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Food of Jakarta

The city of Jakarta has been influenced by history and modernisation, in terms of its cuisine, but still remains loyal to its Batavian roots. All these combine together to form a beautiful melange of spicy, sweet and sour food, which is exclusive to Jakarta. It offers tourists an exclusive view of the sheer variety of Indonesian culture. Food in Indonesia ranges from ubiquitous street hawkers at the corners of streets, to swanky restaurants. Some of the best food in Jakarta can be found in hawker centres- local food like Bakso (beef meatball), Satay Ayam (chicken marinated in a unique blend of spices), Indo Soto Mie (Indonesian noodle soup) and Gorengan (fried fruit/vegetables/bean paste/pineapple). Finally, in order to battle the oppressive heat in Jakarta, Es Podeng (shaved ice with condensed milk, coconut and a selection of fruits) is the best dessert found there. Other popular desserts there are Roti Bakar (grilled toast stuffed with chocolate or strawberry jam) and fruit pancakes. The most popular fruit in Jakarta is durian. A large, smelly fruit, it is popularly used in many Indonesian desserts, and is a must-try for the adventurous. Jakarta not only has Indonesian food, but many Chinese and Indian restaurants. Food in Jakarta,in conclusion, is an eclectic mixture for all.

Food for Indians in Jakarta

It is very easy to find Indian food around Jakarta, but relatively less easy to find vegetarian or Jain food. If tourists prefer a more expensive option, the Sailendra restaurant at the J.W. Marriott serves a wide range of Indian food. Another cheaper option, vegetarian as well, is VMad. Ganesha Ek Sanskriti is another cheaper, vegetarian option. There are vegetarian joints for Chinese and Malaysian/Indonesian food, most popular of which are Vegetus Vegetarian and Waytuki Vegetarian.

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