Mauritius in July - Weather in Mauritius & Best Time to Visit

Mauritius enjoys winter in July. Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate. The island nation is affected by southeast trade winds that blow during the Monsoons. Surprisingly, the weather in Mauritius is pleasant throughout the year along with the water temperatures in the Indian Ocean that are ideal for swimming as well.

Mauritius is considered to be a year-round holiday destination. But the answer to the question of the best time to holiday in Mauritius depends on your preferences of inland and water activities. Every period has its advantages and disadvantages, making it essential to consider all the factors before you decide on when to visit Mauritius. Although October to April is supposed to be the best period for Mauritius beach holiday, July is no less in mesmerising tourists and visitors.

Weather in Mauritius in July

In July, the temperature is much cooler, and on most days, you will not even have to use the air conditioners.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of visiting Mauritius in July to make your holiday in Mauritius the best:

Beach House, Mauritius in July

Pros of Visiting Mauritius in July

Low hotel prices: You will have a bonus of visiting Mauritius in July. Since this month is an off-peak season, the hotel prices are much lower. In the summer month, the hotels don't have any vacancies, and you will find it hard to get a room with a good view. While in July, you can choose the best of hotels while paying comparatively less. Who would want to miss a view of the sandy beach of Ile aux Cerfs?

No cyclones: Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean is prone to cyclones in the summer months. Towards the ends of December through till March, Mauritius experiences the cyclone season. However, over the past few years, no significant cyclones have hit Mauritius. So, during the Mauritian winter months, you get a much more relaxing and fun-filled holiday while not worrying about the cyclones.

No waiting: Visiting Mauritius in summer months means waiting for hours in the long queues. You would surely not love to spend one whole day while buying the tickets to a music festival or for seats in a famous Chinese restaurant and bar. In July, you will not encounter such long queues. You don't have to waste hours together during your holiday.

Fewer crowds: a holiday in July also means encountering fewer crowds. It wouldn't be good to see thousands of people around you everywhere. From beaches and bars to mountain treks and restaurants, you want peace in your journey. July offers you the same. You can visit places without any rush and discover the many shades of nature in Mauritius.  

Low prices in markets: Besides beaches and bars, Mauritius is also known for its amazingly made street food and cheap markets. On the streets of Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius, you will find a lot many things to buy. Exotic fish, t-shirts, baskets and traditional handicrafts are sold extensively. During the off-season in July, you will have a chance to bargain and buy these products at lower prices. Other markets like Central Market, Good lands and Grand Bay are also worth exploring.

Less rain: You will not like it when it rains all the way during your holiday. The roads might get blocked, and the streets are empty. Since the rainy season in Mauritius gets over by the end of June, it rains very less in July. And even when it rains, it is mainly in the evening or just a passing shower during the day. So, visiting Mauritius in July give you an edge as the weather will be comparatively pleasant.

Riviere du Rempart, Mauritius in July

Cons of Visiting Mauritius in July

Lower water temperature: Since Mauritius has a real tropical climate, the water temperature is on an average of 28°C in the summers. And in July, the water temperature drops to as low as 21°C. The water temperature is ideal for water activities and sports throughout the year. Summer months are considered to be the best time for water sports. In July, though you can achieve a tan as the sun shines throughout the day, you might not like going to sports like snorkelling due to cold waters.

No rich aquatic life: Fish and other aquatic species find warmer waters favourable to life. They also breed during the summer months. While snorkelling in July, you might not find a variety of fishes in large populations. You might not find schools of fish while scuba diving.

Fishing is an issue: Fishing is also another activity many tourists get involved in when they visit Mauritius. There are special catamaran cruises that take you to best fishing spots. However, due to lower water temperatures, you might not get a good catch even in the best places for fishing in Mauritius. Therefore, fishing in July can't be enjoyed for these reasons.

Cold waters, Mauritius in July

Things To Do in July in Mauritius

You will still enjoy a variety of inland activities in Mauritius. Here is a list of activities you can enjoy by taking advantage of fewer crowds and no long queues.

1. Quad Biking

In quad biking, you ride on a bike with four wheels while wandering in a forest or for other fun-filled activities. There are many centres offering quad biking services in Mauritius. The best one is in Yemen natural reserve park, which is located on the west coast of Mauritius. The natural reserve is around 4,500 hectares, and it can be admired for being a haven for all sorts of native wildlife.

You can Find Java Deer, Wild Boars, Hares, Macaque Monkeys, Mongoose and fruit bats. You can also find exotic plants like ebony, cassias, tamarind, pink pepper and many more. You can enjoy either individually or share the bike with your partner.
Timing: 9:15 AM to 2:30 PM
Price: MUR 4,025 per person
Quad biking in Mauritius, Mauritius in July

2. Beach Sightseeing

You can also enjoy some of the world's best beaches in Mauritius. Trou aux Biches, Grand Bay, Ile aux Cerfs, Belle Mare Plage, Blue Bay Beach, Flic en Flac and Tamarin Beach are some of the best beaches in Mauritius to relax on. You can also enjoy seafood served in the stalls along the sides of these beaches. Swimming with dolphins, kite-surfing and playing football on the beaches will give you an unforgettable experience.

La Preneuse Beach, Mauritius in July

3. Trekking and Hiking

Mauritius offers many trekking and hiking tours in its parks and reserves, around the basaltic mountains and in many other good locations. In addition to the traditional trekking activities, you can also enjoy the adventures on Zip-lines.

A zip-line, also known as flying fox and zip wire, is an adventurous sport where the rider hangs along a thick wire between two points. There are several zipline activities in Mauritius of different heights and lengths. Le Pounce, Maccabee Forest, Black River Peak Park, La Nicoliere Reserve, Kestrel Valley and Trois Mamelles are some of the best trekking and hiking destinations in Mauritius. 

Trekking in Mauritius, Mauritius in July

4. Surfing

Mauritius has gained an exotic image in the heart of surfers after the 1974 movie 'Forgotten Island of Santosha'. Surfing in Tamarin Bay and Le Morne beach gives you a unique experience during your holiday in Mauritius. Ile Bernache, Grand Baie, Mont Choisy, Balaclava, Flic en Flac, Black Rocks, One Eye, Graveyards, and Le Goulet are other best spots for surfing in Mauritius.

Surfing in Mauritius, Mauritius in July

5. Heritage Tour

Visiting historical places in Mauritius during July is a good choice, as the crowd is less and you get more time to look at the heritage and architecture. This is an excellent opportunity to go back in time and discover the secrets of Mauritius from its very early days. The Sugar Factory Museum, the narrator of 250 years of Mauritian history, is a must-visit the place.

A tour to Port Louis to see Natural History Museum, Aapravasi Ghat, Fort Adelaide and Government House will take you back to the colonial times in Mauritius. Eureka hour tour, Mauritius Glass Gallery are other places you should visit in Mauritius as a part of heritage tourism.

A monument in Port Louis, Mauritius in July

6. Playing Golf

There are plenty of golf courses in Mauritius. The country has an ideal environment for playing golf throughout the year. It has world-class championship golf courses to choose from. From 9 holes courses to championing golf courses with 18 holes, the courses are designed by world-leading golfers.

So, if you are a golf enthusiast, you should not miss playing golf on this beautiful island. July offers the perfect weather to enjoy this sport, and it will be nothing short of a memorable experience.

Tamarina Golf, Mauritius in July

Since Mauritius is a place that never disappoints you, don't focus on the list of cons. Known for white sandy beaches with turquoise waters, fantastic water sports, trekking and clubbing, Mauritius is undoubtedly a year-round destination attracting tourists all around the year. Be it July or peak summer months; you are going to enjoy your holiday in Mauritius. Why wait longer? Pack your bags now. 

This post was published by Sravya Vemuri

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