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"City of Churches"

Adelaide Tourism

Adelaide is the most diverse and free-spirited city in Australia. Known for its churches and festivals, Adelaide will never let you get bored. It is also known as the '20-minutes' city, primarily because any significant location in Adelaide like the airport, city centre, beaches can be reached within 20 minutes!

Adelaide, having been established as a colony for free settlers, is the only capital city which has been inhabited by free settlers from its inception. This is the reason why the people of Adelaide are so diverse and open-minded. This culture, in turn, gets reflected in the excellent variety available in their food and wine. Adelaide is also known for the largest and the oldest glasshouse in the entire Southern Hemisphere! The glass house in the Botanical Garden attracts a lot of tourists all year round. While we are still talking about attractions, how can we leave behind the fact that Adelaide is also the Opal capital of Australia! So make sure that you do not miss out on shopping some opal on your next visit to Adelaide. Get ready to soak up some colonial elegance in the bustling markets, green parklands, libraries, and museums. When in Glenelg, swim with the dolphins, explore the picturesque villages in the Adelaide Hills and end your day with the perfect glass of wine at the world-class wineries. If that's not living the good life, then what is?

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Currency in Adelaide

If you do not plan to carry cash then don't worry because credit cards are widely accepted, including American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa. At many ATMs, credit cards can be used for cash advances in Australian currency.

Exchanging Money in Adelaide

Currency can be exchanged at both terminals of Adelaide Airport, at most banks in the city during normal banking hours, and at foreign currency exchanges in various parts of the city. ATMs are readily found outside most banks and at retail locations.

Daily Budget for Adelaide

If you are on a budget travel then taking an estimate of 175-250 AUD will suffice you for the day. And for a kuxury budget, 350 AUD should be enough for a day. An average meal in Australia will cost you about AUD 21- AUD 27. Beer usually costs about AUD 10 and AUD 5-AUD 6 during happy hours. Most day trips can be found for 133 AUD.

Religion of Adelaide

Western (Roman) Catholic

Adelaide Customs

The general dress code is very liberal and one can wear whatever they want to (extremely revealing clothes hpwever should be avoided). When it comes to tipping, as anywhere else in the world, tipping in Australia is entirely voluntary, and no one should feel obligated to tip.

Language of Adelaide

English is well spon and understood in this city and if you know English it will not be a problem for you to communicate here.

History of Adelaide

Adelaide was originally inhabited by the Kaurna aboriginal peoples and later in 1836 in Glenglg, which is now a seaside suburb, the city of Adelaide was born with a priclamation under a gumtree. It was established as a colony of free-settlers. Fun fact- Because Adelaide was a planned capital for British province in Australia, there was a notion that there would be no crime and hence no prisons were built for several years.

Nightlife in Adelaide

There are many options for nightlife in Adelaide. You can choose to go to North Terrace, Ruddle Street, clubs in the city area, the suburbs for a more sphisticated nightlife. Some of the best bars/clubs that you can go to are - Distill Zcocktail Lounge, Zhivago, HQ Complex, Savvy Bar Lounge and Electric Circus.

Shopping in Adelaide

Shopping hours in Adelaide are generally 9am 7pm Monday to Thursday, and until 9pm on Friday. Shops are open 9am to 5pm on Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday. There is late night shopping on Thursdays until 9pm in the suburbs. The best places to shop in Adelaide are Rundle Mall has more than 700 retail stores, three major department stores and 15 arcades and centres. There are also outdoor cafes and bars to rest your tired but happy shopping feet. King William Road for exclusive boutiques, crammed with imported and locally made clothes, jewellery and accessories. Enjoy the village ambience as you shop. Norwood Parade is very cosmopolitan. The street has a buzzing caf_ culture. Magill Road is nearby from here and is a treasure trove for great art and antique furniture. Burnside Village Shopping Centre has more than 100 stores, unique cafes and a mall filled with natural light. Rest, Jetty Road, Glenelg, Harbour Town, Westfield Shopping Malls are some other options for your shopping ventures!

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Adelaide, Australia

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FAQs on Adelaide

What is the best time to visit Adelaide?

Average temperatures during this period is generally between 24C max _ 14C min. It is a lively time to visit because the weather is pleasantly warm. It is also the time when the Adelaide Fringe Festival takes place. September - October is another option, when it is Spring time in Adelaide. Try to avoid the time between June-August because it is terribly cold then.
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What is the local food in Adelaide?

Australia has a wide variety of food and drinks to offer. Much of its food habits have been adopted and adapted since the colonisation and later influences can be seen as a result of globalization which has made Australia the multi-cultural society that we know it to be today. Seafood is a huge part of their cuisine along with variety of recipes involving meat. However if you are in Adelaide, you must try some of these following iconic dishes - Fruchocs. These have been around since its creation in 1948 from a family company thats been around for 150 years. As the name implies, its fruit coated in delicious chocolate! You can find these in any departmental store in Adelaide. Next, you have to try the 'Kitchener Bun' which is a donut without the hole but split in two and filled with raspberry/strawberry jam and cream. you can find this beauty in the 24/7 bakery in North Adelaide. You must also try the 'pie floaters' in Adelaide. They are a huge street favourite. The last one is 'AB' which stands for 'abortion' but other variants are ¥After Birth, ¥Abomination, ¥Absolutely Beautiful or ¥Atomic Bomb. The Blue & White Caf_ and North Adelaide Burger Bar (also known as Red & White), both on OConnell St, claim to have invented the dish. It is chips topped with yiros meat with tomato, barbecue, and garlic sauce. A cult classic!
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What is the best way to reach Adelaide?

What are the top hotels in Adelaide?

There are 549 in Adelaide which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Adelaide are 8 Osborne, Suite 11 Victoria Square, Sherwoode, Adelaide's 6 BEDROOM, 3 BATHROOM, POOL HOUSE., Lakeside, 28 NILE. You can see all the hotels in Adelaide here

What are the things to do in Adelaide?

The top things to do in Adelaide are Cleland Wildlife Park, Kangaroo Island, Old Adelaide Gaol, Beaches of Adelaide, Wineries, Casino. You can see all the places to visit in Adelaide here

What are the places near Adelaide?

The top places near to Adelaide are Melbourne which is 653 km from Adelaide, Sydney which is located 1162 km from Adelaide, Great barrier reef which is located 2057 km from Adelaide, Gold coast which is located 1598 km from Adelaide, Perth which is located 2131 km from Adelaide

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