Weather Of Mauritius In January - 10 Things To Know, Do and See

Want to start your year with a vacation on an island away from all the stress and people? We've got just the place for you. Mauritius, a place that is considered heaven on Earth by the famous writer Mark Twain, is known for its pristine sapphire beaches and beautiful and dazzling resorts. Its gorgeous scenery will get your heart singing, and the adventures will make it a complete package. Offering biodiversity, various exciting flora and fauna, watersports, hunting birdwatching give you a range of activities to participate in, leaving one wanting to spend more time in this paradise. 

A bird's eye view of Mauritius
The nation displays a delightful collection of architecture with its elegant and colonial Dutch buildings and the stunning hotels providing a luxurious experience. This makes it known as the wealthiest destination in Africa. 
To make this experience worthwhile, here are a few tips that will help you plan your trip:

1. Weather in Mauritius in January

Weather of Mauritius in January
Merville Beach in Mauritius

Receiving plenty of the sunny weather, January is the wettest month in Mauritius. With temperature between 25ºC - 33ºC. Situated in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa, you'll experience sea breezes and southeasterly winds, hence making it drier and warmer in north and west. Considered one of the best times to visit the island, you'll experience lukewarm ocean water which makes it a lovely time to go swimming. Since you will receive at least 13 hours of sunlight and the UV levels will be high, applying sunscreen is essential. With pleasant weather condition during the day, the sun goes down at 7 pm, with the temperature dropping to 22ºC at night. 

2. Cost and Travel in Mauritius 

The currency for this destination is Mauritian Rupee (Rs.).Travel from India to Mauritius is not difficult as there are direct flights available from Mumbai and Delhi international airports. The immigration process is also easy for Indians, with the only requirements being of passport with minimum six months of validity from the date of departure and hotel booking proof. If you wish to travel by sea (after moving to other destinations in Europe), some ships and cruise services are also available from Reunion islands, but these trips are not frequent since most of them choose to travel by air.

Currency of Mauritius
Mauritian Rupee 

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After reaching Mauritius, there are various modes of transportation available like bus, taxi, car, bicycle, helicopter. One of the easiest and quickest way to get around is a car. Though it can be expensive one can bargain and bring the prices down a bit. The payment for hiring a car can be made using a credit or debit cards, but the driver must be of at least 21 years of age with the minimum one-year completion of having a license. Other modes such as helicopter tour are available with price ranging from 15,000 MUR to 40,000 MUR, depending upon the time of the tour. Bike rides are not practical for long distances but are fine for short rounds around the coast, and they cost around 250 MUR per day. While taxi services are also not as expensive, bus fare can be as low as 15 MUR. To travel to offshore islands or for different underwater activities; private boats are also available. 

Renting a car in Mauritius
Car Rentals in Mauritius

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3. Have a Luxurious Stay at a Beach-View Resort

Movenpick Resort in Mauritius
Movenpick Resort in Mauritius

Famous for its luxury resorts, they provide beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. With perfect service records and a range of available facilities, along with world-class restaurants, the entire stay experience will feel like a dream. To choose the best hotel so far would be near the beach. Out of the number of resorts and hotel available for booking, here are a few points that will help you make the decision: If you wish to stay at a place with a more royal vibe Le Prince Maurice -is the place for you. As royal as the name, this resort is the entryway to a luxurious vacation. From its architecture to the amenities such as the flowing infinity pool, huge suites, golf courses, floating restaurant, all reflect elegance.

For a raving nightlife, with a lot of options to dine and chill, Grand Bay may be your choice. Being the chosen spot of a majority of tourists, you'll realise its beauty when you are there. Located on the northern part of the island, booking apartment, villas or hotel rooms is easily possible. The place is surrounded by some facilities, including restaurants such as Le Tandoor, Le Capitaine or Luigi's that provide delicious meals, ranging from local to international cuisine.

Moving towards the eastern part of the island, you will find Belle Mare. Perfect for a relaxing hideaway, it is around 50km away from the airport. Comprising some luxury resorts, it is a great place to go to if you're interested in activities such as snorkelling and fishing.

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4. Don't miss out these Events and Festivals 

With a small population and diverse cultures, this island has some festivals all year round. Tourists who enjoy experiencing the cultures of other nations can visit Mauritius in January for the Chinese Spring festival and Thaipoosam Cavadee. 

The Chinese Spring Festival

Chinese Spring Festival
Chinese Spring Festival

The Chinese Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year, the date of which is determined according to the Chinese calendar. A festival celebrated with fireworks; its purpose is to drive away the evil spirits. A day of New Year celebration, friends and family get together with an abundance of food and dance. The celebration includes a parade that has figures of dancing dragons. Spectators will notice a lot of red colour during the entire festival as it is a symbol of happiness. A special dance known as the lion dance is also performed at the end of the festival.

Thaipoosam Cavadee

Thaipoosam Cavadee
Thaipoosam Cavadee

Thaipoosam Cavadee is a festival that takes place around the end of January and is a religious festival, celebrated by Indians. The rituals involve some devotees (considered to be in a trance), walking bare feet toa temple with a cavadee (a wooden arc) on their back. This Cavadee symbolises the sacred mountains. Devotees with needle pierced cheeks, tongues and chest and also seen.

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Explore the Island Country of Mauritius

5. Sightseeing in Mauritius 

SSR Botanical Garden
SSR Botanical Garden (Source)
Flic En Flac Beach (Source)
Famous for its sparkling sapphire water, beaches are the number one places to visit when in Mauritius. With a range of beaches, one can go to any one of them to spend their day in peace. For all the swimmers, the good news is that the there is a barrier reef in the water that protects you from the sharks and jellyfish. Even though Mauritius is known for its beaches, the island has beautiful long green landscapes.
Other places to visit include a tour of the tea plantation in the south of this island. A wonderful experience that'll get all your senses tingling. A gorgeous botanical garden known as Pamplemousses Garden is a popular tourist attraction. Chamarel Park, a landscape where you will find earth clay of 7 different colours in the same place. Lastly, if you're feeling a bit adventurous and want to try out something new; jogging Murr's volcano can be your thing.

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6. Shop till you drop in Mauritius 


There is a wide variety of products to choose from for shopping in Mauritius. From duty-free shopping to bargaining for artisanal products from hawkers. For local and handmade products head to Goodlands. You will find many small retail shops there. For a more luxurious shopping experience head to the Bagatelle mall that possesses more than 130 stores. Flic en Flac holds an assortment of options, famous for its souvenirs made of seashells and classy options for dining. For the best collection of cane or glass craftwork, head to Le Craft Market. It gives you great home decor products along with local exotic oil and traditional herbs.

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7. Cafes in Mauritius to cosy up by the blue waters


For all the foodies visiting this island, tasting the native cuisine is an absolute must. To mix the perfect combination of the various cuisines available, here are a few choices we bring to you - With Chelsea's Cup N Cake you experience the mouth-watering blend of Parisian culture with the local vibe with a traditional french style furniture. For a more dynamic and vibrant environment, Vida E Cafe is the place. For all the history buffs, Le Cafe des Arts offers a set up that reflects the island's rich historical past. Located in an old sugar mill, it is a fusion of the island's culture and art.

8. Nightlife in Mauritius for that exuberant vibe

Nightlife in mauritius

Not everyone knows about the nightlife in Mauritius, but when you're on vacation, a night of drinking makes everything more memorable. Mauritius has the complete package, beach pubs, casino nights, lounges and nightclubs. For a hippie experience in a place that is warm and inviting, Kenzi bar is a must visit. It is the place where you can meet new people and maybe find the other company for the remaining of your vacation. Zoobar is the latest addition for a laid back and fun evening. Lastly, one of the coolest clubs has to be the Banana Beach Club. With quirky interiors, the club is always buzzing with music and changing colour lights.

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9. Outdoor Activities you must Explore


10. Useful Tips

It is always safe to note down a few pointers for travel and stay when you go to an unknown destination. For this purpose, keep the following things in mind:
  1. Having cash in hand is necessary. ATM's are widely placed on this island and withdrawal is possible at any time, but it is safe to get the currency exchanged in advance. US dollars are accepted in most places on this island.
  2. Pack light. Carry appropriate beachwear and skin products to protect yourself from the scorching heat. Carry a small umbrella and comfortable footwear.
  3. Dress appropriately when visiting places of worship.
  4. Google maps are not as useful as the tour guide. Choose your guide wisely.
  5. If you are driving by yourself on this vacation, beware of the double yellow lines on the road. Parking your vehicle there will earn you a parking ticket.
  6. Unless you want to be stranded in the dense jungle, always go hiking with a guide.
  7. Get the necessary vaccinations before flying to here. Always keep a hand sanitizer handy.
  8. Keep your luggage near you and shop like locals to avoid any tourist traps.
  9. East coast caters to the travellers who are on a budget constraint. Choose the hotel after enough research.
  10. Befriend locals to enjoy exclusive tips and safer travel.
Now that you've got all that you need for your next trip to Mauritius, why not plan it in January?

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