Mauritius In October - Weather, Events & Activities

The enchanting beauty of the island, Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean is worth exploring and is a dream destination for everyone. The magnificence of the diverse cultural traditions practised with such fervour in a land of over 1.2 million is something that makes Mauritius special. If you are planning to visit the island of Mauritius in October during any of the popular festivals, the local community will welcome you with open arms to let you learn more about their culture and traditions.

Beaches, Mauritius in October

Weather in Mauritius in October

Known for its typically tropical climate along its vast expanse of coastal belt and the mountains covered with forests, Mauritius has a diverse range of flora and fauna to surprise the visitors. The temperature in October soars up to 25 degrees Celsius during the day whereas the average temperature is usually around 20-23 degrees Celsius. October is the dry month with occasional light showers. Hence, you can take a leisurely walk along the beach and enjoy Mauritius breeze in its true essence while you are here.

Mauritius in October

Events & Activities in Mauritius in October

There is not just one but a plethora of activities and events that you can gladly be a part of while you are in Mauritius in October. Below is a list of some of the activities, water sports and more for your indulgence:

Events, Mauritius in October

International Short Film Festival 

Those of you who are visiting Mauritius in October and happen to be movie buffs, then you must ensure to visit the International Short Film Festival being held at the Mauritius Island from 9 October to 13 October 2018. The festival is being held annually for a decade now. Organized by Porteurs D'Image, the event comprises of a wide array of activities such as a local short film competition and international short film projection. These activities and competitions are spread out over an entire week and are open to the public for free.


Now if you are willing to go on a sightseeing tour of Mauritius in October, then you will get plenty of good deals which can encompass your interests. These tour packages can be of various categories such as a trip to the famous tourist spots, shopping trip, nature discovery tour or a history tour of the places around.

If you are opting for a tour to explore any part of Mauritius - the South, South-West, North or East of Mauritius, you have a wide range of places to visit such as Chamarel village (including Chamarel waterfall and seven colored earth), Black River Gorges (viewpoint of Alexandra waterfalls), Mangal Mahadev, Shiva Statue, Eureka House, Town of Mahebourg, Mahebourg Historical Naval Museum, Grand Bassin (the sacred lake and Hindu temple), Mont Choisy Beach Biscuiterie H Rault (Manioc Biscuit Factory) and so many other exciting places in the region.

If you are shopaholic; then opt for a shopping tour and immerse yourself in a luxurious shopping experience. Here are few places you can check in to; the town of Port Louis (Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis Market and Port Louis Center), Mauritius Glass Gallery, the city of Historic Marine Boat factory, the town of Poncini Jewelry (the Pioneer in Jewelry and Watches in Mauritius) and Goodlands village or Grand Bay Center.
Cost of the Package - INR 30000 - 60000 approximately
Mauritius in October

Snorkelling in Mauritius

For those of you who do not know, Mauritius is encircled by a coral reef except for the southern part of the coastal belt. This makes it an ideal spot for snorkelling. So, if you are looking for some fun under the water, gear up with your mask and fins to go ahead and explore the ocean and what lies beneath those blue waters.

Blue Bay Marine Park, Pointe aux Piments, Ile aux Cerfs, Trou aux Biches and Flic en Flac are some of the perfect snorkelling spots and strips around Mauritius in October. Whether it is the white sand with a rich aquamarine environment or spotting the white-spotted boxfish, you can go for an adventurous snorkelling session here.
Cost of the Package - INR 3500 - 6000 approximately
Mauritius in October


If you are a sports-adventure junkie, you will be surprised that Mauritius does not just have Snorkelling to enthral you, instead, this famous tourist destination is also known for its Windsurfing. The islands of Mauritius offers a fantastic windsurfing experience which will give you promising adrenaline high that you deserve on this long-overdue vacation of yours.

Seasoned windsurfers consider Mauritius to be among their favourite windsurfing spots across the globe. Frequently ideal wind conditions - south-east trade wind which blows all around the year are believed to be the strongest during May and November.

Flatwater lagoons are the other reason, at places like Le Morne and Anse La Raie where you can start off and gain confidence as a windsurfer if you are a beginner. In case, you are looking for a wave spot; then One Eye is your place to have an incredible windsurfing experience here.
Cost of the Package - INR 2000 approximately
Windsurfing, Mauritius in October

Water Skiing 

Another favourite water sports in Mauritius that you must know about is Water Skiing. You can glide along the most serene beaches and islands once you adorn the life jacket and get your ski at the starting point inside the lagoon. You will be taken to this place on a boat, and here, you can discuss with your boat operator about the speed of boat and course levels (straight lines, slalom, or any other).

The northern part of the island is where you will get maximum fun in water skiing. The overall experience is timed at a duration of 30 minutes where the net water skiing time is about 15 minutes. So, skim on the surface of the water as you absorb in the mesmerising vastness of the ocean around you.
Cost of the Package - INR 3800 approximately
Mauritius in October

Travel Tips

With all the necessary information to visit splendid Mauritius in October, you can chalk out your itinerary and ensure to include the activities mentioned above and events to not miss out on anything. All you need is some travel tips that you must keep in mind while planning that fun vacation to Mauritius in October:
  • Pack some pretty summer clothes and slip in a few synthetic fabrics too as the evenings might get slightly chilly on some days. Packing in a sweatshirt or two won't be a bad idea.
  • Carry an umbrella in case some light showers decide to come your way during your visit here.
  • Swimwear. Yes, pack your swimsuit if you are excited to try all the water sports because no one likes to get soaked in formal attire. While you pack in sarongs, kaftans, sundresses, keep some clothes to dress accordingly while visiting any place of worship.  
  • DO NOT forget to pack your digital camera, because, well, how else will you capture the majestic beauty of the islands?
  • Sunscreen lotions are a must to carry as your everyday essentials as you will be out along the beach most of the day, busy in some activity or merely soaking in the waves rising and receding before your eyes.
  • Talk to locals; they are the experts there. They can guide you with anything and everything that you might need whether it is a rental car or the not-so-famous places which you must explore.
  • You might be a pro at bargaining with shopkeepers in your country but overdoing the bargaining here is not considered to be very polite when you are shopping in Mauritius.
  • Known for its sumptuous seafood and while you are in Mauritius, you must try the crab curry, fried squid, vindaye ourite (octopus), and vindaye Poisson (fish). You will also come across numerous mobile food wagons on the beaches. In case you happen to be a vegetarian, then getting food of your liking is not difficult either. Roti, Dal and Samosas can be your go-to food in Mauritius.
Now that you are all set with the planning part of it Go ahead and do it! Happy Tripping!

This post was published by Deepshri Mishra

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