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Cebu City

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"Cebu City-The Queen Of South"

Cebu City Tourism

Cebu City is also called as the Queen City of the South and is one of the fastest developing cities in Philippines. This city is second largest city of Philippines and over the years is rapidly attracting the tourists and hence is seeing a growth of 5 per cent annualy. It is known to contain numerous historical sites as well as white beaches which the tourists find absolutely a delight to visit.

Cebu city is similat to Manila located in Philippines by many extent. The city which is known to be the 'Queen of South' in Philppines has a very fast paced life and energetic behaviour. This city is also known as the capital of the Cebu Island and has been regarded as the commercial Hub of Philippines. This city which is known to be one of the oldest cities in Philippines and over the year there has been a vast expandition in its tourism industry. This place is known to have a rich history which is all compiled in books as well as kept in museums and churches. The nightlife of this place is quite amazing and you would definitely want to try diving in this city.

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Currency in Cebu City

The primary currency utilised in Philippines is Philipine Peso. This currency is utilised all over the country as well as island such as Cebu.

Exchanging Money in Cebu City

You can find number of currency exchange shops in and around Cebu hence there would be no issue with respect to money conversion. Also there are tons of ATMs spread all over the city for an easy cash withdrawl.

Daily Budget for Cebu City

You can find number of currency exchange shops in and around Cebu hence there would be no issue with respect to money conversion. Also there are tons of ATMs spread all over the city for an easy cash withdrawl.

Religion of Cebu City

In the country of Philippines you would find most of the population (around 82 percent) are Roman Catholics, while around 5 percent of people practice Islam. The rest 13 percent consists of people from mixed faith.

Cebu City Customs

There aren't much of the customs or traditions over here. However you would be asked to try numerous sorts of dishes. In case you want to be adventurous then try the ones you like, or you can politely refuse and try not to offend anyone.

Language of Cebu City

You would find most of the people over here speaking Cebuano which is the local language. However in the market regions some people speak Tagalog, hence in case you want to Bargain a bit then you need to brush up on this language skills.You would find some younger people being able to speak English however with a touch of Cebuano Accent to it.

History of Cebu City

This island of Cebu has been one of the prime trade centres in year back to 1200. The European travellers made this place their base while they explored the nearby islands. However, in the late 17th century the Spanish people made this place their trade hub and numerous investors from the outside world began investing in this location. Till today this place is used for extensive cultivation of sugarcane as well as tobacco.

Nightlife in Cebu City

The nightlife in Cebu City is pretty exciting.You would find numerous hubs as well as club. You would see the best of nightlife on the days such as Friday and Saturday. Some of the most exotic locations with higly active nightlife include Mango Square as well as IT Park

Shopping in Cebu City

Cebu city is a good location to get hold of some handicrafts especially the ones which include rattan work. This place is also known for its guitar productions and hence you can buy these as a sounvenirs. There are many ornaments jewellery etc. available in local stores or shops however, you also have the option of raiding a shopping mall and buying anything you like.

Restaurants and Local Food in Cebu City

The food consumed over here has evolved with times. Here you would find a mixture of American, Australian, Chinese as well as Japanese Cuisine. Dishes here are quite simple such as rice along with salted fish. Almost all the food served over here are accompanied with several dips and you would find high concentration of vinegar as well as fish oil in them.
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