Surabaya is famously home to rujak cingur, a local salad with tapioca-peanut sauce and various types of meat and vegetables. Another popular dish is satay kelp, or chicken satay with coconut sauce, which is commonly found in Jalan Wallikota. Other must-try dishes include pecel (green vegetables in spicy peanut sauce), gado-gado (cooked vegetables in a spicy peanut-based sauce), semanggi, bakso (meat-balls) and various desserts including shaved ice (ice kacang and cendol).

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Local dishes of Surabaya
Local dishes of Surabaya

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Surabaya

The best Indian restaurant in Surabaya is Sitara, where a variety of Indian food is available. There are two branches of Sitara in Surabaya. There arenÍt any vegetarian Indian options, but for decent vegetarian food, tourists may visit the Family Vegetarian Restaurant and The Nature Vegetarian Restaurant.

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