Food of Krabi

Food in Krabi is diverse and finger licking good. Try the Green Mango Salad when strolling through a market. Some other popular dishes to try are Black Grass Jelly or shaved ice desserts and the coconut pudding you get at stalls. If you are a vegetarian and don't eat eggs, you will have to take special care as eggs are considered vegetarian in Thailand.

Food for Indians in Krabi

vegetarians need to take care while ordering food in Krabi just like in the rest of Thailand. Popular Indian restaurants in the province include Rasoi Restaurant, Taj Palace Authentic Indian Restaurant and the Bombay Palace Indian restaurant. The food will not be as spicy as some might be used to in India. There are no special Jain restaurants.

Krabi Photos

Krabi, Thailand
Krabi - One of the Oldest and Most Significant Province, Thailand
Picturesque Phra Nang Cave Beach
Tiger Cave Temple - Well-Known for its Tiger Paw Prints in Cave

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