Mauritius In September - Weather, Events and Activities!

Has it been difficult for you to decide what would be the best time to visit Mauritius? Well, let us take you a step forward and make things a little easier as we discuss everything related to Mauritius if you visit the island in September. There are a lot of factors that contribute towards a trip to any place, and we are here to simplify it for you as much as we can. So without further ado, let's dive in and have a look at all the different aspects that you need to keep in mind before travelling to the paradise island of Mauritius in September:

Weather in Mauritius in September

There have been many instances when people are forced to change their travel plans due to adverse weather conditions, and everything gets ruined in the last month. Especially when you are travelling to Mauritius, things tend to become a little different, mainly because of its unique location in the Indian Ocean.

The temperature is generally high and constant in September, staying between 27 degrees and 23 degrees. Interestingly, the lengths of days in September are increasing as we move ahead towards the end of the month from the beginning. 

Sunset, Mauritius in September

The possibility of rainfall has a 50-50 probability throughout the month, and it's entirely dependent on the current weather. It would be advisable if you carry an umbrella along if you see clouds gathering up in the morning; you're always welcome to enjoy the drizzle though.
As for the sea temperature, it is positively warm of about 23 degrees which makes it perfect for water sports and activities like windsurfing, water skiing and kayaking.

Kayaking, Mauritius in September

Accommodation in Mauritius in September

Mauritius offers you a long list of hotels and resorts to choose from, and it can be quite confusing, and that's where we step in. We have shortlisted four of the best places in Mauritius to spend your vacation in September, so you don't have to go through the hassle.

Le Surcouf Hotel and Spa

Located alongside long white sandy stretches of the Trou D'eau Douce beach, the Le Surcouf Hotel and Spa is a three-star property set in the midst of a tropical garden. Creole architecture inspires the design of the build, and it houses a spa and a swimming pool as well. You can tickle your taste buds with the different dishes from the Mauritian and European cuisine from the restaurant within the premises of the hotel. Furthermore, due to its blessed location right by the beach and the sea makes the water sports activities like snorkelling and scuba diving available to you.

Le Surcouf Hotel and Spa, Mauritius in September

Four Seasons Resort Mauritius

Taking it up a notch, if you are looking for a more secluded and exclusive setting to spend your holiday, say for your wedding or your honeymoon, then the Four Seasons Resort at Anahita would fit your description perfectly. This five-star hotel also boasts an unparalleled location on besides the Trou D'eau Douce beach and offers you a range of facilities including a golf course, a wellness centre, yoga activities, outdoor swimming pools and you can also enjoy snorkelling in the nearby sea. If you want a little more privacy with your swimming pool and garden, book a private villa and savour the secluded intimacy at its best.

Four Seasons Resort Mauritius, Mauritius in September

Long Beach

Adding to the list of a luxurious five-star staying experience is the Long Beach hotel at Belle Mare which is stunning in its display of contemporary architecture and styling, and all the rooms are studded with the modern amenities and facilities and enjoy a fabulous view of the Indian Ocean.

Long Beach hotel, Mauritius in September

Eden Villa

Talking about places to stay that are less posh and exclusive, the Eden Villa situated at Belle Mare is an affordable option. The rooms are very comfortable and well air-conditioned and include facilities like a minibar. It takes you only five minutes by walking to reach the local beach.

Eden Villa, Mauritius in September

Beaches in Mauritius

It would be a sin to not chill out in the beaches during your Mauritius visit and here are some which can not afford to miss out, especially when you are visiting in September:

St. Felix

It is reputed as one of the fascinating looking beaches in Mauritius southern region. St Felix is separated into two small beaches surrounded by the refreshing turquoise waters alongside the stretches of white sand. The only drawback of this beach is that it's not ideal for bathing and swimming because of the strong currents and numerous coral reefs underneath. However, you can relax on the beach and go for a stroll on the smooth sandy surface.

St. Felix, Mauritius in September

Flic en Flac

This 8-kilometre long beach in the Black River district is one of the major tourist attractions on the western coast of Mauritius because of its numerous possibilities of water sports and activities. It's an ideal spot for sunbathing and swimming and is also popular among the locals for afternoon picnics. There are many substantial palm trees scattered throughout the beach where you can relax in the shaded areas after the long walk.

Flic en Flac, Mauritius in September

Ile des Deux Cocos

Known as the 'heaven on earth' by the visitors, the Ile des Deux Cocos is a small island which boasts a peaceful setting with its natural landscape and crystal clear blue waters. It is just a five-minute boat ride away from the mainland of Mauritius and typically popular as a wedding destination.

Ile des Deux Cocos, Mauritius in September

Roches Noires

The black volcanic rocks scattered around the water borders of the Roches Noires makes it a photogenic location. It is located on the eastern coast of Mauritius towards the north of Belle Mare. You can enjoy sailing and swimming which is safe there.

Roches Noires, Mauritius in September

Restaurants and Bars in Mauritius

The food in Mauritius has always been loved by the fact that it has something for everyone. The vibrant dishes and ethnic beverages represent the authentic Mauritian cuisine and here are some of the places with don't want you to miss during your visit to Mauritius

Maison Eureka

Situated inside the premises of an old plantation ground in the district of Moka, the Maison Eureka has its historical significance, and the in-house restaurant is one of the most talked about places to try out the best of Mauritian cuisine, their speciality being the chicken curry with peanut rouille.

Maison Eureka, Mauritius in September

Dragon Vert

To quench your craving for Chinese food, we recommend the Quatre Bornes restaurant - Dragon Vert which enjoys a favourable location in the centre of the island and serves some of the delicious Chinese snacks during the day.

The Patch and Parrot

If you are a sports lover, then fret not as The Patch an Parrot sports bar in Pointe aux Cannoniers is the best spot to get all the latest sports coverage while enjoying your favourite beverage and drinks.

Places to Visit in Mauritius in September

Apart from the beaches and lagoons of this paradise island, there are a lot of places you need to visit to make the most out of your vacation. Here are some of the places you mustn't miss out on during your visit to Mauritius in September:

Grand Bassin

Quite popular as the Ganga Talao, you can find the Grand Bassin in the Savanne district. It is a crater-shaped lake in the secluded mountain area and has become a sacred place for pilgrimage, immensely popular among the Hindu community in Mauritius. You will be able to see some temples dedicated to the Hindu deities Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi and Hanuman.

Grand Bassin Ganga Talao, Mauritius in September

Jummah Masjid Mosque

Another significant religious place located in Port Louis which is a living manifestation of the beautiful craftsmanship. Over the years, many renowned scholars and Islamic personalities have visited the Jummah Masjid. The entire vicinity lights up and transforms into a heavenly place during the month of Ramadan as many Eid prayers, and spiritual programs are organised throughout the holy month.

Jummah Masjid, Mauritius in September

Mare aux Vacoas

Adding to the list of Mauritius? Natural attractions are the marvellous Mare aux Vacoas which is the largest reservoir of the island and has a capacity of holding up to 25.89 cubic megametres of water. It is located in Plaine Wilhems and provides water to the upper part of the region and the district of Moka as well.

Mare aux Vacoas, Mauritius in September

Forbach Stables

If you wish to get a tour of the beach on a horse, then Forbach Stables is the place for you. Located in the area of Riviere du Rempart towards the northern part of Mauritius, Forbach Stables is best suited to be visited with families and friends for a fun horse riding adventure along the breathtaking beaches of Mauritius. You can also take a few horse riding lessons if you want to.

Forbach Stables, Mauritius in September

September is also the month when Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated throughout the world, and it's not different in Mauritius as well. Ganesh idols are taken to the temples such as Ganga Talao for worshipping, and later at the end of the ceremony, they are taken to the river banks and beaches to immerse them in the water with the setting sun in the backdrop.

Ganesh Chaturthi, Mauritius in September

September 9th is celebrated as Father Laval Day by all Mauritians where they visit the tomb of Father Laval at Port Louis inside Sainte Croix and pay their respects. It is believed that Jacques Desiree Laval had magical healing powers, and he became famous as the protector of the slaves' community and is widely known in an island for being a symbol of compassion and love. So if you visit Mauritius in September, you get the chance to witness this auspicious occasion.

Father Laval Day, Mauritius in September

So if you have any plans to visit Mauritius in the future in September, these are the few things you need to keep in mind and check out while your visit and enjoy the paradise island to your fullest!

This post was published by Bibek Bardhan

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