What is the best time to visit Ooty?

The best time to visit Ooty is from October to June when the weather is pleasant and you can get involved in outdoor activities. However, it can be visited during monsoons (if you don't mind the rain) when the freshly washed surroundings give Ooty an ethereal charm. The annual Tea and Tourism Festival attracts crowds in huge numbers to visit the place and have a great time in this wonderful place.

Weather in Ooty


Upcoming Ooty Weather

Monthly Weather in Ooty

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 19 32
February 20 33
March 23 34
April 25 35
May 24 34
June 23 31
July 22 31
August 22 31
September 22 31
October 22 32
November 21 32
December 20 32

Summer (March - June)

Ooty experiences an average temperature that ranges between 23 degree Celsius and 31 degree Celsius, which is perfect for you to explore the sheer beauty of this place in full swing.
Sunlight through treetops
Sunlight through treetops

Winter (October - March)

With temperatures that stay below 15 degree Celsius, winters in Ooty are perfect to have a gala time. Each year, during January or February, Department of Tourism in Tamil Nadu hosts The Tea and Tourism Festival for three days. A vast range of tea leaves are displayed, and rows of tea stalls are put up for tasting and buying a wide variety of tea. In addition to this, these three days are packed with cultural shows and performances, which reverberate with the heritage of the Nilgiris. Ooty Tea Plantations
Ooty Tea Plantations

Monsoon ( July - September)

People who love rainfall and green grass beds laid over mountains can pack their bags and head straight to Ooty during the monsoon months, which lasts between June and September. Even though you are unlikely to experience the bright, warm sunshine, you will have a great time nevertheless.
Ooty Lake after the rains
Ooty Lake after the rains

Events in Ooty

Ooty Summer Festival

18th - 20th May

During the Ooty Summer Festival, apart from exploring the gorgeous surroundings, you also have activities like flower shows and fruit shows. The boat races attract people from all over the country.

Flower Show at the Ooty Botanical Gardens

3rd - 5th May 2019

The Ooty Flower Show is an annual event which is held in the Ooty Botanical Gardens. Several different species of beautiful flowers, indigenous and exotic are displayed here. The elaborate arrangements add to the beauty of the floral exhibits and serve as a visual treat to gardening aficionados. Apart from flaunting their flora prowess, the Flower Show also focuses on creating awareness among the gardening and farming community by hosting garden competitions before the start of the show.

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