Best Places to Witness the Sunrise in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, one of the most picturesque places in Asia, is well known for its environment. The beauty of this place is so great that even Marvel studious could not stop themselves to shoot a movie in this country. The ancient temples provide a unique sense of euphoria in the veins of the visitors. Apart from being ancient and surrounded by beautiful mountains, the majestic sunrise blended with lakes and valleys provides the best sunrise one can witness.

Sunrise in Kathmandu Timings

Here are the sunrise timings across various seasons in Kathmandu,
Monsoon Season (June- September): Between 5:06 am and 5:47
Winter Season (December- February): Between 6:23 AM and 6:40 AM
Spring Season (March- April): Between 5:38 AM and 6:12 AM
Summer Season (May-August): 5:13 AM

Best Places to View the Beautiful Sunrise in Kathmandu

Every traveller wishes to experience the charisma of nature. Sunrise and sunset are some of the most beautiful moments that every traveller wishes to see it live. Here are the top places to view the beautiful sunrise in Kathmandu:

1. Nagarkot

The sunrise from Nagarkot.

Present at the rim of the Kathmandu valley, Nagarkot is the best place to watch the sunrise. It is the home to many varieties of butterflies and the viewpoint of the Himalayas. Present at an elevation of 2,195 meters, it is widely considered as one of the most scenic spots in the Kathmandu valley. The sunrise blended with the environment of Nagarkot presents the perfect picture. Make sure Nagarkot secures a place in your “Places to visit” list when you travel to Kathmandu.
Best Months to Watch the Sunrise in Nagarkot: October to April
Sunrise Time in Nagarkot: 5.38 AM 

2. Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens.

Nepal is well known for providing the nearest views to the Himalayas and Mount Everest. Well, if you are not a fan of trekking or mountains, this place is for you. The Royal Botanical Gardens in the city of Kathmandu presents greenery all around. This picnic spot is the best place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Bask in the serenity as you view the beautiful sunrise in Kathmandu from this garden. 
Best Months to Watch the Sunrise Here: May to August
Sunrise Time: 5.13 AM

3. The Great Durbar Square

The scene of the Great Durbar Square.

Think of catching the sunrise at a UNESCO world heritage site! Kathmandu provides this opportunity too. Great Durbar Square is one of the most iconic places in the country. The temples and shops provide the perfect scene to watch the beauty of the sunrise. Despite being destroyed by the 2015 earthquake, the reconstruction work has enabled many tourists to visit the place. If you are in Nepal, make sure you visit this place for the sunrise.
Best Months to Watch the Sunrise Here: June
Sunrise Time in Durbar Square: 5.06 AM

4. The Boudhnath Stupa

Devotion mixed with the optimism of sunrise makes this place the most attractive one in Nepal.t

The temples in Kathmandu showcase a different level of architectural beauty. This architecture often makes the tourist awestruck with its beauty. The Boudhnath Stupa, the biggest stupa in the world provides the perfect background to witness the beautiful sunrise in Kathmandu. Think of a blend of sunrise and temple, well nothing is more soothing than this combination for a devotee.
Best Months to Watch the Sunrise Here: September and December
Sunrise Time at the Boudhnath Stupa: 5.47 AM

5. The Chhauni Museum

The unique architecture along with the majestic sunrise gives the unique glimpse of sunrise in the city.

The Chhauni Museum is home to the most fascinating treasures of the country. The canons used in the 1972 war and different antique war objects boost the beauty of this place. Think about moving around the beautiful museum comprising majestic objects and antique objects along with watching the sunrise. This is the place one should look out for to have a perfect picture of the sunrise. This place brings a combination of the beauty of the history of Nepal along with the sunrise. Hence, the Chhauni Museum is one of the best places to have a glimpse of the sunrise in the city of Kathmandu.
Best Month to Watch the Sunrise Here: June
Sunrise Time at the Chhauni Museum: 5.06 AM
Probably, Asia’s best-kept secret, Nepal presents the best views of the sunrise in Kathmandu. Ranging from the mountains to temples, it is the best place to visit in the subcontinent.

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