Best Time to Visit Karnataka

What is the best time to visit Karnataka?

October to April is the best time to visit Karnataka. Winters are the best time to go on a wildlife safari or attend the grand Mysore Dussera. Owing to its proximity to the western coast, Karnataka is quite humid during Summers from April to June. While coastal regions are hotter, hill stations are mild and colder. Infact the best time to visit Karnataka depends on the time of the year and the destination you're travelling to. Some regions receive heavy rainfall during the monsoon season from July to September but if you want to go trekking in places like Antargange, or see the beautiful Jog Falls there's never a better time than Monsoons.

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Karnataka in Summer (March - June)

March to June is the summer season in the state when the temperature ranges between 28°C and 44°C. This is the time when most prefer to visit only the attractions located at higher altitudes. Coorg, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Biligiri Ranga Hills, Agumbe, Kemmanagundi are some of the hill stations that one must not miss during the season. The temperature at these locations ranges between 10°C and 28°C which is perfect for trekking, safaris, nature walks, wildlife exploration and camping. The rivers nearby are frequently visited for activities like fishing, boating, river rafting, angling etc. while the waterfalls offer a pleasant respite from the scorching summer heat. The season is also perfect to catch the festivals of Ugadi and Vairamudi Festival which are celebrated in March/ April.
Sunset in Karwar
Sunset in Karwar

Karnataka in Monsoon (July - September)

Karnataka experiences monsoons from July to September every year when the temperature hovers around 28°C with varying amounts of rainfall depending on the region. The coastal plains receive moderate to heavy rains and are constantly humid with the humidity level going as high as 70%. On an average, the coastal areas receive an annual rainfall of 3456 mm while the southern and northern regions receive rainfall between 750 mm and 1300 mm. Early July is known to be the time when the temperature and the humidity soars, but as the cooling South-West monsoon winds approach, the heat comes crashing down. The district of Udupi receives the highest rainfall while the Chitradurga and Bijapur districts receive the least.
Hulikal Karnataka
Hulikal Karnataka

As the monsoons hit Karnataka and transform it into a heavenly place, tourists get to enjoy the mesmerising natural surroundings. One can choose to trek the Western Ghats, explore the waterfalls, rivers and lakes or visit the hill stations and go on long soothing nature walks. Not just this, they can get an opportunity to witness the traditions and festivals of the state. The Sree Vithappa Fair is held either in September or October. The 10-day Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in September. With so much to witness, monsoons can sure be a treat to the traveller soul.

Karnataka in Winter (October - Februrary)

Winter season in Karnataka begins in October and goes on till February. The temperature hovers between 20°C and 32°C making it extremely pleasant for the tourists to go sightseeing and explore the attractions. Out of these months, January and February are the coldest; however, still enjoyable for exploring attractions like Hampi, the rocks at Yana, explore the National Parks and Historical Monuments & Temples, trek in the Western Ghats and check out the waterfalls in Sirsi. Beach lovers are sure to have a fabulous time too by the seashores during the season or go cruising in the backwaters in Udupi. Water sports are also quite famous here, and adventure seekers often visit the west coast or rivers for surfing, swimming, river rafting, snorkelling and scuba diving.
A View from Nandi Hills
A View from Nandi Hills

If visiting during the season, tourists can also catch the annual/ seasonal festive celebrations. In October/ November, the Hampi Festival is celebrated every year for 3-days with great enthusiasm. Kaveri Sankramana, Dussehra and the Vithappa Fair are also held in October. The annual Dussehra event at the Mysore Palace is worth a visit during the time. One can witness the traditional forms of dance and music during the festival. Rajyotsav Day is celebrated in November. It is a highly prestigious government awards are given away on this day. The Pattadakal dance festival, the Hoysala Dance Festival, Pongal, Makar Sankranti are celebrated in January.

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