightclubs.

Bandung Customs

Bandung is as conservative as the rest of Indonesia, so modest dressing is encouraged. Tipping is prevalent at the cafes and the larger restaurants, but not the traditional establishments.

History of Bandung

Like the rest of Indonesia, Bandung was also under the Pajajaran dynasty's rule, and after its deposition, under Dutch colonial rule. This again led to a blend of cultures which has affected Bandung's architecture and present culture. After the Indonesian independence, Bandung was named as the provincial capital of West Java.

Best Time to Visit Bandung

How to Reach Bandung

How to Reach Overview

Bandung can be reached through air, rail and road, but is relatively less connected compared to other major tourist hubs in Indonesia. Therefore Jakarta, located 150 kms away, is always used as a transit point to get to Bandung.

How to reach Bandung by flight

Bandungês¾Husein Sastranegara International Airport is one of the smallest airports in Indonesia and travellers have to alight from the plane on the tarmac. Carriers that operate at the airport include: AirAsia, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, and Malaysia Airlines among others.

How to reach Bandung by road

Despite Bandungês bad traffic, it is pretty easy to get a cab, even late at night-metered cabs are recommended for tourists, to decrease chances of overpricing. Taking the Angkot (small colourful vans) is ideal for short trips, as it is relatively cheap and fuss-free. Angkotês come in a variety of colours and passengers flag them as if they were a cab. If youêre unsure of fare rates (usually not more than IDR 7000 for a single trip) or transport routes, seek assistance from the locals.

How to reach Bandung by train

A train ride would reveal to tourists the beautiful lush greenery of Bandung. These rides can start from Gambir Train Station or from Surabaya. More information can be found on:

How to reach Bandung by bus

Buses operated by transport company Primajasa can take you from¾the Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta to Bandung. These rides cost around $7.

Local transport in Bandung

Bandung is best navigated by taxis or Angkots (small colourful vans). These are the cheapest and most convenient options, and Angkots more so because they can navigate the smaller pockets of the region at negligible pricepoints.

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FAQs on Bandung

How much does a package cost for Bandung?

The packages for Bandung start at INR 8400 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What are the places near Bandung?

The top places near to Bandung are Jakarta which is 120 km from Bandung, Bogor which is located 96 km from Bandung, Bali which is located 838 km from Bandung, Surabaya which is located 567 km from Bandung, Lombok which is located 978 km from Bandung

What are the things to do in Bandung?

The top things to do in Bandung are Kawah Putih, Tangkuban Perahu, Situ Patenggang Lake, Gedung Sate, Braga Street, Trans Studio Mall Bandung. You can see all the places to visit in Bandung here

What are the top hotels in Bandung?

There are 1095 in Bandung which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Bandung are ZEN Rooms Halimun Palasari, Entrance Room, Exscutif Homestay Syariah Timur Raya 10, Airy Asia Afrika Pangarang 24 Bandung, Aya Stays 3 at Parahyangan Residence, Sally's Guest House by Zenrra House. You can see all the hotels in Bandung here

What is the best way to reach Bandung?

Bandung can be reached through air, rail and road, but is relatively less connected compared to other major tourist hubs in Indonesia. Therefore Jakarta, located 150 kms away, is always used as a transit point to get to Bandung.
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What is the local food in Bandung?

The local food consists of Urang Sunda or Sundanese food, with fresh ingredients and subtle taste, compared to the spicy, rich food in the rest of the country. Nasi Timbel, or steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves, is the best delicacy in Bandung, and it is usually accompanied by tofu or fried meat.

Another popular dish is Sayur Asem, or a sour tamarind-based soup, which is eaten with rice. Ikan Bakar, one of the less commonly found dishes in Bandung, is no less of a treat- freshwater fish like carp grilled with sweet soy chilli sauce, served with salad is one of Bandung's hidden gems. Other than this, Bandung is home to many picturesque, small cafes that serve a variety of Western and Indonesian food, including The Valley Cafe, Cafe Burangrang, and Cafe DePakar. Cocorico Cafe is a must-visit spot for large portions of Western comfort food.

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What is the best time to visit Bandung?

The best time to visit Bandung is from June to September during the dry season. The lack of constant rain that may disrupt the road systems and transportation options make the dry season the perfect time to visit Bandung. Its mountain climate also makes sure that summer in Bandung is far more temperate than in Jakarta or most other parts of Java.

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Ken Chiramel

5 years ago
The largest city in the West Java province, Bandung is a hill-station lying almost a 100km outside the capital city of Jakarta. Surrounded by dormant volcanoes and tea and coffee plantations, Bandung (Read More) adopts a very dramatic landscape. A volcanic crater named Kawah Putih, loosely translated to white crater, lies at the heart of Bandung. A large crater filled with aquamarine water that is naturally heated by the magma flowing underneath it is a spectacular view. The distinctive smell of sulphur, akin to rotten eggs almost, permeates the air. Skywalks made of bamboo snake up the surrounding ridges and gives visitors panoramic views of the crater itself from an elevated position. Tourists can go into the crater, and look at abandoned sulphur mines, which give the place its moniker. ATVs can also be rented if visitors wish for a more unconventional mode of the almost alien-looking landscape. Strawberry-picking and tea-leaf picking through the many plantations allow people to walk through them at their own leisurely pace.
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