Food of Bandung

The local food consists of Urang Sunda or Sundanese food, with fresh ingredients and subtle taste, compared to the spicy, rich food in the rest of the country. Nasi Timbel, or steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves, is the best delicacy in Bandung, and it is usually accompanied by tofu or fried meat.

Another popular dish is Sayur Asem, or a sour tamarind-based soup, which is eaten with rice. Ikan Bakar, one of the less commonly found dishes in Bandung, is no less of a treat- freshwater fish like carp grilled with sweet soy chilli sauce, served with salad is one of Bandung's hidden gems. Other than this, Bandung is home to many picturesque, small cafes that serve a variety of Western and Indonesian food, including The Valley Cafe, Cafe Burangrang, and Cafe DePakar. Cocorico Cafe is a must-visit spot for large portions of Western comfort food.

Food for Indians in Bandung

Places in Bandung for great Indian food are Prabhu Curry and The Taste Of India. For vegetarian and vegan options, tourists may visit Ahimsa and the Go Green Vegan Caf_.

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