Best Time To Visit Ramanagara

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What is the best time to visit Ramanagara?

The weather in Ramnagaram is more or less constant throughout the year though the summer can be hot and dry, and is not very suitable for tourism. Winter is the best season to visit Ramnagaram since the temperature is pleasant and the natural landscapes are lush green. However, since this is the most popular tourist season, you should book all your arrangements in advance. 

Weather in Ramanagara


Upcoming Ramanagara Weather

Monthly Weather in Ramanagara

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 16° 0 days
February 33°/ 16° 0 days
March 34°/ 20° 4 days
April 35°/ 20° 8 days
May 35°/ 21° 21 days
June 32°/ 21° 15 days
July 30°/ 20° 14 days
August 28°/ 20° 20 days
September 28°/ 20° 21 days
October 28°/ 19° 30 days
November 29°/ 18° 8 days
December 28°/ 17° 2 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Ramanagara

Ramanagaram in Winter (October - February)

Winter is the best season for tourism in this city, and the temperature is pleasant. The temperature varies between 17 and 30 degrees Celcius, and there is a lot of lush greenery in and around the city. This makes the stay and the sightseeing tours very enthralling. Trekking, rock climbing, boating and bird watching is also at its best during this season.

Ramanagaram in Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon lasts from July to September, and there is intermittent precipitation. The temperature is slightly lower, varying between 21 and 30 degrees Celcius and this is a good time to go trekking and bird watching in Ramnagaram.

Ramanagaram in Summer (March - June)

Summer in Ramnagaram lasts from March to June and is hot and dry. May is the hottest months, and the temperature may rise to 37 degrees Celcius. Since it is very sunny during this season and most of the activities in Ramnagaram are outdoors, it is best to avoid this harsh weather.

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Ramanagara, Karnataka
Ramnagara Hills
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