Mauritius in June - Your Complete Guide To A Perfect Holiday!

Having tropical weather all year round, Mauritius in June is a perfect time as a holiday destination all through the year. With lush forests, beaches, mountains, lagoons and waterfalls, Mauritius is only increasing in popularity among travellers every year. If you are planning a trip to this island country this June, here is a guide for things to do and places to see during this month.

Weather in Mauritius in June

Having a tropical climate, Mauritius remains warm and sunny throughout the year. June marks the beginning of the cold and dry -winter season in the country. The average high during the day-time in June is 25 degrees Celsius, while the average low is 17 degrees Celsius. The temperatures usually vary based on location within the country; the central mountainous region is colder, while the northern and western coastal areas are the warmest. The number of hours of sunshine in the day in June is usually constant, at about 8 hours a day.

With low humidity, light to moderate breeze and an average sea temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy sunny days and warm weather during June. This does not mean you will not see any rain there are occasional bouts of rainfall, especially along the eastern and southern coastal areas. However, June is generally one of the driest months of the year, with an average of 76 mm of rainfall.

Mauritius, Mauritius in June

What to See and Do in Mauritius in June

When you think of Mauritius, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the white sandy beaches, tall palm trees and a warm breeze. While a vacation should include lots of time relaxing at the beach, Mauritius offers so much more than that. 

Below are a few things you can do in Mauritius in June, other than the well-known tourist attractions:

1. Witness the Eid-al-Fitr celebrations

With a culturally diverse group of residents, Mauritius has a unique calendar year of events. One such notable festival celebrated in June is Eid-al-Fitr. It is an essential religious celebration in the Muslim community that marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and prayer. Muslims declare Eid-al-Fitr based on sightings of the moon, according to the Lunar calendar. Thus, its date differs every year and is announced after a confirmed sighting of the new moon.

A public holiday in Mauritius, the celebrations start the day before, once Eid is declared. The next day usually consists of attending prayers, listening to the 'khutba' (sermon), cleaning, gift-giving, feasting and giving 'zakat al-fitr' (charity in the form of food). People dress in their most beautiful clothes on this day.

After the prayers, families usually eat meals consisting of biryani (special rice preparation), sweets and the special Mauritian dish, vermicelli. Throughout the day, relatives visit each other, bringing gifts, envelopes and good wishes. The festival is marked by some cultural programs celebrated all over the city, which tourists can witness.

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2. Try out the water-sports and activities in Mauritius

Kayaking: With clear waters, Mauritius is a perfect destination for those who wish to try out kayaking. Tourists can enjoy this water-sport at one of the many locations in Mauritius, like the Poste Lafayette beach, Ile D'Ambre, Tamarin Bay and Anse la Raie. Some companies offer full day excursion packages, complete with kayaking and sight-seeing. If you're lucky, you may even come across special encounters like turtles or dolphins on your excursion.

Kayaking, Mauritius in June

Submarine Safari: This unique experience will allow you to witness the sights of marine life without even getting wet! Located at spots like Trou Aux Biches and Mont Choisy, the submarine will give you an exclusive tour of the ocean, including exotic marine life species, coral reefs and even a ship-wreck.

Dolphin-spotting and whale-watching: This activity will help bring you closer to the fantastic sea creatures in their natural habitat in the beautiful landscapes of Mauritius. It requires some patience, but once you spot the majestic creatures, it will be worthwhile.

There are a variety of species of whales you can see in Mauritius, like the southern beaked whales, dwarf sperm whales, pilot whales and the famous sperm whale. Common species of dolphins include the Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins. Some prominent spots for dolphin and whale watching are Tamarin Bay, Medine and Le Morne. There are some dolphin spotting and whale watching packages available that you can choose from, based on your preferences and budget.

Kitesurfing: The best time for kitesurfing in Mauritius is from June to September, so this would be a great time to try it out! Kitesurfing is a popular form of water sports, known for the speed and feeling of exhilaration one experiences while kite-surfing. It involves being pulled by a specially designed kite as you ride along the ocean on a modified surfboard. This water-sport is suitable for all levels of expertise, including beginners. With several kite centres and schools in Mauritius, you can easily master this sport. Le Morne, Cap Malhereux, Anse la Raie, Poste Lafayette, Blue Bay and Baie du Cap are great spots for kite surfing.

Kite surfing, Mauritius in June

Underwater sea walk: One of the best underwater experiences, this activity will allow you to have an up-close view of the abundant sea life. It may be a little scary until you get used to it, but it's worth it. You will be accompanied by a trained guide, and will also be provided with a specially designed helmet which has a constant supply of fresh air. This activity is suitable for those who do not know how to swim, and you can try this out at Grand Bay, Port Louis or Trou d'eau Douce.

Sailing: With the fresh sea breezes and the beautiful blue waters of Mauritius, sailing is a great way to enjoy your holiday. It consists of a scenic view of the Mauritian landscape on a cruising vessel such as a Catamaran boat, yacht or a motor speed-boat. These vessels are fully equipped with navigational devices, safety equipment and other facilities to make your cruising safe and comfortable. You can even sail to one of the neighbouring islands near Mauritius, such as Ile aux Aigrettes, Round Island and Ile Aux Benitiers.

Hiking and mountain climbing: Although this can be enjoyed all through the year, people tend to indulge in mountain climbing and hiking during the colder weather. It is much easier to engage in such strenuous activities with the cool breeze to help keep you fresh. Enjoy the scenic views of mountains, rivers, forests and more in Mauritius. Some favourite hiking spots are Black River Gorges National Park, Le Pouce, Maccabee Forest, Black River Peak Park, and Kestrel Valley.

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Mauritius island, Mauritius in June

Horse riding: Whether you wish to ride these stallions on the beaches of Mauritius, or explore the city on horseback, this activity is one-of-a-kind and thrilling. With some tour companies offering horse-riding packages, this time of the year is perfect to try out this exciting activity.

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What to Pack

Although there are no sharp differences between summer and winter in Mauritius, the temperature and humidity usually remain lower in June. However, there will still be plenty of warmth and sunshine to enjoy. Pack comfortable and cool clothes for your trip. Make sure to carry sunscreen, sunglasses or a hat, in case of warm days. If you choose to stay near the beach or at a beachfront villa, you may want to bring a sweater or a light shawl for the fresh sea breeze. 

Mauritius forest, Mauritius in June

Tips to Travel to Mauritius

  • It is recommended to try out some of the water-sports and activities Mauritius has to offer, in addition to spending time lounging at the beautiful beaches.
  • If you decide to try out some of the activities, don't forget to carry an extra pair of clothes to change into later.
  • Always remember to protect yourself from the sun, if you are spending time outdoors - carry sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses and a hat or a cap with you.
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Whether it's in June or at any other time during the year, there is no doubt that Mauritius makes for a great vacation spot for just about anyone. The warm hospitality and friendliness of the locals will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Mauritius in June has plenty to offer for tourists, so don't be afraid to try something new if you get the opportunity. 

This post was published by Saanya Lulla

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